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Bitplex: Premium Software Integration, Design and Development Services

Bitplex: Premium Software Integration, Design and Development Services

Software development is no more a trending buzzword. But it is the quintessential engine under every discussion on AI and other technologies. Contrary to popular opinion, software development has become only tougher with time, especially with the rapid evolution of brand new technologies. Australia-based Bitplex addresses this challenging field of software development. It helps businesses build custom mobile, desktop or web applications.

Bitplex was established by Phil Martin in 2014. The Queensland company has been creating customized software for customers all over the globe. Bitplex is the most trusted, reliable software company in the Queensland area. So much so that it is the go-to name for all kinds of software development demands.

The team at Bitplex tackles unique software development problems that cannot be solved by the run-of-the-mill shelf products. The company focuses on designing and developing custom software to meet customer needs. Besides providing software development services, Bitplex can come alongside the existing development teams at companies to help deliver quality results under tight deadlines and budget constraints. They can expand the company's capacity and skill set this way by augmenting the existing technology and processes.

Bitplex can also help with software integration. Often businesses have 3 different subscription apps that just have a tough time communicating with each other. Bitplex can automate the pushing and pulling information between the CRM and accounting package. The company can also help the employees be more productive by taking care of the repetitive data entry tasks or reports that are usually tiresome.

Mobile apps are in trend now. Every business out there needs one to improve its visibility. Hence, mobile app development has become an important cog in running a business. Bitplex can help transform mobile apps from idea right through the development process all the way to market. They are adept at building completely new apps or taking over the existing app development and deliver quality. Bitplex can also work on some enhancements or bug fixes in the apps. They can even help with processes to provide support and pro-active maintenance to prevent issues from breaking changes after phone updates.

Website Hosting

Bitplex also provides its premium hosting solution to help businesses make the customer experience better. The company offers hosting based in Australia, with direct support provided by its local team. Its hosting plans begin at $20/month for a simple website and go up to $90/month for multi-site servers.

Successfully operating a business online means more than simply having a website. Bitplex offers Online Stores, Web Development, Business Strategy, Web Design, and Concierge Service, in addition to its premium hosting services.

The Visionary

Phil Martin, Director

Phil has been a professional developer for over 20 years, working in many industries from Mining, 3D Visualisation, Scheduling and Optimisation, Engineering. Phil's role is to build high level partnerships with other groups, initial customer engagement, and customer strategy. He also supports the team, provides high level architecture direction, business strategy, and also as a hands on generalist when the team needs the support.

Customer Feedback

“Bitplex’s flexibility and understanding made it so easy to turn our vision into reality. Whether it was complex technical requirements or just simple forms, Bitplex always delivered what we needed.  Bitplex was able to adapt quickly whenever our latest ideas become a “need it now” priority.” – Michael Evans, Founder - Imago

“Bitplex are a solution focused team with a passion for client satisfaction and success. They have repeatedly demonstrated a genuine commitment to supporting our organisation, whether it be fulfilling urgent requests to assist with tight deadlines or providing trusted coding advice and support throughout the entire software development cycle. We’re proud to be working with Bitplex – in addition to their expertise and efficiency, they are also local talent here in Central Queensland that we can rely on and support.” – Kash Walker, Web Developer - Fitzroy Partnership for River Health

“If you are looking to extend your existing development team, and you need either part time or a full time developer, we got you covered.”

“If you have a problem to solve that requires some custom technology developed, we are there for you.”

“Founded in 2014, Bitplex has been creating custom software for people in Central Queensland and all over the world.”

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