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Bettering the financial health of every American: Possible Finance

Bettering the financial health of every American: Possible Finance

“Together, we improve your financial health.”

Financial wellness refers to the “overall financial health of an individual” and is sometimes used interchangeably with financial well-being. Employee financial wellness programs (FWPs) are work-placed programs that both “access and support” the financial wellness of employees.

Financial wellness concerns the management of the financial health of an individual, supporting a balance between their short-term and long-term financial needs. Financial wellness programs work through employers supporting their employees’ goals with a program that provides them with the "ability to track their progress and accomplishments, factoring in their goals. From the perspective of employees, financial wellness programs are successful if they have "minimal financial stress; a strong financial foundation (little or no debt, an emergency savings fund and are living below their means); and a plan they are following that puts them on track to meet future financial goals."

One such company which is a pioneer in the field of financial wellness and management is Possible Finance.

Possible Finance is a technology company that empowers everyday Americans to achieve financial wellbeing. To start, the company offers affordable short-term credit to help customers avoid harmful bank overdraft fees and payday loans while also building a credit history. Through a mobile app, Possible Finance provides a friendlier alternative to payday loans that’s less expensive, easier to repay, and repairs credit. Applying takes under a minute and anyone can apply since there is no credit check. All of this is made possible through its technology and data. Possible Finance has built a unique credit assessment model that leverages novel data sources to effectively stratify risk for credit-challenged individuals. The firm quotes, “We meet our customer’s immediate financial needs today, and we guide them towards a better tomorrow as we improve their financial well-being. The users can receive funds instantly regardless of existing credit history.”

They provide affordable short-term loans that help build credit history & improve long-term financial health. Unlike bank overdraft fees, payroll advance apps, or payday loans, one can pay back over installments across multiple paychecks and reschedule payments all from within the app. They report to all major credit bureaus (TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian) to help their customers build a credit history.


At Possible, they believe financial health is something all Americans deserve, not just the affluent. The firm is committed to empowering its clients with the tools to better their economic situation. The company promises to be transparent, serve with kindness, be responsible, and hold themselves accountable for creating positive change. They’ll always put their customers and clients first.

Vision: To improve the financial health of everyday Americans and for millions of hardworking people, to get an access to affordable short term credit is the first step to attaining financial health. Making this happen is the main vision of the firm.

The team, which makes anything possible

As a young startup, the firm is always interested in hearing from mission-driven, talented and motivated entrepreneurs wanting to make a social impact through building a sustainable business model.

The company has a team of lively, fun, and dedicated people with a variety of skills and backgrounds. Possible Finance enjoys collaboration, transparency, and getting right things done at right time. The company says, “Besides the work, we enjoy equity in the company, excellent medical benefits, discretionary vacation, and a well-stocked pantry.”

The mastermind behind the glory of Possible Finance

Tony Huang serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Possible Finance.

“It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for.”

“We provide affordable short-term loans that helps build credit history & improve long-term financial health.”

“We promise to be transparent, serve you with kindness, be responsible, and hold ourselves accountable to creating positive change.”

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