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CallRevu is the pioneer of phone process measurement

CallRevu is the pioneer of phone process measurement

Can you complete a single task without a phone call? What is the other alternative, have you any idea? No, the convenient way of accomplishing all your tasks is via phone. We all know how crucial every phone call can be! What if there is a service that can make your calls better? Here we have with us CallRevu that tracks, monitors, and summarizes all calls to your dealership, delivering real-time actionable phone process performance.

CallRevu, founded in 2008, helps dealership convert phone calls into appointments that show-up. It’s all about making the magic happen during the phone call, which is a critical window of time when you can warm up the prospect to want to take the next step. But most dealerships are doing it wrong, and that reflects in results. Research shows that over 80% of inbound calls dealerships receive end up failing to convert to sales — that’s a lot of missed opportunities potentially worth millions of dollars. While not every single call will result in the customer making it to the showroom or walking out with new car keys, offering a seamless call experience for the prospects does produce a significant difference to the conversion rate. This is where CallRevu comes in. To date, its software has monitored over 110 million calls. The firm dissects the quality of calls and make each one a learning experience for the dealership and the call handler. How? By providing local and toll-free numbers to place on all ads, we track, listen, summarize, alert, and report on dealership’s phone calls to assess its performance.

In conversation with Anthony Giagnacovo, CEO

What’s CallRevu’s Deal-Saving Instant Alerts all about?

CallRevu’s deal-saving instant alerts are remarkable opportunities for the sales team to improve each customer’s journey and salvage a missed opportunity before losing it to a competing dealership.

We do this through data. Every call you’re on contains an amalgamation of metrics, which, when tracked, can be immediately used as growth opportunities.

With Instant deal-saving alerts, you receive alerts via text and/or email that contains a summary of the call. The notification will have up to 30 critical data points and a click-to-call the customer back option, made available about 30-minutes from the call-end. This feature gives dealerships actionable insights to improve their digital and voice communications for the greater conversion of lead to an appointment. The alert contains customers’ names, full transcript, and time and reason for the call.

How do you enhance the customer experience by improving call connectivity?

CallRevu monitors phone line connectivity 24/7 and will notify you if any change happens that could affect a customer’s ability to do business with you. For example, you will be quickly alerted if any of your phone lines stop receiving phone calls based on its usual average, as this can signify a technical issue.

We can track the customer’s journey through the call flow and provide valuable insights on any roadblocks. Our robust call connectivity solutions improve call connectivity by 38%. We eliminate the issues emanating from disconnects, long hold-times, unavailable agents, voicemails, and hang-ups. We have human automotive-trained transcribers listen-in on phone calls and formulate an action-packed transcription for each conversation. This is a critical information source to review because you’ll always be in the know of which context and touch-point you’re at with a particular customer.

What are the competitive advantages of CRM Integrations?

Repetitively having to log into multiple dashboards is a cumbersome process for dealers. Plus, it creates silos around critical data systems that must follow together to gain the full story that the gathered data reflects. This is another area where CallRevu shines.

You can sync it with any leading CRM — with the seamless, certified integration between CallRevu and a dealer’s CRM; it’s easy to monitor the team’s call handling without ever leaving your CRM portal. You get a customer base due to collating all the data into a centralized location.

How will you help your customers know if their digital marketing is effective or not?

Dealerships spend thousands of dollars on ads across a myriad of platforms. But are all of them bringing value? If so, how much? How do you spot ad campaigns that are generating little-to-no revenue at all? CallRevu’s CallVision DNI (Dynamic Number Insertion) can help answer important questions like these.

Ads are expensive, and CallRevu wants to ensure that our clients drive maximum value for each dollar spent.

CallVision DNI accurately analyzes the results of digital media marketing spend. Each customer who visits your website will see a unique phone number for their session. This allows CallRevu to connect the source that brought the customer to the dealer’s site and then track the call outcome.

It is fantastic to know that CallRevu can track phone health! How do you help your customers understand their phone health?

CallRevu’s Phone Health Alerts is an industry-first and delivers notifications of changes in a dealership’s phone activity. Leveraging the 24x7 phone line monitoring data, we send easy-to-understand alerts, including a summary of the situation and along with effective resolution options. The alerts are sent to the decision-makers within the dealership.

The Phone Health Alerts come in the form of a Watch, Warning, or Emergency alert, depending on the situation’s severity and duration. This makes it timely for the dealer to address variables such as call volume drop, abandoned calls increase, a decrease in appointments set, and an overall reduction in dealership appointments.

These variables bring the following insights:

  • Abandoned calls: Lets you know if a customer cannot reach you due to calls not going through. It shows the specific number of calls that didn’t get the dealership in the last two days. You will also know the possible causes for an increase in abandoned calls (like, you are getting too many robocalls, or the receptionist is unable to attend to all calls, resulting in some going to voicemail) and viable solutions to immediately rectify this problem so your dealership can continue to receive calls and make sales happen
  • Call volume drop: If you have a phone that gets on average 60 calls a day, but suddenly only three calls are coming through — you know something is wrong with the phone systems. It shows the phone line and the number of phones affected by call volume drops. This measures the reduction based on the total number of calls an affected phone line received 90 days before the event and the average number of calls received in the last two days
  • Agent Appointment set decrease: This metric highlights a significant decline in appointment set by specific agents based on data from the last five days compared to the average of the previous 90 days. Situations like these can be significant sales-killer. It could arise from an agent failing to ask for appointments proactively. At the same time, on the phone, or they aren’t able to successfully handle the objections from customers about setting up an appointment
  • Dealership appointment set decrease: this metric shows when the whole dealership fails to set up appointments like usual. This happens when the entire sales team isn’t asking for an appointment and isn’t expertly overcoming customer objections

Meet the CEO

Anthony Giagnacovo brings over 25 years of global software and technology experience to CallRevu, most recently serving as CEO for Enprecis Group, a Bregal Sagemount portfolio-company focused on the Automotive industry.

Giagnacovo previously held leadership roles at Solera, Inc., Lexmark/Perceptive Software, RSD, Adobe, and Peoplesoft. His extensive work across the global automotive ecosystem brings immediate credibility to OEMs and dealers, as well as CRMs, DMS, and agency partners.

“CallRevu listens to every call to your dealership for you, providing call summaries and actionable insights on call-handling performance.”

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