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BioSO4 Oy— offering a wide range of REACH-registered mining reagents

BioSO4 Oy— offering a wide range of REACH-registered mining reagents

Mining has been identified as one of the global megatrends that the industry focuses on since a growing world population and increasing wealth can be expected to result in an increasing need for raw materials to produce consumer goods and build infrastructure for transportation and housing. Mining chemical use can be expected to provide even more robust growth since the industry is faced with lower-grade ores that require more significant amounts of chemical products in their processing. Increasing requirements for environmental and health protection in the industry also require increased use of chemicals, i.e., in dust control, and the more efficient use of, in many cases, scarce water resources.

Mining chemicals form a crucial part of the chain and are fundamental to maximizing recovery. The industry has both commodity and specialized chemicals—but a significant issue is the level of investment required by key players to develop new and more advanced solutions, and if this will never happen to the degree necessary if the mining industry is not willing to invest in their use versus cheaper less effective and less environmentally friendly alternatives.

In the last two decades, the minerals industry has seen intense activity in reagent development for treating a wide variety of ores. The free world market for reagents used in mineral applications amounts to $1.5 to $2.0 billion and is served by over 300 chemical firms.

The mining and mineral processing industry is facing considerable new challenges today. The demand for minerals and metals in our society is constantly increasing. However, ore bodies that are rich and easy to process are diminishing rapidly.To operate successfully and remain competitive, the industry needs to continuously evolve and work with supplier partners to help them meet and overcome these new challenges.

Look no further than BioSO4 Oy for all your mining chemical needs. BioSO4 Oy offers a range of REACH-registered enrichment chemicals from major international manufacturers. The firm’s main products are Danafloat liquid collectors and xanthates. Along with its patented sulfur recovery methods, they form an environmentally friendly whole for nutrient recovery in line with current trends. In addition to products with high purity, BioSO4 Oy offers product and usage information related to the use of enrichment chemicals, quality monitoring of the products offered, the environmental impact of product use, and a cost-effective door-to-door logistics service. The firm has been cooperating with its customers from the beginning of planned production. With its extensive global network, the firm can help select environmentally friendly and cost-effective chemical solutions for mining projects even before production begins.

Sulfur Management in Mining—BioSO4’s modus operandi

The firm’s strength in mining reagents is its extensive product portfolio and respectable knowledge of chemistry and analytics of enrichment chemicals and their environmental impact.

Together with its customers, BioSO4 has solved several challenges related to enrichment chemicals and flotation. Long-term collaboration with the best research institutes in the field, such as the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK), and the Oulu Mining School of the University of Oulu, has been a significant part of the firm’s growth. The firm can offer extensive enrichment process development work for international mining projects with partners.

BioSO4 has also developed an accurate and quick method for analyzing the concentrations of various xanthates in commercial products and from environmental residues. The quality and quantity of residues, each xanthate phase, and potential impurities are analyzed for each delivered product batch. BioSO4’s high-purity xanthates and analytical methods permit the dosage of xanthates to be minimized. This method can also be employed to investigate the quality of many other mining reagents.

Furthermore, as a new global sales company, the firm actively trades its customer’s stock surplus and helps to find consumers for expired or off-quality mining reagents and grinding balls. Together with its customers and respectable laboratories, BioSO4 can find new users and relocate a variety of mining reagents in Europe. The recommended shelf life of the product does not always equal the actual expiration date.

Supplying REACH-registered mining reagents

BioSO4 supplies a wide range of global REACH-registered mining reagents from big global producers. In addition to high-quality products, the firm offers quality control, expertise, and knowledge concerning the application in question, support on environmental issues of reagent usage, product development in response to changing circumstances, and cost-efficient logistics.

BioSO4’s strength in mining reagents is its extensive portfolio, exceptional knowledge, and expertise in mining reagent chemistry and its environmental effects. Together with its customers, BioSO4 has solved many flotation and mining reagent challenges.

Supplying grinding media worldwide

BioSO4 Oy began as an exclusive distributor of Santa Ana de Bolueta Grinding Media, S.A. (SABO) in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Greenland, Ireland, and Armenia.

Santa Ana de Bolueta Grinding Media, S.A. (SABO) is a Molycop company and belongs to the leading global supplier of forged grinding media for the industrial minerals segments and mining.

The collaboration between BioSO4 and Santa Ana de Bolueta Grinding Media covers Grinding Media Grinding Rods, Forged Balls, Ceramic Grinding Media, and Cast Grinding Media.

Offering exceptional sulfur managing capabilities to Clients globally

Lasse Moilanen is the CEO at BioSO4 Oy. He has 18 years of global experience in profitable chemical sales, logistics, purchasing raw materials, and building sales and distributing networks.

Moilanen was recently appointed as the CEO of Mining Finland, a non-profit and membership fee-funded association promoting export of Finnish mining technology, promoting foreign investments to the Finnish mining cluster, and facilitating R&D and education collaboration among mining sector actors working in Finland or in cooperation with Finnish companies.

Moilanen holds multiple degrees from the University of Oulu.

“Doing our part for a cleaner future.”

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