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Turnkey solutions for modern-day hoteliers and accommodation providers: Clock Software

Turnkey solutions for modern-day hoteliers and accommodation providers: Clock Software

Clock Software was founded in 1996. Always applying the latest developments in information technology, it soon became the leader in the hotel software market in Eastern Europe. In 2013, after 20 years of unabated success, Clock decided to draw on its experience and launched its latest product - Clock PMS+, a cloud-based hotel management platform. Clock Software is one of the fastest growing cloud PMS providers with constantly increasing number of clients worldwide, its main clients being independent hotels, hotel groups, hostels, and serviced apartments. To maintain a close relationship with them and ensure the best customer service possible, the company continues expanding its network of representative offices on a global scale. Clock Software’s solutions have already been adopted by hoteliers and accommodation providers in more than 65 countries.

Clock Kiosk - guest engagement reinvented

Today’s travellers' preferences are dominated by mixing the best of traditional and digital experiences. Give them what they expect and make their first, or last, impressions last. First impressions can be crucial to a relationship. Clock Kiosk, an integral part of Clock PMS+, ensures a complete, self-directed, seamless check-in/out experience so you can meet your tech savvy guests on the right foot or leave a lasting impression. To check in, your guests will be prompted to select their preferred language and identify themselves with their Booking confirmation number and the PIN they use for the guest self-service app. It comes with their booking confirmation or with a dedicated automated pre-arrival message. For full service properties, Clock Kiosk can let hotels automate the check-in formalities so that staff has more time for real human communication with guests. It can also give guests a way to skip the reception altogether. For self-service properties, Clock Kiosk will enable a practically humanless reception. It will guide guests through a secure, yet fast check-in - from collecting the required advance payment through filling in the registration cards and issuing room keys. Compact but as sleek and full-featured as its bigger counterpart. It is a specially designed desktop version of Clock kiosk allowing you even greater flexibility and freedom when it come to hotel premises to position it. Clock PMS Mini's versatile hardware platform gives guests the same excellent access to the great variety of functionalities of Clock PMS+.Clock Kiosk is beautifully designed to be a turnkey solution that helps you provide a modern extension or an alternative to the traditional front desk service. Just fix it to the lobby floor and switch it on.

Automated Revenue Management

Optimize hotel revenue by automatically using the right price at every given moment, for every given channel and every room type. Clock PMS+ is the perfect environment for the industry-leading machine learning algorithms. Seamlessly integrated, the results of their continuous analysis of real-time data coming from the system, competitors, web searches, plus historical statistics is used by Clock PMS+ to instantaneously modify the prices across the whole property management system and all your distribution channels. What a better way of showing the benefits of the revenue management than letting the numbers speak for themselves - the automation brings improved profit curve and rise in the revenue coming from hotel rooms. Historical statistics and real-time data are used to continuously analyze and help you predict and maximize profits at any time for any room on any distribution channel. This is how its automated approach to revenue management enables you to instantly take advantage of every change on the market through a PMS system that never stops learning and improving its performance. Cut down on human error by letting Clock’s automated revenue management set the correct room prices, at any given moment. Enjoy the freedom to put your valuable resources elsewhere. Improved bottom line and reliable insight from day one. That's what you can expect from Clock. Use the automatically generated price suggestions to make the best and most profitable choices for your room rates. Or even better leave it all to Clock PMS+ and its data driven optimization of revenue to select the right price for the given market situation.

Event and Meeting Management

Everything you need for successful MICE: presentable offer templates, bookable meeting rooms calendar, staff informative function sheets, organized group bookings with mass management options, master folios, clear detailed reports. Often it’s not just what you can offer. It’s how you present it. Its quote templates give you full freedom of content and styling so you can present your meeting rooms, catering menus, accommodation options and everything else in the best possible way. A special calendar calendar-type monitor gives you full information about the availability of your meeting rooms. Book a room right there and add the activities and services related to it, so everything you need to know is tidily tucked in one place, easy to find and track. Events that take place in your hotel and include overnight accommodation are organized without unnecessary complications. A room block will ensure you have enough availability and don’t overbook. Bookings linked to the event will take up its rooms and the special pickup report will keep you informed of the progress. The financial side of managing events is just as well thought over. Deposit payments, room charges, F&B transfers from the restaurant, invoice payments - everything is stored in a special event folio in the company profile. And a designated report which provides information about pending payments.

Krasimir Trapchev, CEO & Co-Founder of Clock Software

“Smoothly adapting to the specific local requirements of each country, our solutions help hoteliers all over the world to redefine the hospitality industry.”

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