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April Edition 2021

Circadian Risk – Assessing and Improving physical security for enterprise companies

Circadian Risk – Assessing and Improving physical security for enterprise companies

Physical security is one of the basic necessities for a company. It ensures that only authorized people can gain access to your place of business. It also makes sure that your highly confidential areas are fully secure and only authorized personnel are given access.

Circadian Risk is a company that provides a suite of tools aimed at assessing and improving physical security for enterprise companies. Its mission is to make the world a safer place, one building at a time, by reducing Risk to people and critical assets. Their software provides security and safety professionals with the tools to assess, visualize, and minimize the risk across a global asset footprint. They provide SaaS that is data-driven, objective, and actionable to allow for a standardized risk solution.

The All-in-one Security Assessment Platform

Circadian Risk is the leading digital platform for assessing, analyzing, and monitoring physical security risks. Equipped with modules to measure Risk from vulnerabilities to threats to impact, Circadian Risk enables security professionals to act faster and have trust in their plans to make their organization more secure.

Impact: It determines the functions, assets, and processes that are most critical to your security infrastructure.

Consequence: It provides information about the impact an incident can have on communities, organizations, and the environment.

Threat: The platform helps you identify potential threat scenarios and threat actors, whether they're groups with opposing views or individuals.

Hazard: It also lets you identify naturally occurring incidents or accidents that could pose as hazards to your organization's existing security and safety infrastructure.

Continuity: The platform ensures your organization is prepared to respond and recover from incidents.

Vulnerability: It reduces the probability of Risk by identifying your physical security gaps and addressing them quickly and effectively.

Circadian Risk Assessment Process

Discover Insights For Every Scenario: The Circadian Risk Assessment Process uses objective data to determine everything from whether your organization follows security best practices to your organization's preparedness for critical situations such as Active Shooter Incidents.

Assess and Mitigate Risk: It takes your insights to the next level by prioritizing risk factors and developing action plans to improve your organization's physical security drastically.

"At Circadian Risk, our mission is to reduce the risk to an organization's heart - its people and critical assets."

Streamline Communication with Reporting: With the Circadian Risk platform, you can keep your stakeholders in the loop with the ability to generate comprehensive yet flexible reports and dashboards.

Circadian's mission is to reduce the risk to an organization's heart - its people and critical assets. They believe security and safety professionals should be able to access information about their sites' security easily and confidently use their findings to build safety infrastructure that's sustainable and trustworthy. Their tools are data-driven, objective, and actionable - providing customers the ability to discover, visualize, communicate, and mitigate risk at the click of a button. The Circadian Security platform is applicable for a wide variety of industries like:

Banking and Finance: A banking organization's security is its greatest strength and potential downfall. These organizations are constantly the targets of crime, including cyber theft and physical theft, making safety and security one of the highest priorities to reinforce and invest in. Circadian Risk lets you manage your banking and finance organization's risk and safety compliance.

Data Centers: The data center industry demands some of the most strict set of requirements for both cyber and physical security compliance in the world. Data centers are the powerhouses of most organizations which makes guaranteeing their security and measuring risk vital. However, physical security can be overlooked by the demands of cyber protection. Circadian Risk is designed to manage your Data Center's Risk and Security.

Commercial and Residential: Whether you're trying to protect your company's buildings or its people, you can't protect either effectively until you're aware of the risks that you currently face. Some risks are easier to address, such as the Risk of theft based on your current security infrastructure. Other risks, such as the risks of active shooter and abduction, are harder to predict and require fast action. Circadian Risk is the platform for you to address all risks, obvious or not, in the same place and chalk up a game plan to keep your organization safe.

Restaurants: Due to their open doors, restaurants often have the highest and most diverse foot traffic within their establishments than any other industry. That exposes restaurants to their own set of unique risks. To secure the safety of their building and patrons, restaurant owners and franchisees need to think about how to protect themselves from risks such as arson or theft as well as from outside agents such as active shooters and abductions.

Schools and University: Schools and universities continuously are targets for various risks, especially in the context of active shooter situations. Schools will remain targets, and without proper guidance and understanding of these risks, schools won't be able to protect students, teachers, staff, and visitors. Schools and universities don't need to wait for laws to be passed to reinforce their safety and security infrastructure without the cost of impeding education.

About the CEO

Michael J. Martin is the CEO of Circadian Risk. He is a proven leader in the Security Services & Risk Assessment industry. In December 2018, he became CEO of Circadian Risk. In addition, Michael provides direction and guidance for Aerospace & Defense security programs. Prior to joining Circadian, Michael served as President of Allied Universal's Canadian Operations from 2016 to December 2018. During that time, he oversaw the tripling of revenues and numerous M&A integrations in both Canada and the Midwest.

Martin holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Michigan State University and an MBA from the University of Michigan. Martin is a licensed private investigator and is active in ASIS International, Michigan Council of Private Investigators and Crime Stoppers. He also supports numerous charitable causes in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan.

"Our tools are data-driven, objective, and actionable - providing customers the ability to discover, visualize, communicate, and mitigate risk at the click of a button."

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