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Avisolve: Valuing Technology and Innovation while building Relationships

Avisolve: Valuing Technology and Innovation while building Relationships

You know your business. The manufacturer knows his product. A good VAR (Value Added Reseller) will know both. They’ll take the time to walk through the process of really understanding your current business processes and issues in order to take the next step with confidence – selecting the right products to help you get the job done.

Of course you want a manufacturer who produces a quality product. And, of course you want an integrator who will get you up and running smoothly. But how do you know that the manufacturer’s product is really the right one for you? Do you want to bring in an integrator mid-stream, after the “homework” has been done and product decisions have been made? Further, will the integrator you select be an IT generalist, versus an expert in Content Management?

That's where a good VAR comes in - one that can bring together the most appropriate products to create the best solution to fit your unique needs. Seek a VAR that has true expertise in Content Management (meaning the VAR has relationships with numerous key product manufacturers, giving you multiple product options) and one that has in-house integration capabilities. This “super-VAR” doesn’t just resell a product. They are there with their customer from start to finish to ensure project success and solution performance.

Keeping these key factors in mind, Avisolve was established in 2013. The company offers its customers both the “tried and true tools” as well as the “latest and greatest,” because it knows that if it puts the best technology in their hands, they will understand it better, allowing them to enhance their ability to, in turn, present the best possible options for their needs. 

Based in Arizona, Avisolve had a vision to have a strong local presence and a national reach. It has been helping clients identify their IT pain points and build a road map towards resolving them. Building and maintaining relationships is extremely important to Avisolve, as this is what has defined the company.

Everything from Advising to Solving

The name Avisolve is coined from two different words– advise and solve. So the company offers trusted advisors to help solve technology challenges. And this is exactly what Avisolve has been doing. Being resellers, Avisolve itself uses many of the tools and technology that it sells.

In fact, Avisolve learns about new technologies through its clients and employees. The company is very open-minded to new technology and there is always room to share the cyber knowledge. If any of their clients or employees say, “Hey, we’re interested in this product,” then Avisolve is always willing to take that into a meeting with the new technology provider.

Avisolve provides all types of technology services. With its team of knowledgeable experts, it helps its clients in assessing problems and also advises on the many choices available. Avisolve assists clients with project management, procurement, pre-sales and post-sales engineering, and installation. Avisolve will show a technology road map to reach the client’s needs or goals.

The Most Remote Employee Workforce

Interestingly, Avisolve has a unique work approach where it is a 100 percent work from home workforce. This makes it not only unique but also innovative as a VAR. Having the entire workforce spread across the country has never been done before while most of its workforce is spread across

15 different states in the U.S. “We wanted to be everywhere and have the top employees in the country.” With a complete work from home policy, it makes working at Avisolve very attractive indeed.

In addition, there is also a unique pay structure, where there are no traditional salaries for sales team members! The entire sales team works on bonus and commissions. Avisolve pays 4 to 5 times higher than anybody else in the industry, on the commission side.

Building Relationships beyond Territories

The clients are well aware that there are no managers at Avisolve who micro manage teams and employees. Instead, everything is built on relationships that have no territories. “The other thing that has made us very niche is that we don’t have any territories. So, everything is based on relationships.”

When a CIO tells another CIO about Avisolve, the client can work with whichever Avisolve rep they feel comfortable with, giving them an advantage and removing the need to worry about ever-changing territories. This allows Avisolve to build, nurture, and maintain meaningful and trustworthy relationships with clients.

Since its establishment, Avisolve has developed a good understanding of who it is and where it wants to be in the future. In the coming years, Avisolve targets to be the largest VAR in the country that is 100% remote and have employees across the country. The company believes that it will easily be a 500 million to even a billion dollar company in 10 years.

Meet the Builder of Avisolve

Tony Meisner is the CEO of Avisolve. With a degree in Business Management from Western Washington University and a knack for building successful teams, he has developed a large relationship base with Avisolve. His belief is that the correct compensation package and work/life balance will drive growth and company culture. Prior to building Avisolve, he was responsible for building the Arizona operation for Pacific Office Automation from the ground up. He got his bachelor’s degree from Western Washington University and moved to Gilbert, AZ in 2003 to build a new office for Pacific Office Automation as the Regional Manager. He was able to build that office up to about a $50M operation before leaving to start up Avisolve in 2014.

“We’re always looking to be ahead of the curve and bring out the best in every product.”

"We recognize the value of Technology and Innovation."

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