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Clarifai – Leveraging Deep Learning AI Platform for Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Data Labeling

Clarifai – Leveraging Deep Learning AI Platform for Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing and Data Labeling

Deep Learning is the term sometimes used synonymously with machine learning, but it is not the same thing. Machine learning is a type of AI where a computer learns to do something without being programmed to do it. It is the process where machines learn to do something using an artificial neural network that is composed of a number of levels arranged in a hierarchy. Deep learning, a subset of machine learning, is an advanced level of machine learning that utilizes a multi-layered hierarchical level of artificial neural networks to carry out the process of machine learning and deliver high accuracy in tasks such as speech recognition, object detection, language translation and other recent breakthroughs that you hear every day.

Clarifai is a leading provider of artificial intelligence for unstructured image, video, and text data. The company helps organizations transform their images, video, and text data into structured data significantly faster and more accurately than humans would be able to do on their own. Founded in 2013 by Matt Zeiler, Ph.D. Clarifai has been a market leader in AI since winning the top five places in image classification at the 2013 ImageNet Challenge. Clarifai continues to grow with employees remotely based throughout the United States and in Tallinn, Estonia. It is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace dedicated to pursuing, hiring, and retaining a diverse workforce.

Offering Industry-Leading Deep Learning Products

Scribe Label: Scribe automated data labeler annotates unstructured images, videos and document-based data faster and more accurately with AI. Clarifai has streamlined every aspect of the data annotation process. Use Scribe Labeler to create high-quality training data using end-to-end workflows and AI-automated tools. Its enterprise AI platform provides security, speed, and accuracy. Outsource your data labeling tasks—images, video and documents—to a team of specialized data annotators and researchers. Clarifai can quickly, accurately and securely label the training data you need to validate and tune your models.

Spacetime Search: It fuses AI and search together to make your unstructured data searchable. Clarifai's patented technology uses AI to automatically index your unstructured data for deep search. Concepts identified by its Armada Predict technology can be used as search terms. Even search with images to find similar images. Order your search results with the intuitive insights of AI. Your model can identify concepts in your data and rank your search results by how confident it is that a given concept is present. You can even rank search results by how similar one input is to another input. Patented technology developed by Clarifai gives you the ability to search for predictions immediately after training—no waiting on re-indexing. Build recommendation systems with rapid retraining cycles for active learning on the fly.

Enlight Train: It delivers the tools you need to create and update AI in the enterprise. Save valuable time and resources with the Enlight API and user-friendly tools that make it easy for your business to develop custom AI applications. Its advanced knowledge transfer algorithms and neural network architecture ensure highly accurate and performant results—even if you have no background in machine learning and minimal training data. Enlight can help you train models to analyze data streams so you can respond to the real world faster. Identify safety issues on a factory floor, or a forest fire in a remote location. Manage inventory, and keep store shelves stocked. Trigger events and notifications, so that your situational awareness and response time is better than has ever been possible before.

Armada Predict: Categorize large quantities of unstructured image, video, and textual data faster than has ever been possible before. Classify objects, faces, people, sentiment, and more with state of the art AI. Leverage a suite of pre-trained models or train a custom classification model to suit your needs. Solve your unique business problem with custom models. Simply provide some example training data and label the objects or people you want to recognize. You’ll have an AI model that can predict exactly what you want in seconds. It powers custom predictions with embedding from existing models. Train on top of existing embedding and transfer learning from one model to a new custom model.

Mesh Workflows: With Mesh Workflows, you can work with your machine learning models like they are nodes in a graph. Clarifai makes it easy to connect together models of different kinds so that you can perform complex operations on your data, and build solutions that target your specific business needs. It helps to react to the real-world faster than ever was possible before with the power of AI. Mesh Workflows can turn the predictions made by your AI models into action. Send alerts, trigger external systems, or even route data for further processing.

The Leader Upfront

Matt Zeiler is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Clarifai. He has worked alongside renowned machine learning pioneers Geoff Hinton, Rob Fergus, Yann LeCun, and Jeff Dean. This experience cultivated his passion for convolutional and deconvolutional neural networks and visual recognition. Matt's unprecedented knowledge and know-how in deep learning landed him winning the top five places in image classification at the ImageNet 2013 competition.

Mr. Zeiler received his undergraduate degree at University of Toronto and a Ph.D. in machine learning and image recognition from New York University.

"We offer a leading platform for building AI-powered software solutions. We support the full AI development lifecycle; including dataset preparation, model training, and deployment."

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