Alexa CIMCON Lighting: Leads the Way to Becoming a Smart City
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CIMCON Lighting: Leads the Way to Becoming a Smart City

CIMCON Lighting: Leads the Way to Becoming a Smart City

Cities globally are actively engaged in becoming smart cities to provide residents and businesses with a safer, more enjoyable and economically fulfilling living and work experience. Over the past several years, cities have been undertaking a variety of initiatives to move them to “smart”, most frequently starting with “smart lighting” upgrades that convert traditional street lights to LED street lights that are managed by software and intelligent controllers. Improving a city’s lighting infrastructure improves energy efficiency and reduces maintenance costs and light pollution. Smart lighting projects often expand to initiatives to install other smart technologies at street light poles, such as sensors and cameras that can give the city further insight into weather conditions, air quality, traffic, and other data that can help a city improve operations and services. CIMCON Lighting has been at the forefront of helping cities achieve their smart city goals by providing the intelligent lighting controls, visualization platform, services and talent that easily move a city along is path to “smart”.

Built on over 25 years of innovation and experience in industrial automation and outdoor wireless applications, CIMCON Lighting was launched in 2012 as a smart lighting company focused on helping cities, municipalities and utilities with both HID (High-Intensity Discharge) and LED lights improve their energy savings and reduce maintenance costs. The company later developed technology to help cites and utilities monitor, meter and manage a wide array of devices located on or near the street light pole to achieve a true smart city experience. Today, the company has installations in over 150 cities in over 24 countries and this number continues to grow, solidifying CIMCON’s position as not only a smart lighting provider, but more importantly as a smart city technology leader. It is widely accepted that street lights are the gateway to the smart city; and thus the street light pole has become a valuable piece of real estate that can help the pole owner, whether it be a city or utility, implement and obtain the benefits of new services.


According to Founder & CEO, Anil Agrawal, “CIMCON’s greatest assets are its people. As a technology company, having the best and brightest employees is critical to our success.”  To recruit and retain this level of talent, CIMCON is focused on fostering an environment that promotes teamwork, collaboration, creativity, innovation, integrity, and, most importantly, work-life balance. To promote teamwork and collaboration, the company is structured with intercontinental teams working together to create new products and support clients. To further this sense of “team” the company regularly engages staff on a more personal level with fun team building activities and weekly company sponsored lunches. To foster creativity and innovation, CIMCON provides employees with access to the latest tools, technology and educational resources to learn and further express their ingenuity in developing new products. However, according to Agrawal, “the most important characteristic of our culture is understanding that every employee is unique and dealing with their own life circumstance, and, therefore, providing our employees with a work-life balance that gives them the flexibility they need, when they need it, makes CIMCON a great place to work.”


Few companies have a mission as ambitious as CIMCON Lighting’s. CIMCON’s products have and will continue to positively impact the lives of millions around the world by improving the environments in which people live, work and play by helping cities implement the technologies needed to get to “smart”. CIMCON’s NearSky platform, composed of the NearSky 360 information hub and Nearsky StreetVibe software, is enabling cities to easily measure and monitor conditions in their city, turning an analog world into a digital one. The platform allows cities to manage a vast array of sensors, devices, and applications from one location including air quality monitoring, traffic monitoring, video analytics, pedestrian safety, EV charging, parking management, digital signage, waste management and more. As technologies evolve, the CIMCON team will continue to develop and expand the company’s smart city technology leadership position with its own products, as well as enabling partner technologies to further help cities realize their goal of becoming smart cities.

CIMCON Lighting is headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts, and has a Research & Development Center in Ahmedabad, India, and a satellite Sales office in London.

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Anil Agrawal – The Leader Behind It All

Anil Agrawal is the founder and CEO of CIMCON Lighting, Inc. As a serial entrepreneur, Anil’s passion has always been learning about and putting the latest technologies available to the test to create new products and services that are at the cutting-edge of solving life’s problems. In 1988, he founded CIMCON Software, a company focused on industrial automation and controls for oil and gas wells, and water treatment facilities.

Anil brings to CIMCON Lighting over 25 years’ experience in corporate management, sales and marketing, product development, and entrepreneurial leadership. Through CIMCON Lighting, he has solved the problem of street light energy waste though the concept of “Just in Time Lighting”. Anil holds several U.S. patents related to wireless street light controls; and is the author of several articles on advanced control systems. He has a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Maryland, College Park.

"Our business is to help cities achieve their goal of becoming a Smart City."

"CIMCON’s controllers and IoT platform have proven to be among the most advanced smart lighting and smart city technologies and, more importantly, they are recognized as driving the real-world digital transformation cities desire."

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