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Bishop-Wisecarver®: Pioneers in Motion Solutions, Empowering Industries Globally with Unmatched Quality, Reliability, and Environmental Stewardship

Bishop-Wisecarver®: Pioneers in Motion Solutions, Empowering Industries Globally with Unmatched Quality, Reliability, and Environmental Stewardship

Bishop-Wisecarver® (BW) is a symbol of reliability and innovation in motion solutions, backed by over 70 years of unwavering dedication. As a certified women-owned enterprise based in the United States, BW has cemented its position as a trusted provider of linear and rotary motion solutions that excel even in the most extreme environments.

With a rich legacy rooted in creative manufacturing solutions pioneered by BW, the company has evolved into a world-class entity, propelled by groundbreaking inventions like the DualVee® guide wheel. Despite the passage of time, BW remains steadfastly committed to its core values, earning the trust of customers with the highest quality products and industry-leading expertise.

When customers choose BW, they aren't merely acquiring products—they're investing in a Signature ExperienceTM characterized by reliability, innovation, and unparalleled customer support. By infusing decades of in-house engineering and design expertise with resourcefulness and grit, BW delivers custom solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction.

In an exclusive interview with CIO Bulletin, Pamela Kan, Owner and President of Bishop-Wisecarver®, shed light on how her company remains steadfast in its mission to be recognized as the leading provider of turnkey solutions for harsh and extreme environments.

Interview Highlights

Q. Can you tell us about the journey of Bishop-Wisecarver®, since its inception in 1950 and how it has evolved into a world-class company, remaining true to its family-owned roots?

In 1950, my father Bud Wisecarver started W.R. Wisecarver & Company to manufacture truck accessories, while also working on the rebuilding and modernization of a plant for windows, blinds and drapery manufacturer. Later on he began manufacturing screw machine parts for the NIke missile project and this endeavor attracted a new client, bread tray salesman Ray Bishop. Ray asked my father to help him design an improved product to secure bread trays during transport. The result was The Saf-T-Sta, a cargo bar that streamlined loading and unloading delivery trucks. My father and Ray merged their companies in 1967 and Bishop-Wisecarver Corporation was born. Since then, Bishop-Wisecarver® has been a beacon of innovation in motion solutions and manufacturing. Initially focusing on creative manufacturing solutions and machines. That led to the building of a fertilizer packaging machine which created the impetus to invent the DualVee® guide wheel and track. Our journey saw a significant transformation with the invention of DualVee® guide wheels in 1968, catapulting BW into global prominence. As the President and sole owner of Bishop-Wisecarver, I, Pamela A. Kan-Wisecarver, represent the second-generation ownership of the company. As Bud's only daughter and the youngest of four kids, I am proud to continue the legacy and drive our family business forward. As a certified women-owned, family-operated business, BW has retained its core values, embedding trust and quality in every product while continuously evolving. Our commitment to excellence and our ability to adapt and incorporate new technologies have solidified our standing as a world-class company.

Q. Can you give us an overview of the range of products and services offered by Bishop-Wisecarver®? What sets them apart in the market?

Bishop-Wisecarver® offers a diverse range of products and services, including guide wheels, linear and rotary guides, actuators, and customized complex assemblies that cater specifically to harsh and extreme environments. What sets BW apart is our ability to deliver bespoke solutions that meet specific customer needs, in the competitive landscape of motion technology.

Q. The invention of DualVee Motion Technology® was a game-changer for Bishop-Wisecarver®. Can you elaborate on how this innovation came about and its impact on the company's growth?

The innovation of DualVee Motion Technology® Motion Technology originated in 1968, out of Bud Wisecarver’s frustration with current technologies. He designed the DualVee® guide wheels while watching an Oakland Raiders football game. DualVee's unique design offers solutions to challenges of load capacity, debris tolerance, and ease of installation, enhancing our product line and propelling company growth. This innovation has driven substantial growth and continues to be a cornerstone of our product lineup solutions.

Q. Can you share more about your Signature ExperienceTM promise and how it drives the company's commitment to exceeding customer expectations?

Our Signature ExperienceTM ( embodies our commitment to exceeding customer expectations through every interaction. Bishop-Wisecarver® not only delivers solutions and diligent support, but we guarantee 100% satisfaction. This approach involves deep engagement with our clients to ensure BW is the Right Fit so we can meet their needs and deliver on-time, budget-conscious solutions. This promise ensures each customer benefits from our decades of expertise, receiving not just products but a partnership they can trust.

Q. Bishop-Wisecarver® is actively involved in supporting STEM-based education and manufacturing programs in the community. Can you talk about the importance of investing in the next generation of engineering and entrepreneurship?

