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ClearSlide: The Sales Engagement Platform Leader

ClearSlide: The Sales Engagement Platform Leader

The buying processes of today are vastly different from what it used to be just a decade back. Given the amount of data available online, the customer knows more about the products he/she wants than ever before. This has changed how sales and marketing are done over time. Online data is now the marketer’s friend and the most potent weapon of choice. Though there are many companies which boast of having the capabilities of raising their client’s sales by a huge margin, no one actually does it better than ClearSlide, a company based in San Francisco.

ClearSlide was founded in 2009 and serves over 2,000 companies who regularly seek its expertise for sales engagement. The company has gone from strength to strength since its inception. With their innovations, they have continuously created new ways for amazing customer experiences.

At the beginning of this decade, as newer ways to engage the buyers through the online medium were becoming popular, ClearSlide began their journey by creating enablement tools for sellers. This enabled its clients in instantly engaging their buyers through e-mail, online presentations, and in-person meetings. They made their move soon to diversify their offerings and built up their capabilities to offer robust content management for the marketers. Now, in 2019, their engagement analytics is widely recognized by the pioneering sales and marketing leaders.

The company has been able to raise the level of customer communications which has allowed its customers to achieve significantly higher seller productivity, increased sales management effectiveness, and stronger customer-facing messaging. The experience overtime has helped them develop their expert sales engagement chops. ClearSlide has helped companies across multiple industries of communication and media, healthcare, technology, financial, retail, hospitality, and travel achieve their targets through their premium services.

ClearSlide customers have reported seeing a huge 10%-20% increase in the number of closed deals after associating with the company, 25% decrease in the time taken to onboard new salespeople, and around 50%-80% reduction in existing selling costs. As many as 97% of their customers upon using ClearSlide have said that the platform makes it easier to hold meetings with their customers. These numbers are staggering and are a testament of the gratifying results the customers see upon using the ClearSlide platform.

Working with The Economist

The famed international publication The Economist wanted to gain clear insight into the things that were resonating with its readership so that they could redefine their strategy based on the audience interest. This was a challenge for an extremely capable but a lean sales and marketing team at The Economist.

Using ClearSlide solved a lot of sales and marketing issues for the publication. The Economist was able to track sales activity which is helping them deliver more accurate sales forecasts without having to worry about getting insights from other sources. The sales team has been having a ball leveraging ClearSlide’s analytics which is proving to be a valuable tool to drive improvement in a targeted manner by using the best practices.

The Acquisition

The Canadian Software giant Corel Corporation made its move and acquired ClearSlide in 2017. ClearSlide has received significant investments since then which has fuelled its technology leadership and has helped the company expand into newer markets. Corel’s presence all over the world has further given ClearSlide new channels and a robust network of partners.

The company has many named companies in its client portfolio like AutoDesk, Comcast, Expedia, Medtronic, Novartis, and Thomson Reuters. These companies have trusted ClearSlide to transform the way their products and offerings are presented to the customers.

As they say, results speak for itself. On average the company’s clients have seen 65% Sales Cycle Reduction and 3X increase in closing deals. With such sustained high levels of engagement, the company has managed to stay as a pioneer in this competitive and fast-growing industry.

Leader Extraordinaire

Patrick Nichols, CEO of ClearSlide

Mr. Nichols serves as the CEO of both Corel and ClearSlide (acquired by Corel in 2017). Before ClearSlide, he was the President of WinZip and the General Manager of Corel, RIXIO, Pinnacle and ReviverSoft.

At Corel, he has led many of its acquired brands and has been the visionary behind the strategic directions of these companies’ product lines. He has played a key role in Corel’s success since he joined the company in 2009. The company has nearly tripled its operating income over the last three years under his leadership.

He has also worked at Microsoft as the Product Manager and Technical Consultant and has served as a researcher for the Department of Defense and Department of Energy through the Cornell Engineering and Theory Center.

Recognized for its work

-G2 Crowd, a peer-to-peer business solutions review platform recognized ClearSlide as a leader in Content Marketing.

-ClearSlide was a ranked leader in Aragon Research Globe report for Sales Engagement Platforms, 2017: The Digital Work Hun for Sales.

-The company earned top honors at the 32nd annual SIIA CODiE Awards for the Best Content Curation Platform and Best Content Analytics Solution for 2017.

-ClearSlide was recognized as the Sales Automation Solution of the Year for its ION Release at the Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service.

- ClearSlide won the 2017 BIG Innovation Award.

-Recognized as a Representative Vendor in Gartner’s first ever Market Guide for Digital Content Management for Sales.

 “We revolutionize the way sales teams interact with customers. Our success has been driven by your passion for great selling.

ClearSlide is the system of engagement that makes every customer interaction successful.

We strive to deliver the most intuitive, complete and open Sales Engagement Platform that integrates content, communications and actionable insights to improve business results.

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