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CHIPS Technology Group: Making Technology Your Strategic Advantage

CHIPS Technology Group: Making Technology Your Strategic Advantage

IT is the main structural framework of any company today. Here, IT strategy plays an important role as it provides a comprehensive plan outlining the extensive use of technology to meet the clients’ demands and also meet the business goals. Here’s CHIPS Technology Group, a company who’s been a pioneer of IT strategy for more than two decades.

With CHIPS, you’re signing up for a true strategic partnership that helps your company reach its full potential. With 25 years of experience, CHIPS Technology Group continues to build on a strong reputation for delivering IT Strategy, Service and Support. CHIPS has a goal: to find companies that want to grow and be a leader in their industry and support them. With a mission to extensively use technology and team expertise, CHIPS helps clients innovate their business objective, leading with a strong partnership.

Clients who come to CHIPS are those who embrace technology and strive to be tech leaders in their expertise. That’s not all. The team members of CHIPS work hard together to provide the customized solutions clients require. The members are all certified experts in the industry. For instance, the technical account team is a keen expert in understanding the client’s use of applications, data, and the protection of your intellectual property. The company says that this is the reassurance that clients “count on us to keep them informed of the technology trends inside and outside their organization.”

Tracing the timeline

  • It was in 1993 that CHIPS was founded by Evan Leonard and David Tan with its headquarters in Long Island, NY. Within a decade, the company bloomed and expanded exponentially
  • In 2002, the company was ranked #32 on Inc. 500 America’s Fastest Growing Companies
  • In 2006, the company launched CHIPSFusion Managed Services Solution
  • Two years later in 2008, CHIPS developed a private cloud solution called the CHIPSFusion Cloud
  • In 2010, CHIPS was recognized with the Microsoft East Region Cloud Partner of the Year
  • And just like that, CHIPS was celebrating two decades of its inception in 2013
  • On a proud factor, CHIPS was recognized by INC. 500 for a third consecutive year in 2015!
  • CHIPS also developed one of the first Cognitive Helpdesk Applications to be built using IBM Watson Technology in 2016
  • 2018 marked the 25th year of the company



CHIPS delivers many solutions including its in-house CHIPSFusion and CHIPSFusion Cloud. Explaining about the CHIPSFusion offering, the company site says that it is the “premier ‘managed service’ offering.” Going into further details, CHIPSFusion is the unique combination of deep knowledge and combined experience of the entire CHIPS technology team. Plus, the unique tools and expert processes build the foundation of the CHIPS network as well as the user support platform.

For instance, you might be managing a large corporation or you might be running a small start-up. When you sign up with CHIPSFusion, it’s tailor-made to integrate seamlessly into your company. CHIPS has an exceptional strong point of building lasting partnerships with clients and craft strategies that support the client’s business ambitions. Keeping innovation in mind, CHIPS also continuously analyzes the relationship, service, and interactions to ensure their continuous improvement.

CHIPSFusion Cloud

CHIPSFusion Cloud is basically cloud computing with nearby support. It is the company’s private cloud service where the clients can host all their servers and applications. Safety and security are in-built and are guaranteed. You have the added benefits of accessibility anywhere, at any time. The company website states: “With our support you have immediate and secure access to all of your business applications and data at any time.” In short, the CHIPSFusion Cloud is your go-to solution to make things easier in your business place in many new ways. Be it easing collaboration or enabling remote users or simply to ease access, CHIPSFusion Cloud is the solutions you’re looking for.

What the clients say

“We know that whenever we call CHIPS, we can expect a speedy response and an immediate call-to-action.” –Joseph Cutugno, Jr., VP of Metropolitan Aircraft Parts, Inc.

“Their team was extremely efficient in implementing Office 365 & Windows Server 2012 onto our network. Because of CHIPS, our data is secure and accessible 24 /7.” – William V. Richardson, the President of UMC Moving Company.

Leader Pioneer

Evan J. Leonard, President and Co-Founder

Evan J. Leonard is President and Co-Founder of CHIPS Technology Group. Evan still enjoys the business to business marketplace of working and building solutions for accounts in the technology industry. He belongs to numerous groups such as Young Presidents Organization and Executive Business Association and is on the president’s council for Big Brothers Big Sisters, as well as being on the executive council for Cohen’s Children’s Medical Center.

“We work with you and your team to decide which level of support and service can meet the unique needs of your business and enhance your business productivity.”

“With CHIPSFusion, your business will stay ahead of the fast moving and ever changing technological curve, by embracing all that it has to offer.”

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