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Carts Blanche: Adding Wheels to Vending!

Carts Blanche: Adding Wheels to Vending!

All over the world, business owners are always in the search for new business ideas and ways to deliver customized products to consumers. On top of this, small business owners are looking to expand their retail presence in a new way. Mobile retail is an excellent option for small businesses. Carts Blanche, the designer of the revolutionary VendaCarts is innovating in this space with its 24/7 mobile automated retail stores.

Carts Blanches was established in 1995 by Annette Antoine Nolan as a company that designed and manufactured pushcarts and kiosks. But the company pivoted as it saw the opportunity in the mobile automated retail space. Since its first international sale in 2012, Carts Blanche’s innovation has been widely well-received. We interviewed Annette to know more about how Carts Blanche became a leader in mobile automated retail. Here are the excerpts:

What is VendaCarts?

Carts Blanche, LLC designs “VendaCarts,” and it is the first company to market 24/7/365 mobile automated retail stores. We combine the fast-turn, high-volume world of automated retail with mobile real-estate offering unlimited venue versatility at thousands of outdoor specialty events, work sites, construction sites, disaster relief areas, military installations, neighborhoods, food deserts, rural areas and more with increased sales and increased profit margins.

Our VendaCarts automated trailers offer unlimited opportunities for maximizing sales, elevating revenue, and moving automated retail into new venues with an untapped reservoir of customers and sales. VendaCarts out-performs the traditional food  trailers in the marketplace by offering high volume retailers a wider selection of products, multiple self-serve channels of sales, and a reduction in employee costs. The VendaCarts business model is designed as a plug-n-play system offering the opportunity to reconfigure your trailer depending on location and customers served.

VendaCarts trailers are equipped using automated machines that sell convenience store products, souvenirs, food, and drinks etc. and delivered to customers where they live, work and play.

Who are potential customers for “VendaCarts”?

We have customers across various industries using VendaCarts for a variety of purposes, including retail product sales, food, and beverage, security technology, souvenirs, CBD products, beer sales, etc. Our potential customers can range from entrepreneurs who are looking for a lucrative part-time or full-time business to veterans who are interested in starting a new business that is easy and fast to learn and which does not require a wide range of skills can get started within a short time frame. They can be Promotional Companies, Commercial Food Service Providers, Non-Profit Enterprises, Large Corporations, Vending Operators, Food Market Vendors, and more.

Tell us about Carts Blanche’s major business partnerships and how they have helped others through business transformation?

Prior to the pandemic, VendaCarts was already capable of providing cashless and touchless forms of retail at sporting events, concerts, and seminars/conventions. Via our strategic partnership with Victor Elaine, we can provide Wi-Fi, programmatic, and targeted digital advertising, and management of the trailers. It is handled from within the Clutch Effects automated retail platform. Now, support is available for VendaCarts no matter where they are located, and an extremely small team can manage a fleet of these mobile automated businesses.

Carts Blanche’s partnership with Victor Elaine has turned VendaCarts into the world’s largest automated retail system provider while providing support and being a strategic partner to every organization who procures a system. We believe that the systems we create are extremely unique. Carts Blanche’s VendaCarts are the most impressive automated retail systems built in a long time.

What are the firm’s mission and vision statement?

With “Aspiring to Inspire,” as our ideal, we seek to establish Carts Blanche as the innovator and inspirator of a new generation of vending entrepreneurs. Carts Blanche seeks to capture the food, vending and catering industries through the introduction of revolutionary and innovative products and to become one of the leading vending equipment manufacturers internationally.

What is the most important advantage of doing business with Carts Blanche?

Carts Blanche is, in essence, selling a business, not just a product. To fully support each new business venture, Carts Blanche has established ETC (Entrepreneurial Training and Consultation), a turnkey business resource division. ETC project managers systematically assist and guide customers through

the design and development stages by offering qualified solutions and resources connected to automated equipment, ATM’s, digital signage/LCD screens, products, purchasing options, wholesalers, distributors, marketing opportunities, technology options, and more in order to develop a business-specific to the customer’s needs.The goal of ETC is to help our clients get into business quicker. The project manager will follow the process from design to build, including but not limited to sales proposal, production schedule, and training. He/she will ensure the overall success of the VendaCarts trailer project. Also, your project manager will be the single point of contact, ensuring a smooth process, and customer satisfaction.

The Leader

Annette Antoine Nolan, Founder and CEO

Nolan guides the company in all business aspects incorporating knowledge from 18 industries to inform everything from design to manufacturing, marketing, sales, branding, communications, technology, shipping, and exporting. She has been involved in the self-serve industry for twenty years as a forward-thinking entrepreneur, leading the industry in the manufacturing of “Robotic Vending Trailers.” Maintaining knowledge of the competition through industry news, associations, trade shows and trends in markets; manufacturing, concession, vending, ATM banking, POS (Point of Sale), digital signage, disability market, ADA regulations, franchise, and food and beverage products has kept her ahead of the curve and looking forward to a new world wide open to mobile automated retail.

“Our VendaCarts automated trailers offer unlimited opportunities for maximizing sales, elevating revenue, and moving automated retail into new venues with an untapped reservoir of customers and sales.”

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