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September Edition 2021

Harnessing the Power of AI to Build a Diverse Workforce: CEIPAL Corp.

Harnessing the Power of AI to Build a Diverse Workforce: CEIPAL Corp.

Talent management plays a vital role while formulating business strategies, simply because it manages your company’s most important assets—its people. It is one of the organization’s best practices that give companies a competitive edge to sustain the volatile market and remain progressive. Every organization strives to retain the best and the most talented people to improve business efficiency and boost ROI. Similarly, employees also look for enriching work experience, adequate business exposure, and career developing opportunities. Talent management is a function of the HR division that helps align the organization’s long-term goals with employee aspirations. Good talent management practice also minimizes unplanned attrition. Many successful organizations systematically invest in employee engagement through meaningful work, goal setting, transparent communication, and timely reward & recognition. It has a significant impact on employee motivation and productivity.

CEIPAL Corp. is one such company that provides robust and innovative AI-powered talent management platform that automates both the front- and back-office business operations of staffing companies. It offers a complete workforce management platform including a fully integrated applicant tracking system (ATS) and human resource information system (HRIS). 

Factors That Make CEIPAL Corp. Unique

Mission: To provide most affordable, intuitive, and intelligent talent management platform that helps companies of all sizes procure and manage human talent.

Vision: The company aims to become the world’s number one talent management platform to procure talent globally.

Global Presence: CEIPAL has over 300 employees globally, with Headquarters in Rochester, NY, Research and Development in Hyderabad, India, and a Sales Office in New York City, NY. They work closely with clients to increase productivity and help them achieve their business goals.

User-Base: CEIPAL’s platforms support over 100,000+ employees, automating and streamlining their work processes every day. CEIPAL is a 360°platform for all business processes, designed to help everyone from employees to CEOs.

Leveraging Best-In-Class Talent Management Products

AI-Powered Applicant Tracking:  Users get improved job marketing tools, higher quality talent acquisition, and deeper business intelligence insights with CEIPAL’s core recruiting model. Its best-in-class candidate tracking system supports all essential functions, with time-saving and performance-enhancing new features released monthly. By utilizing integrated paid and unpaid job boards, CEIPAL allows users to write a single job description once and post it everywhere. On top of this, many of the specific integrations included results in a great increase in overall search functionality. For example, its integration with Dice IntelliSearch uses proprietary machine learning technology to help recruiters source and engage skilled, relevant candidates in a matter of seconds from their ever-expanding talent pool. CEIPAL recruiters can source this type of talent, in which the algorithm gains data from public domain sites (like Google and Github) to deliver the highest qualified candidates directly to their dashboard. This sourcing includes both passive and active candidates, giving the recruiters the best possible candidates available for each position.

Employee Onboarding Software: Make a strong first impression and impress new hires. CEIPAL’s eBoarding portal provides total customization, so your team can establish onboarding processes that work for you. Create and modify documents, specify cross-team permissions, track compliance & authorization, and personalize dashboards for every new hire to speed through onboarding and speed up productivity. Eliminate paper and manual data entry with its optimized, streamlined candidate experience. With CEIPAL, you can create custom forms, convert .docs to fully featured eForms, and drag-and-drop HTML elements & place holders for required information. Unify and streamline the onboarding process, and easily track new hire progress within its software. You can map system data fields to documents, create new hire paperwork on demand, and store candidate information for easy access and auditing. With CEIPAL, you can create custom checklists based on hire type; generate checklists that automatically initiate subsequent steps in the onboarding process, and program alerts, notifications, and receipts to monitor progress.

Employee Management System: Get comprehensive employee management tools and access to any information for any employee quickly and efficiently, saving valuable HR resources and time. From managing work authorization information to tracking placements and profitability, and of course maintaining leads, CEIPAL’s Employee Management System provides end-to-end solutions. With CEIPAL, your HR team can manage placement dates, bill rates, and leave time, all from a single dashboard. Plus, all employee documents are housed in one location for easy access. CEIPAL allows compliance teams to track work authorization and statutory documents for every employee. The platform will automate reminders and requests, so your employees are always in compliance. With CEIPAL, each employee dashboard shows pay information, bill rates, reporting managers, and more.

I-9 Management & E-Verify: Safely hire remote & non-remote workers with CEIPAL. Its tightly-integrated I-9 management module & E-Verify module help you authenticate employee information, complete onboarding requirements and ensure compliance from one location. EIPAL will automatically generate an I-9 form for your employee. This form is pre-populated with information from your database, eliminating manual data entry & reducing clerical errors. Plus, as soon as the form is initiated your team receives automatic notifications so you can monitor the entire process. Seamlessly verify all data using E-Verify. With one click, E-Verify will scan all data captured on an employee’s I-9 form. The integration then verifies the form against millions of government records. This seamless sync between E-Verify & I-9 cuts down on manual data entry, reducing errors & increasing overall efficiency.

Job Posting Distribution: Promote openings across more channels for better visibility—and better results. In one click, post job openings across all subscribed job boards, social media sites, and career portals while leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. With CEIPAL, job marketing becomes that much easier. Post jobs to +30 unique job boards and popular social media sites, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. In a single click, you’ll attract a wider range of more qualified candidates from every available platform. Schedule and send personalized emails, while integrating seamlessly with Gmail, Outlook, and Office 365. Its Message Center maximizes deliverability rates, tracks opens, unsubscribes and bounces, and provides instant reports on engagement. The in-built SMS platform, TextToHire, equips you with the tools you need to market jobs effectively. Plus, the company integrates with productivity apps like Skype, TextUs, Twilio, SparkHire, and more. Attract the talent you want without trying by branding your opportunities. With CEIPAL, you can create your own career portal, customized with your company’s message and feel.

The Formidable Leader

Sameer Penakalapati serves as the chief executive officer of CEIPAL Corp. He is a serial entrepreneur who is dedicated to advising and investing in technology startups, specifically in the HR & AI space. In the past 10 years, Sameer has founded and acquired over six companies, including a staffing firm, multiple SaaS platforms, and a digital marketing agency, serving thousands of customers around the world. His key interests include talent acquisition, talent engagement, and total talent management. As a regular contributor of thought leadership pieces to HR publications, he was recently inducted into the Forbes HR Council.

To date, Mr. Penakalapati has received numerous awards and recognitions for his work, including accolades from Inc500/5000, Rochester top 100, Deloitte Fast 500, Forbes Best Startup Employers, USPAACC, SIA Fastest Growing Companies, and others. He also takes an active approach to Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, contributing to philanthropic activities in the US and India focused on children’s education and youth development.

“CEIPAL harnesses the power of AI to help job seekers find their dream jobs and to help employers find the most-qualified, best-matched candidates.”

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