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Cisbay: Bio-innovation for Soil and Water

Cisbay: Bio-innovation for Soil and Water

The global population is projected to reach nine billion people by 2050. So, one of the greatest challenges facing humanity looking ahead is a looming food crisis. For sustainable food generation, the health of the soil is important. But naturally occurring microbes are hard to maintain. But the alternatives are far from being good for humanity’s and the planet's health. Cisbay has conducted decades of research to successfully select unique microbial profiles which help rejuvenate soil depleted of nutrients. Their products are backed by science and create microbial communities to combat harmful bacteria and diseases in the soil through competitive exclusion.

“An eco-friendly world begins with healthy soil and clean water,” says Cavin Pham, CEO of Cisbay. And it is on this belief that Cisbay continues its innovation. The company takes a two-pronged approach to ensure the planet's health through its aquatic and agricultural research-backed products. 

The Power of Microbes

Natural soil is thriving with life. They contain an incredible diversity of microscopic bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other organisms. A single handful of soil can have tens of thousands of different species. These microbes interact closely with each other, forming complex networks. They communicate with chemical signals. They work together to break down complex organic materials, including dead plants and animals. They often work in teams to complete biochemical processes, such as transforming nitrogen from an inert gas to plant-usable forms and recycling it from dead plant materials back into dissolved forms.

Over the past century, we have abused the soil with plowing, tilling, and too much fertilizer. We have increased erosion in agricultural fields by 10 to 100 times natural rates. Over just the last several decades, we may have lost about half of the topsoil that biological processes produced over thousands of years in the U.S. corn belt. Cisbay is trying to fix this issue world over through its proprietary technology which is patented on microbial consortia technology, the fermentation process and the advanced encapsulation of high-density microbe formulations. “In my 40 years of agricultural and aquatic research, the science of bioremediation and the use of beneficial microbes, now truly opens a new frontier for human history. By utilizing nature’s microbes to naturally improve protein and plant production, Cisbay is at the forefront of this technology, helping feed the world in a new and sustainable way,” says Dr. Jimmie Keeton, Chief Scientific Officer of Cisbay.

Cisbay provides farmers with innovative products for greater crop productivity and profitability while achieving healthy soil and sustainability. Their product solutions are designed to target three critical phases of the plants, from seed treatment to rejuvenate the soil, and allows the plants to maximize photosynthesis for their fullest growth. “The value of experience, the strength of innovation to provide cutting-edge solutions for healthy soil, more sustainable agriculture and clean waterways for generations to come,” says Khanh Le, Chief Operating Officer of Cisbay.

Water Treatment Solutions

Agriculture is the largest user of fresh water globally, responsible for 70% of the total withdrawn water sources, as well as the world’s largest contributor to altering the global nitrogen and phosphorus cycles. As the world is seeking and demanding for the sustainability of water treatment solutions, Cisbay BioPond Solutions have proven to be an effective answer.

The Biopond solutions come in the form of:

  • BIOPOND X- A concentrated formulation in individual water soluble packets “ready to toss” applications for all general water treatment solutions.
  • BIOPOND X-PLUS- Extremely concentrated formulation in individual water soluble bags “ready to toss” for commercial and industrial
  • BIOPOND RAW- Raw and extremely concentrated formulation for incubation to achieve faster results. Cost-effective for large-scale applications.

“The results were significant even after the first application. The visual aspects of the water, algae growth and clarity of water were evident to the naked eye,” says Susan Rava, Owner of Rava Ranches, California who has used Cisbay’s BioPond Solutions.

Cisbay Leader

Cavin Pham, CEO and Co-Founder

Cavin is an entrepreneur, executive and an angel investor with over 20 years of experience in business operations, development, management, and marketing.

Under his leadership, Cisbay has been voted as the #1 Biotechnology Company in 2018 of San Jose - Silicon Valley and was recognized for the revolutionary microbes for plant growth and water remediation technology at TechConnect Innovation Award 2019.

”Provides advanced microbial technology for soil rejuvenation that addresses the root of agriculture’s greatest challenges to secure food for a growing world population.”

“Our product solutions are designed to target three critical phases of the plants, from seed treatment to rejuvenate the soil, and allows the plants to maximize photosynthesis for their fullest growth.”

“We’re committed to addressing the root caused of the polluted water and wastewater by organically removing excess nutrients with the works of billions of beneficial microbes.”

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