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Helping organizations think and act digital first to enable delivery of information and applications on demand: Base22

Helping organizations think and act digital first to enable delivery of information and applications on demand: Base22

Digital transformation (DX) is a major challenge and opportunity for businesses. Even though executives are willing to apply digital transformation to the organization, in-house teams may not have the experience or time to achieve this objective. Digital Transformation Consultants can help the organization overcome the challenge by establishing a digital strategy and implementing digital technology across the enterprise. Digital Transformation Consultancy is a service that helps companies formulate their digital transformation strategy and implement it to enhance their performance through digital technologies. Digital Transformation Consultants (DTC) analyze the company’s tech infrastructure, processes, people and organization to both strengthen the organization’s short-term performance and maintain sustainable long-term improvement. Base22 offers complete and comprehensive digital transformation. Base22’s capabilities include infrastructure planning & design, user experience design, web application development, customer engagement, systems integration, intranet (portal) development, marketing & e-commerce site development, digital marketing, and data insight solutions. Base22 offers these services and practices to transform your business. Whether it’s internally for your employees or externally for your end-users and customers, Base22 believes that they have a package of solutions and practices that can help you to improve productivity & communications with key stakeholders, reduce time and effort in daily operations, and overall achieve better, well-informed, business management. Base22 works with its clients to build a strategic roadmap for their business challenges and offer them competitive implementation times without sacrificing the depth and tailoring required for B2B and B2C industries. Base22’s digital craftsmanship complies with Web Accessibility Standards, as well as international security and privacy protocols.

Base22 provide consulting and create solutions that digitally transform organizations to be able to deliver information and applications on demand. Develop user experiences and digitally transform business processes. Catalysts and tools that drive accelerated adoption and continuous improvement. Micro services, API based, Responsive, cloud/mobile first architecture.

Digital Transformation Workshops

A good starting point for transformation is to visualize what you want in terms of user engagement and business process change. Base22’s workshops allow business users to propose solutions in a tangible manner in a very short amount of time. Base22 starts with a problem visualize the potential solution, share and adjust. By creating a clickable visual plan you can put solutions in front of actual users to gather feedback, project viability or management buy-in to fund a future project. What follows is a high level plan and proof of concept – the transformation journey begins.

User Experience Evaluations

Base22 takes a design thinking approach to its evaluations. They try to understand what the user wants to accomplish and provides a baseline to identify if the on-line channel is delivering to those needs. Base22 also examines its client’s online channel objectives to establish the best path forward. To do digital transformation you must rethink business models and customer experiences.

Digital infrastructure & Integration Planning

Digital infrastructure & Digital Platform Modernization Planning is a service to lay the foundation for transformation by determining a plan for world-class practices around Infrastructure, Cloud Computing & Security Services. Then the plan has to consider how to modernize digital platforms and applications to leverage modern, lightweight, API-led and micro services based technology architecture.

Digital Marketing Evaluations

Digital Marketing Evaluations are the first step in finding out where your branding and marketing is failing. Base22 takes a holistic approach to find out every detail and metric that’s helping and hurting. Then Base22 will work with you to define and refine goals, and then determine the best path forward. Taking it a step further lets Base22 do the heavy lifting for you.

Change Management

The focus of Base22’s change management method, the Catalyst Framework, is on organizational adoption to sustain a technology initiative for the future. Base22 helps companies and businesses think digital first. They link desired outcomes to the audience user needs and required business processes to help the organization understand their meaning and importance. Then Base22 creates a technology framework that consists of a set of reusable tools and is delivered as a set of services for the organization to consume and use in a more practical way. These “catalysts”, both software and processes, are used to deliver mini solutions and pilots that demonstrate immediate improvements and possibilities to entice organizational adoption.

Carbon LDP™ and semantic technologies

At Base22, they focus on transforming data into insights through the use of semantic technologies. To do this they use semantic graph-based data architectures and application development platforms, like their own low code solution Carbon LDP™, to integrate data silos so that they can deliver an integrated user experience and move from analytics to insights. Web developers can write applications using familiar paradigms and front-end code like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Carbon LDP™ provides a back-end, out-of-the-box, which means that developers have a significantly reduced need to know, write, compile, and deploy server-side code. Powerful, data-centric, and even secure applications can indeed be built on Carbon using only front-end Web code. Carbon LDP™ provides one unified programmatic interface to data, a unified data model, and a view across all data which facilitates the ability to tie different systems together. Data should be more flexible, easier to extend as new requirements arise, and easier to reuse across a variety of disparate systems. Most clients have business processes supported by custom written or legacy applications that are expensive to support and often inflexible. They usually exist in data silos that make sharing information difficult. They will also have manual/semi-manual business processes in the value chain that could be significantly improved by an application written using Carbon LDP™ and graph databases. Let Base22 identify these opportunities within your organization and unify your data for superior insights. As it enters its second decade, Base22 is proud to bring its deep understanding and expertise of the digital workplace as an active participant in its evolution: from communication tools and platform integration to advanced enterprise portals and intranets. Base22 is a reliable digital firm with the experience needed to strategize, design, and implement modern technology in world-class solutions, and the handcrafting skills to finetune it around the business needs of companies of any size.  


At Base22, they build enterprise intranets that collect and organize information and make it accessible and useful to employees and employers. Information architecture is how they do that. It is a set of principles and patterns that define how information is organized and which keep it all organized as the intranet grows. Intranets thrive on information. Base22 has a long history of unlocking information for its clients. Information should be available anytime, on demand, and everywhere you and your employees are.

Mobile Applications

Users expect their experience on a mobile device to be just as good as the one on their laptop. At Base22 they believe that their experiences should be a seamless no matter where they are. In addition to its experience building web applications, Base22 has worked with a number of major companies to extend focus of great design and user experience to the mobile world. Base22’s technical staff possesses the skills and experience to execute on the best approach that makes the most sense for your specific requirements.

Enterprise Portals

Base22 builds innovative, user-centered portals for organizations that value the power of information and the need for a usable, personalized, and well-designed way to collect and organize it. Base22 builds employee portals, customer portals, system integration portals, social networking portals, knowledge management portals, e-commerce portals, and highly specialized industry-specific portals. Base22 helps to connect your digital world whether that means legacy systems or retrofitting technologies together.

Meet the leader behind the success of Base22

Rafael Trujillo is the Managing Partner, Project Executive and Co-Founder of Base22. Rafael has been an entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience working at the intersection of technology, strategy and design. He has been helping clients conceive and create new and innovative ways to communicate through enterprise portals and mobile apps; always working to bridge technology geeks with business teams. He is a certified Scrum master in agile project management. He has been responsible for leading content management strategy and implementation projects that leverages his User Experience and Information Architecture skills (content life-cycle management; taxonomy and navigation; search find-ability improvements; user interface design and implementation). Rafael has successfully managed large digital experience projects and was also a very successful entrepreneur during the dot-COM era in Latin America.

“We build modern applications for a digital world. Digital transformation relies on good data, how you present it, and how fast you act on it. We utilize a digital transformation framework and technology to help your company reach those objectives.”

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