Bishop-Wisecarver® from the start, first with my father and now with me, recognizes the critical importance of investing in the next generation through STEM education and community engagement. We actively support programs like FIRST Robotics that encourage young minds to explore engineering and entrepreneurship, understanding that these future leaders are essential for sustained innovation and growth in our industry.

Investing in STEM education and supporting community manufacturing programs like “Manufacturing Day” and local science and engineering competitions, is vital for nurturing the next generation of engineers and entrepreneurs. Our involvement in educational initiatives reflects our commitment to the community and our belief in developing capable, innovative leaders who can continue the legacy of engineering excellence.

Q. How does Bishop-Wisecarver® continue to innovate in the field of mechatronics and robotics, and what can we expect from the company in terms of new patents and forward-thinking solutions?

At Bishop-Wisecarver®, as we come into our 75th year, innovation must be continuous as we persistently expand capabilities, develop new automation solutions, and integrate cutting-edge technologies that enhance our products. Pioneering Spirit is one of our core values and we embody this ideology and test creative ideas, novel solutions, and new operational efficiencies. Internal use of production robotics has evolved into new product introductions that solve customer challenges.

Our 7th-axis robot transfer units, or RTU’s, extend the reach of robotics by translating robots down a modular linear track system that can span dozens or hundreds of meters. GFX is a high performance oval shaped motion solutions with integrated state-of-the-art linear motor technology that delivers enhanced productive throughput, exceptional durability, and flexibility in transport applications. HepcoMotion® GFX motion systems are the foundational element to the next generation of assembly and packaging machinery.

Q. Problem-solving in manufacturing can be complex. How does Bishop-Wisecarver® approach custom solutions for its customers, and can you provide an example of a particularly challenging problem that your team has successfully addressed?

Our approach to problem solving is tailored specifically to each customer’s unique challenges. We employ a methodical process that identifies all relevant requirements, including deep analysis and creative engineering, followed by rigorous testing or collaborative validation. DJS Systems, Inc., a custom packaging machine builder, needed to increase the capacity of their Trim Press Automation solution beyond the capabilities of standard belt driven actuators. A customized solution was designed and delivered that hybridized LoPro® belt driven linear actuators with UtiliTrak® linear guides to increase the rigidity and durability of the motion solution. The new design enabled them to deliver a machine with faster processing. “Trim Press Automation System with Bishop-Wisecarver Products”

Q. Looking ahead, what are some of Bishop-Wisecarver's key goals or initiatives for the future in terms of product development, market expansion, or technological innovation?

Looking forward, Bishop-Wisecarver® aims to further expand its product range, enter new markets, and pursue technological innovations that expand expertise in automation for use in harsh and extreme environments. Key initiatives include advancing our capabilities in automation and data-driven manufacturing, exploring, and utilizing artificial intelligence, and enhancing eco-friendly and sustainability practices. We are also focused on expanding our global footprint, ensuring that more industries worldwide benefit from our trusted solutions.

Q. Is there anything else you would like to highlight that we might have missed?

One aspect that truly distinguishes Bishop-Wisecarver® is our commitment to environmental sustainability and ethical practices in all areas of operation. We are proud to have an Environmental Social Governance Policy as well as earned certifications like Evergreen and the California Green Business Program Certificate. We strive not only to lead in innovation and customer satisfaction but also in being a responsible corporate entity that values its impact on the community and the environment.

The Stalwart Leader behind Bishop-Wisecarver’s Unwavering Success

As President and sole owner of Bishop-Wisecarver® since 2000, Pamela Kan has leveraged the company’s 70+ years of ingenuity to provide the most trusted and respected motion solutions in the industrial automation industry.

As one of the few female leaders in the manufacturing industry, Kan is passionate about closing the gap in gender diversity and helping showcase the benefits of manufacturing as a strong career option. She is active in numerous regional, state, and national trade organizations, helping solve the skills gap issues in the industry, as well as STEM-focused student programs and mentoring groups for women business owners. Kan’s tenacity in solving problems and helping others, combined with her entrepreneurial vision, commitment to customer service, and proven company leadership, has led to numerous awards, including the 2018 ‘Women’s Business Enterprise STAR for Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC)’ and the 2021 ‘Power Transmission Distributor Association (PTDA) Warren Pike Award’.

“Bishop-Wisecarver® not only delivers solutions and diligent support; but we guarantee 100% satisfaction. Expertly designed and delivered to perform®. This approach involves deep engagement with our clients to ensure BW is the Right Fit so we can meet their needs and deliver on-time, budget-conscious solutions.”

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