Alexa Avanan: E-mail Security Reinvented
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Avanan: E-mail Security Reinvented

Avanan: E-mail Security Reinvented

Every business is moving to the cloud and so are their emails. But Office 365, Gmail’s built-in security, and other applications do not catch enough email threats. As much as 25% of the phishing emails are marked clean by Office 365 EOP. What’s more, even Microsoft ATP as an independent layer of security misses 18% of the attacks that bypass EOP. In the digital age, some consider secure email gateways to be a good way to protect their emails. But these traditional security approaches are not built to protect cloud emails and are less effective. They also fail to protect against the threats posed by internal emails. Avanan’s platform deploys like an app and solves all these issues.

Avanan is a NY-based company that was founded in 2014 with the focus on protecting people against email threats in the age of cloud computing. Today, the company is a comprehensive security solution for cloud email and collaboration tools such as Office 365™, G-Suite™, and Slack™. Its platform is built to take full advantage of the existing layers and focuses on identifying the attacks that they miss before it reaches the inbox. Extending beyond the traditional email security, it protects against the threats that come with file sharing and messaging applications.

Secure Microsoft Teams with Avanan

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all phases of life on our planet. But Microsoft has helped organizations through its Microsoft Teams software by presenting them with a meeting place where they can work together – virtually. As a result, Teams users have grown in numbers exponentially since the beginning of the pandemic. Going by the numbers, Teams had 20 million daily active users in November 2020. This number has soared to over 75 million in early May. 

But with such splendid growth comes the elevated possibility of threats. To avert attacks and provide protection against phishing, malware, and data loss to Teams, Avanan launched its security solution to protect the popular platform. When it detects any potentially sensitive message, it automatically blocks it or quarantines it and notifies the system administrator. Avanan is the only solution that provides the same email security tools for Slack, Teams, Google Drive, Box, and other popular platforms. It provides:

  • Scanning, or blocking, for malicious links or malware
  • Protections against data leakage so that sensitive company information doesn’t flow between departments or outside the organization
  • Defenses against impersonation attacks
  • Reviewing of all security events within a single UI
  • Detection and protection against east-west internal attacks
  • One-click installation

The platform is capable of catching advanced attacks that evade the default and other advanced security tools. The platform can deploy like an application within minutes and can be configured with a few clicks. It can deploy even in a single click via API to prevent Business Email Compromise and block malware, phishing, account takeover (ATO), data leakage, and shadow IT enterprise. “One key aspect of the product is the ability to integrate with our current cloud providers without intrusive routing or changes in our current infrastructure. The ability to tie directly into the provider's API is key to the functionality of the product,” says Garner Peer Insights. With its quick and efficient deployment, Avanan replaces the need for multiple tools that are usually important to protect the entire cloud collaboration suite.

Meet the Tech Pioneer

Gil Friedrich, CEO

He has over 18 years of experience with development and leadership roles. Prior to Avanan, he was the VP of Technology at ForeScout Technologies, a computer and network security company. At ForeScout, he helped the company expand into mobile security, BYOD policy, and Cloud services. He has also served the Israeli Navy as an Officer and a Team Leader.

He holds a B.Sc in Physics and an M.Sc in Computer Science from Tel-Aviv University.

Customers Say

“The solution was extremely simple to implement and integrated into our current service offerings. We spent less than one day with the onboarding team and began to see results immediately.” - Senior IT Administrator, Manufacturing Industry

“Caught a tremendous amount of threats that ATP and Zix SecureGateway left unchecked. Avanan has been our most reliable email security layer in our organization.” - Visualization Engineer, Finance Industry

“We selected Avanan over Email Laundry, Mimecast and Proofpoint. Their design is much more cutting edge and simpler to implement.” - CTO, Retail Industry

Launches a New Datacenter in Canada

Avanan launched a new datacenter in Canada earlier this year to help its customers comply with the country’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

 “Avanan is a cloud email security platform that pioneered and patented a new approach to prevent sophisticated attacks.”

“Avanan replaces the need for multiple tools to secure the entire cloud collaboration suite, with a patented solution that goes far beyond any other Cloud Email Security Supplement.”

“Avanan stops threats before the inbox and works seamlessly with your existing security.”

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