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Business IT – The Number one Microsoft Partner in Latin America and the Caribbean

Business IT – The Number one Microsoft Partner in Latin America and the Caribbean

Microsoft Certified Partners (MCPs) are companies that directly collaborate with Microsoft by providing Microsoft-related products or services worldwide. MCPs also offer support for these products and services, a requirement by Microsoft. To become certified, they must effectively help customers with a range of IT projects and support services around Microsoft.

Business IT belongs to a group of innovative companies, leaders in their segment, with the best human talent in the country. The company supports its strategic partners to meet its business goals through “Green IT” technological solutions framed in the continuous improvement of its service. Green IT allows organizations to reduce their operational costs, increase efficiency, and improve productivity by adapting sustainable IT practices and care for the environment. We interviewed Boris Arciniegas, the CEO of Business IT Group, to know more about the company and its services. Here are a few excerpts of the same:

Tell us about Business IT’s achievements so far.

Our Strategy has several edges that have led Business IT to be a leader in the IT segment: The first is our ability to change faster than our competition. Charles Darwin summarizes this ability in one sentence: “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor is it the smartest that survives. It is the one that adapts the fastest to change”.

The second quality is to analyze the best practices of the most successful companies in the world: Google, Amazon, Tesla, Microsoft, etc. After analyzing these practices, we adapt them to reality and then quickly implement them as new processes. For example, we use the same Google system to manage the company’s objectives, called OKRs.

The third quality is what we call interfaces. It is to create bridges between internal and external. We have a large number of algorithms and automated workflows that allow you to bring all the external information flow to the right internal people in a timely manner. This allows us to scale rapidly with minimal resources.

Q. How do you help companies transform digitally? Tell us about your services.

We specialize in digitally transforming organizations. We mainly enable companies to serve their customers virtually, automating all their business processes with different technologies, comprising cybersecurity, cloud migration, hyper-automatization, and several intelligent platforms that help them to transform their companies completely.

Q. How do you make sure that your services are affordable?

There are several strategies to get ahead of the competition. First, to move and change faster than our competition. Second, to have the competition close, that is, we are constantly monitoring them to determine changes in their portfolio, new competitive advantages they are taking out, key personnel they are incorporating, etc. Third, and mainly, use “EXPERIMENTATION” a lot; that is, we can have several ideas on how to optimize ourselves internally, but we need to test the hypotheses and constantly experiment with controlled risks. Traditional organizations try to scale efficiency and predictability, creating static (controlled growth) environments to reduce risks.

Q. What does it mean to Business IT – having been recognized by Microsoft so many times?

Our company was honored among a global field of top Microsoft partners for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation of customer solutions based on Microsoft technology. The Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards recognize Microsoft partners who have developed and delivered exceptional Microsoft-based solutions over the years, and it recognizes us as a trusted strategic partner.

Q. What are the greatest challenges of being in your space? How are you tackling them?

Complacency is one of the worst enemies of innovation. The important thing is not to innovate a day, a week, or a month; innovation must be part of the company culture. Everyone internally must understand that being # 1 is only sustainable if we constantly keep creating disruptive solutions. A phrase that summarizes this way of living culture would be: the only competitive advantage over time is the ability to innovate faster than your competition.

Q. Could you tell us about a Business IT success story (how you helped a client grow through your services)?

Companies in the digital age are looking for ways to continue to drive innovation while balancing those innovations’ side effects. The challenge might not seem unique because every company out there is dealing with the same tension. The only difference is the new variables that are achieved to mix both digital and physical worlds together. Digital technologies have risen to such prominence that it has become a critical determinant of economic growth, international competitiveness, and national security. One of the overlooked factors in IT is “going green.” For most IT people, going green means just two things: helping the environment and saving electricity. Going green is much bigger than that, and it creates a bottom line for the company.

IT is the heart of every successful business, and it is so pervasive that it has moved to center stage for many companies in their pursuit of environmentally helpful practices. Business IT is one of the most innovative business groups specializing in high-tech services, with a presence in several Latin American countries. The company has a team of more than 130 first-rate professionals for the execution of your projects. Business IT, founded in 2009, is one of the main Microsoft Azure cloud technology providers in Latin America.

Tell us about your training services.

We offer you the possibility to choose when, where, and how to receive training and training programs through our different face-to-face and virtual modalities. Our training range from the operation and management of critical systems technology to the use of end-user tools. Business IT is a Microsoft Certified Partner for Learning Solutions CPLS. We offer official training and certification paths created by Microsoft.

Q. What is your vision for the future? Do you have anything new and ready for launch?

Before the pandemic, every three months, we updated our portfolio with new services. Currently, we can do it every three weeks. This means reorienting the company in all its areas towards a new direction; now more than ever, the plan must have constant adjustments because we live in an environment of high uncertainty. For example, these days, we are launching a whole new Cybersecurity offer implemented on world-class platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 that provide full integration with many Systems, providing information security, agility, and global coverage to organizations.

Q. Do you plan to expand this year or next?

Together we are building an awesome company from a small country like Ecuador, with a great team of warriors who want to change the world through technology. We face everyday large multinationals companies seeking global domination. Actually, we are one of the leading technology companies in Latin America. This year will start operations in two more countries Guatemala and Bolivia.

Meet the CEO

Boris Arciniegas is the CEO of Business IT Group. During his ten years of management as CEO of the Business IT Business Group, he has implemented several projects with innovative and cutting-edge technological solutions that have changed the way companies interact and have significantly improved their productivity, turning Business IT into one of the most recognized technology partners by world manufacturers in Latin America and Central America.

“High commitment of Business IT throughout the process, including each of the team members,” Javier Saavedra, IT Administrator, BICSA.

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