Alexa Brandsight Vision – A “Better Way to Manage Corporate Domain Name Portfolios”
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Brandsight Vision – A “Better Way to Manage Corporate Domain Name Portfolios”

Brandsight Vision – A “Better Way to Manage Corporate Domain Name Portfolios”

Choosing the right domain name and registering it are essential first steps for securing your company’s online home, but they’re not the only ones. To stay updated and secure, a domain needs ongoing management, whether it’s a single domain owned by a new entrepreneur or part of a large portfolio of domains owned by a large corporation. Along with some domain management skills, businesses need a wide range of domain management services and tools for help with tasks ranging from keeping domains updated and secure to tracking performance with sophisticated analytics.

Back then, over 15 years ago, businesses struggled with identifying what, when, where and how to register domain names, and even more with obtaining approvals, billing and understanding gaps in their portfolios. While many of the issues facing large portfolio owners have been addressed by legacy registrars, fundamental issues around how best to manage and register domains continue to plague brand owners. And for the most part, the core technology used by legacy registrars remains unchanged.

Brandsight Vision has a better way to manage corporate domain name portfolios. Leveraging today’s technology to deliver secure, intuitive and powerful domain management solutions, Brandsight is a completely reimagined corporate domain name registrar. Led by true industry experts who understand the complexities of managing corporate domain name portfolios, Brandsight is exclusively focused on corporate domain name management and is developing a suite of solutions designed to revolutionize the way corporate domain name portfolios are managed. The recently-founded startup – in 2017 – is headquartered in Saratoga Springs, New York.


Brandsight is an ICANN-accredited registrar solely focused on corporate domain name management. With unparalleled industry experience and expertise, Brandsight understands the complexities of managing corporate portfolios like no other. And hence, Brandsight enables domain portfolio managers to benefit much from its recently-unveiled Next-Generation Corporate Domain Name Management Platform.

The platform help businesses gain unprecedented access to website and domain name data. The product comes with next-generation portfolio management capabilities like a reimagined model for managing corporate domain names and related data; advanced portfolio reporting with powerful searching, sorting and exporting, and at-a-glance smart dashboard highlighting required actions, current status, actionable intelligence, and curated content. The platform allows businesses to benefit from the sleek and refined user experience and simplified processes. The platform also supports true agile-development enabling addition of customer-requested enhancements.

Phil Lodico, Brandsight CEO said, “After meeting with some of the world’s largest corporate domain portfolio owners, we’ve taken a fresh look at domain name management, and built a solution that ensures data integrity; streamline processes, and provides greater insight.”

Designed in adherence to today’s SaaS standards, Brandsight’s platform is designed to meet the needs of corporate domain name portfolio managers who are responsible for tracking domain industry updates, registering new domains, pointing assets to relevant content, and managing workflow surrounding the renewal process. The platform is used at some of the world’s most well-known brands.

In a nutshell, with Brandsight Domain Name Management, corporate domain portfolio managers can:

  • Stay informed with an at-a-glance dashboard highlighting current portfolio status, required actions and important news and industry updates
  • Streamline registration processes and ensure accuracy with an intuitive, simplified and predictive user experience
  • Understand website resolution status and ensure that domains are driving visitors to relevant content
  • Improve domain registration accuracy and data integrity

Additionally, Brandsight offers a comprehensive suite of services ranging from domain name sales and portfolio right-sizing to new gTLD (Generic top-level domain) strategy development and support services. A few from the fleet of services they offer are –

Domain name recovery- with Brandsight’s domain name recovery program, businesses can recover domains leveraging UDRP (Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy), URS (Uniform Rapid Suspension) and ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) services for a fixed fee.

Domain name sales - with 10+ years of domain name sales experience, Brandsight’s team will selectively market non-branded, high-value domains to qualified buyers for the best price possible.

Portfolio audit and right-sizing - taking into account factors such as brand value, the likelihood of abuse, registration costs, utilization and traffic statistics etc of business portfolios Brandsight makes recommendations that can reduce the overall portfolio cost.

Domain name acquisition, Domain name strategy and policy development, Custom consulting and dotBrand Consulting are the other services Brandsight provide.

Meet the Genius

Phil Lodico, Founder and CEO

The founder and CEO of Brandsight,  Phil Lodico is committed to changing the way corporations manage and extract value from their domain name portfolios. As an industry leader of 16 years and start-up veteran, Mr. Lodico has long been a vocal advocate for brand owner’s rights. He was most recently Managing Partner at Fairwinds Partners, the industry’s leading domain name consultancy. While at Fairwinds Partners he advised multinational corporations on their domain name strategies to increase traffic, grow revenues, and improve online customer experiences.

He has been actively involved in ICANN’s Business Constituency, was a member of ICANN’s 2009 Nominating Committee. He has also served as Vice President of the Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse (CADNA). An alumnus of the Hobart College, Mr. Lodico received honors for his work in Consumer Choice Theory.

“We are solely focused on enabling companies to more effectively manage their domain name portfolios.”

“We are just getting started; our vision is to continually innovate by partnering with our clients and building solutions that meet their needs, especially as the domain name environment continues to evolve.”

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