Alexa Cherwell Software: Meaningful and Measurable Digital Service Transformation, Delivered Faster
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Cherwell Software: Meaningful and Measurable Digital Service Transformation, Delivered Faster

Cherwell Software: Meaningful and Measurable Digital Service Transformation, Delivered Faster

Technology is the driving factor for everything in the modern lifestyle, including the workplaces. In fact, when it comes to today’s workplaces, we’re dependant on technology, massive data and information, and their processes. A worker needs to access information and support to get his work done. Every day, the number of systems that we depend on keeps increasing. Along with it comes the need to connect the systems.

This has led to a big complex system where services are fragmented and further creating failed service experiences. Once service fails, the work basically stops right there. But worry not! Cherwell Software has got you covered. The service-oriented company empowers organizations to improve service experiences and automate workflows. It achieves this by utilizing information that stretches across contexts and business units. The result is that Cherwell offers “meaningful and measurable digital service transformation, delivered faster,” presents the CEO, Sam Gilliland.

How it all began…

Established in 2004, Cherwell is headquartered in Colorado Springs. The founders came together envisioning of building a software company that would actually listen carefully to its customers. They wanted to build a company that would empower the customers with the power of technology to achieve their goals faster and more effectively. “This initial vision eventually led to an intuitive, flexible software platform to automate service experiences across the enterprise,” explains Sam.

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Released three years later in 2007, the Cherwell Service Management software equips IT department of an organization to seamlessly automate routine tasks. It enables them to enhance the response time and as a result, helps save time. The tool is used across a wide array of platforms including HR, information security, facilities, project management, etc. The configurability and extensibility of the platform is a blessing for every department of an organization.

He further explains that “this unique platform provided the essential base for service automation and was designed to support building blocks (also known as mergeable applications) for the quick deployment of new features, upgrades, and connection with third-party offerings.”  With more than a decade since its implementation, the Cherwell Service Management has become an essential tool for its sheer power and flexibility.

The best thing with Cherwell is that its Service Platform takes care of automation of workflows, improve your employee productivity, and integrate your systems for every department of your organization, both internal and external sides of the IT boundaries. “Our innovative solutions for HR, security, PPM, and facilities, combined with codeless configuration, provide a simple and cost-effective way to make workflow across the enterprise,” says Sam. No wonder the company was named as the leader in the Forrester Wave for Enterprise Service Management.

A peek into Cherwell Enterprise Service Management

– Quick Time to Value

The codeless configurations, comprehensive enterprise solutions, and plenty of integrations and extensions that are available for download; set a clear path to deliver new services to employees. The company also offers lower administrative overhead and quick upgrades. This eases the way for the IT department to deliver more in less time.

– Improve Employee Productivity

Speed and accuracy of work is certainly improved with Cherwell’s automated digital services that come with a common self-service portal. When employee onboarding is automated, it streamlines the work process across multiple functions. Of course, the overall result increases in productivity, right from day one.

– Reduce Costs

When shared services are unified to a single platform, it brings about a significant value, lowers computing costs, license, maintenance, and also reduces the burden on administration. “Approximately 70 percent of our enterprise customers have seen great returns by rolling out services and applications beyond core ITSM,” Sam notes.

A Pizza Party

We all know Domino’s Pizza. But did you know that this giant pizza company owns the strategic stakes in the largest pizza delivery business in Germany? Or did you know that the Domino’s IT service desk supports around 950 franchise stores across the UK, Ireland, and Switzerland, along with around 500 internal users? It’s hard to imagine all the staff at the IT (18 employees) with roughly 200 calls coming in every day.

Domino’s was heavily dependent on legacy service desk tool. The tool was replaced when Karen Copley was hired to oversee the workings of service delivery. She realized it lacked automation and didn’t offer management information. At the same time, Domino’s also wanted to adhere to the ITIL framework. Enter Cherwell. The Cherwell Service Management software was the right choice for Domino’s as the platform is equipped with versatile ITIL framework.

The platform’s reporting and dashboard functionality, its self-service portal capabilities and more increased the positive factors. More importantly, Cherwell’s One-Step actions that are completely configurable, without requiring anyone to write codes, added as Domino’s plus point. Karen was pleased with the choice that Domino’s had made. “The solution is so customizable, it was like I could code without being a coder,” she expressed. “The other service desk tools we evaluated were nowhere near as easy to use. Cherwell Software was also extremely competitive on price.” The result? Domino’s got it all sailing super smooth.

The Cherwell solution has been so successful that Domino’s Customer Services team is now also using it, replacing its previous, in-house customer care database that offered poor reporting capabilities. Domino’s even went ahead and implemented a brand new internal customer satisfaction survey: “Rate my ticket.” The Cherwell platform was the driving factor to get an overall new promoter score for Domino’s. The score increased from 6.7 to 8.1.

Cheery People of Cherwell 

While Cherwell is a leading platform for its software technology, it’s also the people who build lasting relationships. “There is much more to Cherwell Software than the technology we create,” Sam says. “Our solutions and our people build lasting relationships.”

Having its offices spread across the U.S., England, Scotland, Germany, and Australia, Cherwell’s presence is spreading and growing every day. “Our global presence is growing rapidly, which means you have the opportunity to make a real and lasting impact, no matter what your role,” the CEO reminds his people.

Employee’s Corner

“Since joining Cherwell in 2012, I’ve learned that those who thrive at Cherwell are go-getters with a servant's heart — “A” players who not only produce, but do so ethically and humbly.”

Stephanie, Customer Experience

“Many companies have a mission statement. Cherwell employees actually live out the company’s mission statement – heart, honesty, humility, hunger. These characteristics describe the company culture as well as the people who work at Cherwell. Working with caring people who are hard-working, have high integrity and who are humble and gracious makes an incredibly positive work experience.”

Mitchel, Business Development

So what makes all the employees love working here? Firstly, they have fun while they develop world-class solutions. The organization was founded on the principle that enjoying the work you do is key to unlock great performance. It doesn’t matter if the employees are working at the office or remotely, everyone is pushed to pursue what they love.

Moreover, Cherwell has many volunteering activities where its people are encouraged to enjoy these opportunities to make the world a better place. Donation drives, company-supported volunteer projects, and paid day of service are some of the perks.

The Charming Leader of Cherwell

Sam Gilliland is CEO of Cherwell Software, setting the company’s strategic direction and driving its customer-first vision. Sam leads the company’s continued growth beyond IT Service Management (ITSM) and into new markets across the enterprise. Sam draws on his knowledge of and passion for technology to improve customer service experiences and make peoples’ lives easier. For nearly a decade, Sam led more than 10,000 employees in 60 countries as chairman and CEO of travel industry technology giant Sabre Corporation and

Sam has served on the boards of Sabre Corporation and, Brinks Home Security Holdings, Carlson, Inc., Gogo, Inc., Rackspace Hosting, Inc., and Digital River. Under U.S. President Barack Obama, Sam served on the President’s Management Advisory Board and on the Energy Security Leadership Council. He also served as chair of the U.S. Commerce Department’s Travel and Tourism Advisory Board. Sam holds an M.B.A. from the University of Texas at Dallas and a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Kansas.

“There is much more to Cherwell Software than the technology we create. Our solutions and our people build lasting relationships.”

“Cherwell improves service delivery across the entire organization.”

“Build custom applications using our extensible platform. From logistics to analytics and beyond, Cherwell is a blank canvas for improving service delivery.”

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