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Avenga: Digital Technology for Industry

Avenga: Digital Technology for Industry

The new digital technologies bring with them new opportunities and also challenges. But many of the challenges around the digital technologies circle around the cost of the qualified professionals and their scarcity. Opportunities on the other hand can be in increased sales through customer loyalty, customer insights and speed to market. Avenga, a company based out of Cologne, Germany takes a holistic approach to create great solutions through constant innovation.

In November 2019, four companies namely IT Kontrakt, Sevenval Technologies GmbH, Core Value, and Solidbrain brought together their different cultures, backgrounds and strengths to form a global IT company, Avenga. Avenga is based in Cologne, Germany and delivers a comprehensive set of business solutions. The company has offices all over the world including offices in Berlin, Kuala Lumpur, Krakow, Kyiv, Lviv, Warsaw, Wroclaw, and New Jersey.

The company’s core competencies range from Strategy, Customer Experience, Solution Engineering, Managed Services, and Products for the industries of Pharma & Life Sciences, Insurance, Financial Services, Automotive, and Real Estate. The company is backed by Oaktree Capital Management LP and Cornerstone Partners to expand further to serve newer markets.

Customer experience

Customer experience is important for businesses as it targets the emotional side of the bond with the customer. Avenga is undeniably one of the best to design user-centered experiences that guarantee that their client’s customers are satisfied which inspires loyalty. This directly translates to higher sales and conversion rates. “Customer experience is the new battleground and Avenga is your partner to master the challenge,” says Jan Webering, CEO of Avenga.

Avenga has over 20 years of experience in the space and serves over 350 customers all over the globe. With over 2500 people on its workforce spread over 18 locations across Europe, North America and Asia, the company is one of the fastest growing companies of 2019.

The Extraordinary Leader

Jan Webering, CEO

Jan is the CEO of Avenga. Prior to Avenga, he was the CEO of Sevenval Technologies GmbH, a web technology company, for close to 20 years. Before that he was a Partner at BAUWENS digital and Berlin Technologie Holding. He has also served YOC AG at the capacity of COO and Managing Director.

He has a degree in Law from the University of Cologne.

“We are a global IT and digital transformation champion that supports our customers in realizing technology’s huge potential for a smarter and more sustainable world.”

Opel looks to Avenga for support

Founded in 1862, Opel is one of largest car manufacturers of the world. The Opel’s brand promises “The future belongs to everyone.” And the company delivers this not just through its vehicles but also through the digital services it offers its customers.

Avenga has been Opel’s partner since 2009 when the former started supporting Opel’s mobile websites and apps. The company approached this challenge by combining design thinking, proof of concept, pilot projects and series development. Avenga works closely with the car manufacturer, tests their solution in iterative tests until the product is finished.  

Among the products Avenga has worked for are:

-CoRe Visualizer for 26 markets which is a sync system that allows Opel to maintain content with minimal administrative effort and manage it centrally. This enables the company to roll out vehicle colors or special rims in selected country markets and offer them directly to end customers online. “Customers who want to buy a new car are very demanding. In the digital world they want a shopping experience just like in the real world. With the CoRe Visualizer we not only fulfill this wish, we even go one step further: It is not only about a high class visualization, but also about achieving an 'imagining ownership' for the customer,” says Thomas Bernd, Project UX-Lead für Opel.

- The Frontend for the Opel vehicle configurator. This configurator helps Opel meet the requirements of more than 25 markets. Avenga developed a responsive UI for the Opel VC (Vehicle Configurator). The previous configurator was replaced and this saw the performance increase by 30% and also the abandonment rate fell by 15%

-Opel.mobi and opel-rescuecards.com for more than 30 markets. Avenga was able to roll out content for the mobile website, opel.mobi, across 30 markets by using their XSLT parsing technology. Avenga’s solutions for opel.mobi supports Opel marketing and takes the pressure off the corporate IT

“We understand the complexities of modern markets and translate them into real business solutions for automotive, financial, insurance, pharma & life sciences, and real estate with more to come.”

“We think technology in a new inclusive economic context: combining capabilities, competitiveness, flexibility, service offering and innovation.”

“With more than 20 years of experience in entrepreneurship, leadership, project delivery, customer experience and technology, we are changing the existing IT market.”

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