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Augury IT: Building a New Paradigm of Confidence and Trust in Cybersecurity

Augury IT: Building a New Paradigm of Confidence and Trust in Cybersecurity

Cyberspace is perhaps the fastest evolving battlefield out there and has undergone many transformations since its inception. Unfortunately, with cyberspace came a new battlefront for governments and businesses, alike. The talent pools of cybersecurity are running dry, and business complacency is met with unrelenting attacks, leaving many feeling helpless. For instance, high-profile hacking cases like those at antivirus firm Bit Defender and password managerLastPass have led to a general loss of confidence in the ability for leaders to protect their assets from hacks and cyber espionage. Today, the unprotected SMB requires true and valid protection. But they often receive oversold and under-delivering software in lieu of tangible results. According to the latest statistics, SMBs make up the largest segment of all cyber-attacks, worldwide, and the volume of attacks is increasing dramatically.

Realizing the need for strong and true cybersecurity solutions, Augury IT was founded in California in 2014. Its establishment was in response to the unfilled and exponentially growing demand for cybersecurity being an integral part of IT. The unrelenting flood of cybersecurity breaches among SMBs has only fueled Augury’s growth as the truest and most feasible solution to cyber-threats. For these businesses, Augury IT serves as a welcome breath of fresh air.“We decided that the industry needed a ‘new paradigm’ if it were to gain back that confidence and trust,” explains the CEO, Garett Moreau.

Garett Moreau further discusses the ‘new paradigm’ and other details about Augury IT in this interview:

Could you shed light on what you mean by a “new paradigm”?

Simply put, our team was assembled and comprised of the best talent available, on the platform of excellence. We sought to be the answer to the plague of status quo IT providers. What we supply that others either do not or cannot, is the aptitude, responsiveness, quality, reliability, ease, and security of technical solutions. We’re not paid to learn (we do that in our free time) – We’re paid to PERFORM. And that’s what we do. The cybersecurity of any entity can be calculated with a simple formula–the talent implementing your technical solutions, multiplied by the talent maintaining them. Hence, the most reliable way to protect data and continuity is for top-tier expertise to oversee both sides of the process. It is absolutely essential to ensure that the aptitude for maintaining an organization’s infrastructure is the same performing the architecture and deployment. Once businesses discover that secure and reliable technology is attainable with existing budgets, it’s like a lightbulb goes off in their head and they begin to wonder why nobody else is providing this level of service, security, and comfort.

What is your company’s position in the current marketplace?

We plug in as a small business’s managed IT department, and support them on a flat-fee, unlim­ited basis. This allows us to bake cybersecurity into the DNA of your technical infrastructure, and take a seamless approach to all things technical -just get it done. We handle all aspects from design, deployment, maintenance, and protection. This does wonders for the overall robustness and security of a business. It removes “fin­ger-pointing” and allows decision makers to sleep better at night. To finance folks, the answer is ob­vious – with greater productivity, reliability, and effectiveness, with less downtime, and less risk, the results speak for themselves (and often pay for themselves, too). Af­ter all, quality doesn’t cost; it pays.

What is your firm’s approach toward growth?

Our approach towards growth is an organic one, providing robust and scalable service to an underserved segment – the small business. We do this by engaging in what technology ought to be – doing everything the “right” way and automating trivial tasks. Decision makers of SMBs are quickly realizing they need a much more robust and proactive mind­set in the current environment of relentless attacks against their data systems. Our philosophy simply comes down to this: Never com­promise on quality. Not even for the sake of accelerated growth. We continue to train the best expertise in the IT industry, whose passion is for understanding and solving highly-complex problems. Our teams are in a constant state of mastering emerging technologies and understanding their myriad applications in the business world.

What are your business models?

