Alexa Bringing a level of recruiting-specific experience that others can't match: iCIMS
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Bringing a level of recruiting-specific experience that others can't match: iCIMS

Bringing a level of recruiting-specific experience that others can't match: iCIMS

Experience is at the heart of everything that iCIMS does. Your experience.Your candidates’ experiences. It’s built into every stage of iCIMS’ product roadmap, into every user interaction and into our culture. It all translates into world-class partner outcomes, as evidenced by the dozens of CandE awards won by its clients.

Driven by a passion to help companies win their war for talent, iCIMS is proud to offer leading software solutions and tools that unify all aspects of talent acquisition. With iCIMS, companies can manage their entire talent acquisition lifecycle within a single SaaS application. Its focus on user-friendly technology and exceptional customer experience has made the company the largest provider in the industry. iCIMS offers the only true enterprise end-to-end talent acquisition platform.


With more than 4,000 customers worldwide, iCIMS is the industry’s largest talent acquisition software provider. Since 2000, it has been solely dedicated to getting recruitment right. Talent acquisition is complex. It changes often. It has the experience necessary to help you win your war for talent and to deliver an experience second to none.

You’ll deliver a best-in-class candidate experience

Today’s hiring landscape puts candidates more in control of their experience than ever before. Through iCIMS’ exclusive focus on talent acquisition – combined with software engineering teams specifically dedicated to experience and interface design – iCIMS prioritizes how candidates interact with your brand.

  • iCIMS is the First to Partner with Google: As a part of its ongoing efforts to innovate the candidate experience, the firm has partnered with Google on its Cloud Jobs initiative, an AI solution designed to support an improved job experience for all.
  • It’s Clients Win Talent Board CandE Award: In the last three years, iCIMS customers have been recognized more than 30 times for the exemplary candidate experiences they provide. In the past year, it has been recognized, too, with its first individual award.

Solution portfolio

High Volume Recruitment: Its simple math: More candidates mean more complexity. iCIMS can help you manage the challenges of finding, screening and hiring thousands of candidates quickly and at scale without losing any of the personalization a high-touch job market demands.

Reporting & Analytics: In today’s world, having the right numbers is as important as finding the right people. But whether you have too much data or too little, most companies struggle with gaining the right level of insight. iCIMS can deliver the metrics, reporting, and clarity you need.

Seamless Integration: With changes in one area of the business impacting others, systems integration has never been more critical. If you’re looking for holistic insights into all your worlds – people, business and systems combined – iCIMS can help you seamlessly integrate them all.

Global Recruiting: When operating on a global scale, a literal world of complexity opens up. That’s why it’s important to partner with a solutions provider that supports global recruiting efforts in more than 200 countries and territories and has been doing so for nearly 20 years.

Compliance: Multiple internal processes and systems can create inconsistencies that threaten compliance. iCIMS’ recruitment compliance is built into everything it does. It will help your HR, IT and compliance departments keep in step with the laws that govern.

Data Governance & Security: Maintaining clean data to protect the enterprise is paramount. Doing so requires a single source of truth. iCIMS ensures clean data and seamlessly integrated experiences to help you preserve data visibility, security, and compliance.

Greet the leader

Colin Day, Founder & CEO: After graduating from Cornell University and getting his start as a recruiter at Comrise Technology, an IT staffing firm, Day established iCIMS in 2000 with a vision to deliver applicant tracking software emphasizing ease-of-use and unparalleled customer service. Under his leadership, iCIMS has grown to become the largest best-of-breed provider of hiring software and stands among Forbes’ top 100 fastest-growing private cloud companies in the country. 

Day maintains a deep commitment to customer needs, leading iCIMS to remain solely focused on delivering a suite of world-class, enterprise products to its roughly 4,000 clients, including dozens of Fortune 500 brands. With approximately 800 employees and $200M in annual recurring revenue, the company is growing three times faster than the overall market. iCIMS has also expanded its product portfolio with company acquisitions, including JobMagic, for social recruiting (2012), and TextRecruit, for mobile candidate communications and artificial intelligence (2018).

Under the firm belief that talent acquisition deserves its own platform, Day’s approach to entrepreneurship is contrarian to the industry, beginning with a steadfast focus on providing a dedicated suite of hiring solutions, followed by the revolutionary introduction of Platform-as-a-Service to the talent acquisition technology space. He places a high value on the candidate experience, encouraging employers to adopt modern hiring tools that responsibly source and screen hire, enhance communications, and above all, protect the rights of job seekers throughout the entire process. 

Day is widely recognized as a dynamic business leader, named one of the Highest Rated CEOs on for Small and Medium Companies in 2018 and 2015, one of The SaaS Report’s Top 50 SaaS CEOs of 2018 and 2017, one of NJBIZ magazine’s Forty Under 40, and Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year in the Information Technology Software category. 

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“You cannot sustain internally funded, organic growth for well over a decade without an unwavering desire to be a best-in-breed provider and to keep raising the bar.”

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