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Bromium: Stops threats that other solutions miss

Bromium: Stops threats that other solutions miss

According to a study, organizations spent around $80 billion in 2016 on cybersecurity while the cyber thugs managed to rake in $3 trillion in profits at the same time. This greatly brings the disparity to light when it comes to the fact that cybersecurity has always been one step behind the attackers. Detection based techniques have been used by cybersecurity vendors for more than 25 years but they have simply not been good enough. Although they have quarantined and killed the threats upon detection, it has always been about reacting to an attack as opposed to preventing an attack until now. But now this trend is being changed by a few. And among the leaders bringing forward this change is Bromium.

Based out of Cupertino, Bromium is a cybersecurity company that was founded in 2010. The company helps hundreds of organizations across many industries all over the world to stop cyber attacks which slip past other defenses. The company is world renown to be on the frontlines of using application isolation technology to stop attacks that go undetected otherwise.

NSA Validated technology

Organizations use security strategies to protect their intellectual property which is developed and used by its employees through various applications. But these are the very applications attackers tend to target to ingress into an enterprise’s system. Detection could thwart attacks to an extent in such scenarios but not always. And this is where Bromium’s application isolation scores the brownie points.

Bromium’s technology uses hardware-enforced virtualization-based security to add application isolation to endpoint devices. It isolates the risk associated with activities like opening emails, downloading files and clicking on hyperlinks by isolating them into micro-virtual machines. The isolation protects the corporate assets of an organization by simply not letting any malicious activities affect them.

Application isolation technology was made popular by the National Security Agency (NSA) recently when it said that it was the strategy that should be used as the way to stop advanced attacks. Presented at the NSA Information Assurance Symposium in 2016, the presentation said: “Application isolation and containment is attractive because of its potential to avoid complicated clean-up, thwart zero-day attacks and capture novel attacks.”

No matter how well people are trained in cybersecurity there is always a possibility of someone opening a malicious email, going to a malicious website or downloading an infected file to PCs. So far detection has been the name of the game when it comes to cybersecurity but Bromium is changing this by adding a layer to the security stack that is not just reliant detection techniques. It’s usage of application isolation technology has had many buyers across many verticals. Its technology partners include big names like HP, Microsoft, Intel, and AMD. Even a cybersecurity giant like McAfee chose works with Bromium to improve the overall security posture and reduce the risk of cyber attacks for companies.

In future, application isolation could become foundational in applying a solid security strategy and Bromium being at the forefront of the technology is easily the best option any organization can opt for.

The leader extraordinaire

Gregory Webb, CEO of Bromium

Mr. Gregory Webb is a seasoned veteran in cybersecurity with a wealth of experience in corporate strategy, sales, and marketing. His reputation is that of a person who has driven small and large companies towards revenue growth and market leadership. He has spent most of his career developing and delivering the best cutting-edge technology solutions and business strategy for global organizations and government agencies.

Before Bromium, Mr. Webb held executive positions at Venafi. Here, he created a new market category, lead awareness and successful revenue programs. He also helped the company achieve Gartner’s “Cool Vendor” recognition.

Mr. Webb served as the Chief Marketing Officer before taking up the role of CEO at Bromium. He holds a Master’s degree from Brigham Young University and has a doctorate in Comparative Literature from the University of California, Los Angeles. He was also a Fulbright scholar at Stockholm University.

Awards and Accolades

Earlier this year, Bromium was recognized by Government Security News (GSN) Homeland Security Awards in two categories. These awards validate the fact that some efforts have helped the government protect itself against nation-state attacks, cybercriminals, and terrorist groups. It won the Best-Anti Malware Solution and Best Email Security/Loss management Solution awards here.

In 2017, Bromium won seven awards for security and innovation excellence from the Cyber Defense Magazine and Info Security Products Guide.

“Bromium foregoes detection, instead of using virtualization-based security to isolate all content in unique, hardware-enforced micro-virtual machines (VMs).”

“Let end users click with confidence. All tasks, including email attachments, files, and web browsing, are isolated in individual micro-virtual machines. We stop what the others don’t.”

“Bromium protects you from threats by isolating user tasks, such as email attachments, links, and downloads, inside protected micro-virtual machines — a separate VM for each task. If malware is delivered, it can’t escape.”

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