Our business model is simple - put the burden to perform on our­selves. We do this by supporting a 30-day opt-out for any reason or no reason at all (we will earn your business every month). Further, our flat-fee, unlimited support model ensures we do things the best way, not the easiest way, and we do so by focusing proactively. This folds reliability and security into your infrastructure’s DNA and keeps the onus on us. Given this, our policies tend to get us in the door, and the results keep us there. How do we keep our clients happy? By never giving them an opportunity to be unsatisfied. We inject automation into antiquat­ed business processes to increase efficiencies and reduce costs. A continuous focus on creative ways to provide more value is another refreshing component of our part­nerships.

What is the most important factor of success for your company?

The bulk of our new business comes to us in the interest of our cybersecurity expertise. In this capacity, the lack of expertise found elsewhere, combined with the daily news cycle of new breaches on complacent businesses, large and small, does the sales for us. It is distressing to know that 40% of SMBs have already been hacked don’t even know it! We educate our client base of the continuing evolution of the problem and present solutions proactively, so you are never forced to answer the question “Which one of us is going to call every one of our customers and let them know that their data has been hacked from our system?” This is a decision that we work to ensure you never have to make in a board room. When it comes to keeping our costs contained, we have always been determined to maintain a low overhead by outsourcing trivial tasks, while remaining devoted to an exceptional customer experience.

How do you stay unique and innovative in this industry?

With the recent increase in cybercriminal tools along with a lower threshold of knowledge required to carry out attacks, the attacks of cybercriminals is rapidly increasing. Therefore, it is crucial we differenti­ate our techniques and focus directly on the root causes, not merely on the symptoms. We are compelled to think of the cyber-threat landscape in a multi-faceted way and continue to rapidly evolve. Why? Because if you are fighting the wars of today with the weapons of yesterday, you may not be around for long. With Augury IT, the client receives bountiful proac­tive solutions and 24/7 cybersecurity support. Thus, our clients can avoid the problems and pain that their competi­tors will invariably encounter with an outdated “ad-hoc” approach.

One trait that successful organizations often have in common is the ability to switch directions quickly in response to changes in the market. What is your standpoint on this?

The answer to this lies in the DNA of our business. We remain on the bleeding edge of the evolving cybersecurity landscape for a glimpse into what is coming. By the end of 2017, we had already identified the greatest cyber-threats to businesses for 2018– email phishing campaigns directed at fraudulent wire transfers and equipment leasing/purchase agreements. We already know how these have played out, and have done the work up-front to protect our clientele to the threats coming down the pipe. As we head into 2019, cybercriminals will target and exploit more security software with the aim of reducing its effectiveness. Hackers will leverage and exploit security products as they simultaneously attempt to cover their tracks. Further, the typical hackers are not innovating – they’re scaling. It is just as easy to launch attacks on 1 million targets as it is on 100 million targets. We will see these attacks broaden in scope through 2019. They will continue to get better at one thing – social engineering. The email accounts that are hacked today, will be stealthily perused for months to create a profile on its owner. Once complete, they can launch more successful attacks, completed in the linguistic tone of the mailbox owner, as to not “raise flags” from the targeted. As these events become more known by the general public, the business perception of security software will deteriorate. That is why we make it a top priority to stay ahead of the curve by being active in private discussions with the world’s top cybersecurity leaders in governments and Fortune industries, and we bring these future-sighted solutions to the SMB segment.

What advice would you give to companies out there?

Thinking that your company is not an “ideal” target for hackers is what, ironically, makes you the perfect candidate for an attack. Complacency makes for a very soft target. We often find new clients have a massive attack surface, without even so much as a figurative ‘white picket fence’ or ‘locks on the doors’ to protect it. Some of the most effective hackers thrive on an ill-informed belief that “it’s just the big guys” getting hammered. Do not succumb to this notion; it may leave your company dangerously exposed and your leadership stinging with chagrin in the wake of an attack that was entirely preventable.

“Sometimes you truly need to embrace that old cliché of ‘thinking outside the box’ – when  traditional methods of maintaining and securing businesses fail, creative thinking and stepping outside the confines of ‘the status quo’ sparks originality and innovation.”

“If you are fighting the wars of today with the weapons of yesterday, you may not be around for long.”

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