Alexa CadenceSEO— A Digital Marketing Consultant Firm providing Insight, Direction, and Growth
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CadenceSEO—  A Digital Marketing Consultant Firm providing Insight, Direction, and Growth

CadenceSEO— A Digital Marketing Consultant Firm providing Insight, Direction, and Growth

Search Engine Optimization is still, unbelievably, one of the least focused on aspects of Digital Marketing. Companies often employ paid services, as they feel they are more effective. But, the fact is, if done right, SEO can do wonders. However, finding a good SEO analyst or company is itself a daunting task. CadenceSEO is one such Digital Marketing Consultant Firm, which offers reliable SEO services. It has a team of expert SEO strategists that have years of experience with the ever-changing landscape of search engines. CadenceSEOhelps companies climb the ranks of the search engine ladder and drive high converting organic traffic to their website. 

The idea behind CadenceSEO

CadenceSEO was started with the thought of offering a different way of doing business when it comes to the SEO space. There are many great SEO companies out there, but also, there are tons not doing well. CadenceSEO aims to bring clarity to an industry that has a lot of smoke and mirrors. The company has a lot of differentiating factors, through which it can deliver more of an educational experience along with performing a high level of technical SEO, Content Marketing, and Authority development services.

Along with offering a different approach,the company focusessolely on the SEO niche and does not try to be a Jack/Jill of all trades for digital marketing. It is basically a SEO consulting firm with a team of passionate and knowledgeable professionals in the SEO field. Apart from SEO, the company also has a ton of professionals specializing in other related spaces as well.

Providing Digital Marketing with a difference

We live in a digital world and particularly more now with the changes that have taken place in the workplaces and how people search over the last two years. People are searching now more than ever for knowledge about products and services that they are considering purchasing. CadenceSEO understands this and strongly feels that, by helping companies deliver their messaging in a way that informs their readers how their offering can help them, can be a great way of building trust with their client base. Every industry is full of noise, and CadenceSEO makes sure that, with their creative ideas and knowledge, they can show the right messages to the right people at the right time, increasing their sales. CadenceSEO also offers a multi-channel marketing consulting service. Even though it doesn't actively work in all channels,the company actively consults on different channel opportunities for its clients to pursue.

"Our Client-centric, high engagement, and transparency-focused approach works for companies of all sizes."

Technical SEO is extremely important when it comes to a website being found in search engines. CadenceSEO looks at over 100 different technical aspects of a website to ensure that it is fundamentally strong before essentially "filling the bucket" with the other SEO aspects such as content and authority development. When it comes to technical aspects, some of the key findings are broken pages containing backlinks, indexing errors (index bloat), page markup issues, schema, etc.

CadenceSEO'steam of experts do keyword research with the industry's top software like SEMRush, Ahrefs, and Google. From there,the keyword research data is put to manual evaluation for checking keyword difficulties, competitors for the words, and the types of content that will be needed to move up in rankings.

The B2B content marketing strategy

Content marketing is key to most (if not all) successful SEO campaigns because, in order to rank for your target keywords, you have to have content to do so. The type of content that you write and the voice and tone can differ when considering your audience. In the B2B space, most of the content you are putting out is about on the high level, informing the readers of the different challenges in your space and touching on how your solution can fill the void or fix the issues they are experiencing. The biggest line of caution when considering a B2B content strategy is to ensure that it is not all sales-focused—showing that you are knowledgeable about not only your product but the particular challenges that your clients could be facing.

B2B content marketing can take many shapes depending on how the content is being used. For example, infographics are great for grabbing attention quickly and relaying information about the industry or product. From an SEO perspective creating content like listicles and how-to content works really well to gain featured snippets and higher-ranking positions. The key is finding and using the types of content that people will engage in.

Apart from digital marketing consultancy, CadenceSEO also has a blog, which is one of the popular aspects of the company. It regularly publishes tips and tricks that are available for everyone. The blog covers all sorts of topics, from SEO basics to some of the more in-depth technical aspects, to showcase the company'slatest research, learnings, and insights into the SEO market.

Meet the CO-Founders

CadenceSEO is a family-owned company where the husband and wife team of Kevin McLauchlin and Christy Olsen share the ranks of Co-Founders.

Christy Olsen has a very in-depth background in the SEO space, starting as a link builder and working her way up to the Director of Sales in a large agency. From there, she decided that she wanted to do things differently and decided to branch out on her own. With nearly a decade of experience in SEO at all levels, she brings a unique creativity and perspective to the table.

Kevin McLauchlin is more of the business side of CadenceSEO. His experience comes from the Business Management and Leadership world. He spent years in a few different sales roles to understand people and how they operate. When Christy decided she wanted to go into business for herself, he came along to help with the transition. From there, he has immersed himself in SEO and the processes to also begrudgingly become an "SEO Nerd," although not at the level of some of the team members. Kevin leads up the sales and growth side of the business.

"At CadenceSEO, we believe in doing things in a different and better way. Our SEO Consulting Services are designed with you in mind."

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