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Providing strategic guidance in building the right structures, frameworks, and technologies with long-term scalability: BasisAI

Providing strategic guidance in building the right structures, frameworks, and technologies with long-term scalability: BasisAI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not a futuristic component; in fact, it exists all around us. Starting from robots, mobile cheque deposits and plagiarism-checking websites, AI is an integral part of modern-day life. On the other hand, digital transformation revamps existing business technologies to ensure smooth, precise and efficient performance. AI is driving the next evolutionary phase for travel, transport and mobility, helping connect people to people, places and experiences. As cities and districts grow more connected and instrumented with sensors, the possibilities for artificial intelligence to improve energy efficiency and mobility grows exponentially. Real-time intelligence allows for cities and districts to evolve and organically self-organize in a data driven way.

BasisAI is a technology company with a world-class, experienced team of AI leaders and practitioners. Through deep technical approaches to implementing and maintaining Performant AI systems combined with best practice governance. The firm enables enterprises to deploy AI responsibly at scale, giving real-world impact from machine learning and a path to sustained competitive edge.  Leveraging their proprietary platform Bedrock, BasisAI transforms data-driven enterprises with bespoke, augmented intelligence software, with a core focus on building well-governed, trustworthy AI systems. Bedrock is an end-to-end machine learning platform that orchestrates the prototype to production cycle in minutes.

Reliabl solutions offered by BasisAI

Bedrock: It is an end-to-end machine learning platform that orchestrates the prototype to production cycle in minutes, not months. Bedrock allows you to instrument and peer inside the “black box” of AI systems within your organisation. Experiment with algorithms and deploy live engines with a single platform. Achieve explainability, maintainability, and auditability - automatically in-built into the systems you deploy. Bedrock is the command centre that sits at the heart of the end-to-end machine learning development, deployment, and continuous learning process. Bedrock provides guided workflows through user interfaces and APIs so that the entire process is permissioned and encourages accountability and maintainability

Acquisition Marketing: It leverages voluminous structured and unstructured data to develop highly accurate customer segmentation that augments your CRM and automates campaign personalization. AI-driven promotions outperform any others. Predict customer lifetime value and save on digital advertising spend with hyper-targeted promotions and coupons. The real-time behavioral and unstructured data from multiple sources to make hyper-relevant product recommendations based on a “customer segment of one”. Recommender engines are one of the most widely used applications of machine learning within retail & ecommerce. BasisAI can help you build engines with 1000 queries a second and real time serving of recommendation at <50ms latency to keep the user experience snappy. Enhance click-through rates to purchase, promote complementary products (cross-sell) or encourage existing customers to upgrade (upsell), powered by machine learning based on data already available to you.

Retail Operations: Optimize product availability, inventory and spoilage with inventory forecasting. Gain better insight into sales patterns to avoid stock outs. AI-powered demand forecasting enables enterprises to incorporate many data streams to generate highly accurate daily forecasts plus ability to delineate between trends and seasonality. Machine learning predicts sales and drives enhanced forecasts based on real-time data using internal and external influences from a number of dimensions. Adopt greater intelligence in order to dynamically adjust prices in response to market conditions and maximize revenue. Dynamic pricing engines can leverage machine learning to propose price structures which can be adjusted on a dynamic basis. Move away from static, rules-based revenue management which relies heavily on human intervention and intuition.

Financial Services: Hyper-personalized customer experience increased operational efficiency, improved decision making and explainability AI is now a serious competitive differentiator for financial services institutions. With growing regulatory demands and ever-increasing competition, they can help you tap into large sources of structured and unstructured data to help you stay ahead. s financial services companies digitize and get closer to the customer through improved mobile experiences, the opportunity to personalize and contextualize product and content recommendations becomes greater. With the help of AI-powered recommender engines, financial institutions can create timely personalized experiences and next-best-offer product recommendations, creating upsell opportunities and a better ability to service the customer at lower channel costs.

Credit Decisioning: While many financial institutions are already employing machine learning practices to assess credit worthiness, alternative sources of big, unstructured data are providing greater intelligence to sophisticated machine learning algorithms to drive greater accuracy and efficiency. The Bedrock platform also helps to ensure that ML models continue to perform as they were intended to, with inbuilt functionality for auditability, maintenance and governance.

The pre-eminent leader behind the triumph of BasisAI

Liu Feng-Yuan is the Co-Founder and serves as the Chief Executive Officer of BasisAI. He was Chief Data Scientist of the Singapore government, where he built the Govtech Data Science team and led key projects for the Smart Nation initiative. He graduated from Oxford University on a President’s Scholarship.

“We build and maintain artificial intelligence engines and offer end to end, turnkey AI solutions tailored to industry and our customers’ data.”

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