Alexa Capital Telecom Services: The Unstoppable Team Empowering the Information Society
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Capital Telecom Services: The Unstoppable Team Empowering the Information Society

Capital Telecom Services: The Unstoppable Team Empowering the Information Society

Timely and reliable communication within an organization and also with its customers is crucial. Telecommunication is an important tool for businesses and its advantages are many. Technology in the telecommunications industry has changed greatly over the past few years. Telecommunication – the lifeblood of the contemporary society – has brought 98% of the world under its network coverage. It enables participation and development and provides vital infrastructure for national security. All this can be made possible by a telecom provider and Capital Telecom Services (CTS) is definitely a good choice. CTS is a company which foresees the impact the telecommunication industry is going to have in future – just like the Internet.

Kevin Turrisi – Founder and CEO of Capital Telecom Services, the man who lives and breathes wireless, talks about the impact Telecom Industry has on this society and the company including him. “I fell in love with this industry 20 years ago when I realized the vast impact Telecommunications had on society… I decided to build a Telecommunications company that at its core is a home for passionate telecom professionals.”  Capital Telecom Services was founded in the year 2016 and is headquartered at Sterling, Virginia. CTS provides turn-key solutions to help tailor all telecommunication needs.

Capital Telecom Services is a full-service telecommunication, engineering, and construction company that delivers wireless projects from inception to completion adhering to the highest quality standards. The CTS team provides professional engineering and construction services to carriers, broadband service providers, OEMs, wireless support organizations, general contractors, and enterprises worldwide. Mr. Turrisi’s defines his company as “providers of a critical service that makes the world more accessible for everyone. We are dedicated to streamlining the delivery of wireless services. This is how CTS is innovating and making the industry, and the services it delivers, better.”

Mr. Turrisi’s company today rules the ‘wireless world’ by becoming THE partner that delivers project on-time and at affordable prices without compromising on the quality. The two-year-old company roars with at least 140 completed projects and subscription revenue that have grown three-fold within such a short span.

“Together We Stand” – CTS and its Employees

The company pats itself on the back for having the best team in the industry. At CTS, employees will always come first, “If you cultivate a strong and knowledgeable team, a good solid business will be the result,” says Mr. Turrisi. The team at CTS collaborates daily to execute the highest standards in the telecommunications industry. “Training, retraining, and the desire to constantly get better keeps us moving… We love this industry and are dedicated to constant improvement,” he added. The culture at CTS can be summed up in one word: ‘like-mindedness.’ The top-level experts at CTS train and mentor their technicians every day and this undoubtedly has helped the company grow and stay motivated. The company strives for excellence and perfection 24/7 which results in a growth-driven culture.

Their highly experienced and professional team helps deliver timely products that exceed all expectations, and quality that is above reproach. The company always strives to develop a product that makes an impact on the industry.

Mr. Turrisi recalls the first project of Capital Telecom Services – as a sub-contractor to a large organization. He remembers the intense feeling he was confronted with while managing this project as an owner, for the first time. “Working out of my garage, arranging vendor accounts, setting up credit lines, were all aspects that weren’t part of my experience as an employee in the industry. This feeling was surreal, and at that moment I knew this was the right path,” he said.

The Way Forward

One of the biggest impacts to the telecom construction industry is the transition of the major service providers to a turf pricing model. There is a lot of pressure on the fulfillment organizations to provide the same services and solutions for such reduced prices. This triggered CTS to create sufficient cash flow and lines of credit to conduct a roll-up of similar organizations to address this issue. The budding telecom company aims to create a huge impact in the industry by expanding itself in the market – large enough to make a difference.

The Connectivity Chief

 Kevin Turrisi, Founder, CEO and President of CTS

Kevin Turrisi is the President of Capital Telecom Services LLC. Kevin has a demonstrated history of working in the telecommunications industry. He has advanced professional skills in Installation, 3G, Operations Management, LTE, 4G, and Radio Frequency (RF). Mr. Turrisi, an alumnus of the University of Phoenix, was Director of Operations for Connectivity Solutions Inc, prior to CTS. He also volunteered in construction projects at Habitat for Humanity International (HFHI). He is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the fields of engineering, design, test/turn-up, operations, and Project Management of Telecommunications systems.

“Our goal is to recruit, engage and train the best team in the industry and bring our expertise and passion for the business to every project we touch.”

"Teamwork, highest quality standards and a pure passion for telecommunications are what make Capital Telecom Services a great  place to work!"

“Our service delivery quality is our key differentiator.”

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