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Better manage your workforce and workspace with Asure Software

Better manage your workforce and workspace with Asure Software

Workplaces, work culture, and the workforce has changed over time. Today, the size of the organization doesn't matter. Companies are willing to have a highly talented workforce to get the job done. The workforce too has changed so much- there aren't fixed hours, they're high transient and mobile, and they want to have fun at the workplace. This is also why the modern workforce requires access to mobile devices, tablets, and laptops 24/7. With information technology being the basis of everything, employees require real-time data.

We have with us Asure Software- a pro when it comes to delivering solutions to build a workforce. Set in Texas, Asure Software is where you’ll find innovative and unique solutions. Organizations of all sizes come to Asure Software to help companies of the future. The cloud platform from the company has built an extensive client-relation of more than 80,000 clients.

The aim is simple- Asure Software helps clients to “better manage their people and space in a mobile, digital, multi-generational, and global workplace,” the website states. HR consulting, compliance administration, flexible benefits, a fully integrated HCM platform, and time and labor management are included in Asure Software’s offerings. Plus, you can access a full suite of workplace management solutions for real estate optimization, conference room scheduling, and desk-sharing programs.

A workforce of the future

One of the major highlights of Asure Software is that it knows it’s not just about today, but about the future as well. There are thousands of clients who have benefited from Asure Software’s solutions- not just for today, but also for the workforce of the future. Founded on the promise and premise of providing exceptional facility management tools, the company is delivering on it by increasing workplace productivity.

The CEO of Asure Software- Pat Goepel explains: “Our new world of work requires a workplace that attracts and maintains the right talent, motivates and encourages productivity, and drives real, quantifiable results.” His words are very true and apt to the present times. And Asure Software carries out this promise by equipping customers with an innovative suite of solutions that take integral business processes to the next level.

While the idea of the ‘workplace of the future’ sounds very appealing, there are many organizations aren’t sure where to begin. But you needn’t worry, Asure Software is here to help you with every transition help you’ll need.  “We think a great starting place is fully understanding how your current space is used. Once you know that, making space-related decisions is much easier,” explains Pat.

Even for its own workspace, Asure Software has come up with an alternative and innovative workplace. The employees too are passionate and high-spirited individuals. Together, they help to empower the client’s workspace with their innovative technology. In the end, they’re successful in making the client’s workday easier.

Suite of Solutions

  • Innovative and flexible SaaS-based, cloud technology solutions
  • Industry expertise that guides strategic business decisions
  • Global presence for a global workforce
  • Asset optimization capabilities that turn expenses into strategic opportunities
  • Proprietary education and adoption model
  • Meaningful, measurable workplace and workspace productivity improvements


On the top list of solutions from Asure Software is SmartView, which is a comprehensive workplace utilization analysis solution. SmartView is a solution that drives you to make educated decisions that are also cost-effective. The presence detection devices merged with art occupancy gives SmartView a detailed and communicative report. The dashboards help clients measure, analyze, and track the space throughout their entire facility.

SmartView utilizes the ‘Desk to Employee Ratios.’ Out there, there are many workspaces using 1:1 desk-employee ratio. But Asure Software has achieved a 5:1 ratio that’s helped businesses save millions in overhead costs. Also, the solution includes Occupancy Detection System, that comes with analytic tools and activity sensors. These can better manage and understand the space and workstations.

Recognized for Excellence

Asure Software was the 2018 Silver Stevie Winner for Great Employees.

It was recognized by Deloitte in the Technology Fastest 500 companies.

The company also won the 2018 Software Advice from FrontRunners.

Leading Passionately

Pat Goepel, CEO

With more than 20 years of experience in the human resources outsourcing industry, Pat Goepel is the pioneering CEO of Asure Software. He is focused on building an end-to-end business model that ensures predictable bookings and revenue growth. Before joining Asure Software, he was president and CEO of Fidelity Investment’s HR Services Division; President and CEO of Advantec; and executive vice president at Ceridian, where he was responsible for sales, marketing, operations and business development in the United States.

Pat is a frequent industry speaker and serves on the boards of Allover Media and SafeGuard World International. He also serves as the CEO of APPD Investments. When Pat’s not building world-class companies, one can find him catching a Green Bay Packers game or enjoying the Florida sunshine with his wife and sons at his vacation home.

“We’re passionate about empowering every client’s workplace with innovative technology to make each workday easier.”

“Whether you are a small business that needs someone to process your payroll, or a Midsize to Enterprise organization who needs a full HCM solution, Asure has right the product for every situation.”

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