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November Edition 2020

Clocktimizer - Structure your firm's most valuable data

Clocktimizer - Structure your firm's most valuable data

The world of legal services is changing. Clients are now demanding more transparency from their lawyers in everything, from pricing to case management. The legal world is striving to meet this demand but does not have the information it needs to do so in a sustainable way. Clocktimizer is a service that provides lawyers with the tools they need to meet client demand and embrace the future.

Clocktimizer is a subscription-only service. Their mission is to enrich the legal profession's time tracking data to bring predictability and transparency to legal practice. Not just for lawyers, but also for their clients. Clocktimizer uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) combined with a proprietary algorithm to automatically categorize your time cards based on their narratives. Unlike using fixed action codes, its method is flexible and allows you to analyze historical and current data.

Management & Executives

Inaccurate manual codes make it hard to manage projects effectively. Clocktimizer uses natural language processing and mines narratives to give the most accurate and up-to-date picture of what everyone's working on in the firm.

In the competitive business of law, it is difficult to identify profitable activity. The Clocktimizer's dashboard is highly customizable and this ensures the services you offer are working to your strengths. Running a firm means knowing who is most essential to your business. Clocktimizer offers data on more than just revenue per client. It breaks down your client relationships by profitability, team members, and type of work done.

Clocktimizer also offers a free cloud-based sandbox trial where you can test all their features on your own data. In production, it provides both cloud-based and on-premise solutions. Often, the person's worth is discovered after they have left. Clocktimizer visualizes your core team members through social graphs at any moment, so you never lose another lynchpin.

The confidentiality and security of your data is most important. That is why Clocktimizer uses cloud-based 256-bit encryption and a 2-factor authentication.You can check the latest status of your matters anywhere on your mobile or tablet. Clocktimizer is always at your fingertips.

Operations and LPM

It is complicated to identify which work is stretching your resources. With Clocktimizer, you know who is doing what for whom, so you can streamline processes based on data. Senior partners should be working on the most complex problems. But without real-time information, this is impossible to monitor until the hours have been billed. Clocktimizer breaks down tasks and phases by seniority level, so you can ensure each team member is working to their strengths.

Client value and business development

Client relationships are complex, and generating data on them is time-consuming. Clocktimizer breaks down your relationships with your clients to provide information on rates, work type, matters, and resources for succession planning at the click of a button. It provides insights into each unique client relationship.

Clients want to have insight into their budgets, money-spent, and understanding of who is working on their matters. With Clocktimizer, you get this transparency on a task-based level, automatically and on a regular basis. A good client relationship is based on more than just personal interaction. Clocktimizer lets you identify your most valuable players and services so your firm can work to its strengths.

Often clients don't realize the range of services a firm offers, and firms miss out on a possibility. Clocktimizer gives you full information and ways to figure out which department is underutilized by the client for cross-selling opportunities.

About the CEO

Pieter van der Hoeven is the Founder & CEO of Clocktimizer. He founded Clocktimizer with his partner Bram Fokke in 2014. He had set the groundwork for Clocktimizer at university in Utrecht. Not only did he study law, but he also met his co-founder Bram. Upon completing his Masters in Law, Pieter went to work for the international law firm DLA Piper.

During his time at DLA and a secondment to KPN, Pieter thought up the idea for Clocktimizer. After discussing the idea over 2012's Christmas Dinner, Bram and Pieter shook hands and agreed to start a business together. They began building the MVP in 2013, while Pieter was doing an MBA in Rotterdam and Madrid. He is also a keen hockey player and enjoys snowboarding when getting time from his busy schedule.

"Clocktimizer automatically categorizes law firm narratives into activities and task codes. Helping law firms understand who does what, when, where, and at what cost."

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