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Automate Your Enterprise without Compromise: Aisera

Automate Your Enterprise without Compromise: Aisera

Aisera is a privately held company headquartered in the U.S., with additional offices in Greece, Canada, and India. It has a sizable partner network that gives it a broad geographic presence. Aisera is here to deliver you an amazing experience, fueled by the passion to change the day-in-the-life of your employees and customers. The company’s goal is to help users with greater self-service by automating common to complex actions and tasks. This enables users to focus on high-value work, while those requesting help can resolve their issues with self-service resolutions.

Aisera hails from companies such as ServiceNow, Splunk, VMware, Google, Microsoft, SAP, and LinkedIn. Aisera is supported by top tier VCs and industry luminaries from Amazon, Google, Salesforce, Microsoft and VMware.

HR help desk software

Your Human Resources (HR) department holds your business together by executing administrative tasks, ensuring laws are followed, and creating company policies that keep you within your budget. All of these things are in your best interest if you want to maintain a positive brand reputation, happy employees, and satisfied customers. Your employees are your most important company resource, so it makes sense to do everything possible to support your HR department. One of the best ways to support your HR department is to implement HR helpdesk software. HR help desk software is an application or HR service portal that streamlines, standardizes, and manages employee issues and requests. Anytime your employees have questions concerning company policy, their benefits, payroll, or anything else your HR team manages, this type of software saves time and allows team members to request help through a help desk platform. Without HR help desk software, employees have to send and sift through a bunch of emails just to get an answer to a simple question or get some HR support on an important matter. Emails take time, and sometimes employees don’t have time, especially when they need to request medical leave. The bottom line is that HR help desk software streamlines internal operations by prioritizing employees’ needs. You can use the software to provide a self-help portal, automate responses to common questions, and more.

When you implement HR help desk software, you’ll be streamlining your HR process and improving employee experiences and drives engagement at the same time. Part of the reason employees become disengaged is because they have to jump through frustrating hoops to get answers and solutions to their problems. When your employees become frustrated, they’re likely to start looking for another job.

There are three ways frustrated employees negatively impact your business:

  • Loss of productivity
  • Loss of profitability
  • Higher rate of absenteeism

Disengaged, frustrated employees lack loyalty and hurt your bottom line. Some companies lose billions of dollars just to absenteeism alone. However, this problem can be solved by implementing cloud-based HR help desk software. When you standardize the way HR receives, processes, and responds to employee requests, your team will be happier, productivity will increase, and the streamlined process will make them feel like a priority leading to higher employee satisfaction (ESAT).

Empower Those Who Power People

HR teams now have the freedom to focus on what matters by autonomously offloading redundant tasks and queries. Aisera provides immediate and relevant answers to common employee questions like open enrollment, provider contact information, PTO and health claims. Ensure employees start on the right foot with a smooth and efficient onboarding process. Aisera works across HR, Facilities, and IT to verify employment, provision access to tools, assign devices, and more, creating a seamless onboarding experience for the newest team members. From candidate sourcing and screening to scheduling interviews and extending offer letters, automating HR service delivery procedures with Aisera makes it easy to find star players and strengthen employee recruitment, all while reducing cost-to-hire.

Enable employees to request time off, track requests, and see their balances at any time. Aisera comes with an out-of-the-box action catalog and pre-built workflows, making it easy for employees to submit for vacation time, sick leave, parental leave, and other related events. Give employees the ability to view their paycheck, benefit statements, deductions, and other important documents at any time. Employees can update their personal information, direct deposit slips, and download or print W-2 and 1099 forms when needed. Equip HR teams with the right tools to effectively manage and address employee needs. Aisera makes it easy for HR teams to create cases, escalate issues, and provide timely feedback to improve employee relations and satisfaction as well as reduce workplace risks.

If you’re ready to implement an automated HR help desk system within your business, Aisera has what you need. The company’s AI-powered digital help desk solution is perfect for businesses that need to manage and streamline HR processes from employees. The Aisera AI service experience (AISX) platform is exactly what you need to help your HR department stay on top of employee requests. Aisera’s HR help desk solution will make it easy for your employees to get the support they need faster, without having to chase an endless back-and-forth sea of emails.

Muddu Sudhakar, Co-Founder and CEO

“When it comes to your business challenges, we believe in simple solutions that deliver greater auto-resolutions for both customers and employees.”

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