Alexa Cloudastructure Inc. — Cloud video surveillance platform with AI analytics for better and more cost-effective enterprise security
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December Edition 2021

Cloudastructure Inc. — Cloud video surveillance platform with AI analytics for better and more cost-effective enterprise security

Cloudastructure Inc. — Cloud video surveillance platform with AI analytics for better and more cost-effective enterprise security

In a traditional IT approach, all responsibilities lie with the end-user organization — everything from access control down to electricity and physical security of the facility. However, cloud computing offers the opportunity to offload many of these tasks to the cloud provider — but not all. The end-user organization retains responsibility for securing the data input in the cloud. And that sounds right – the last line of defense should belong to the individual company that owns that data.

Globally, the adoption of cloud-native video surveillance systems can contribute to better security and surveillance of businesses, schools, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and many more public places. Multiple companies offer robust cloud-native surveillance systems, but Cloudastructure’s truly revolutionary system offers another level of protection over the competition. Headquartered in Silicon Valley with premier engineers in computer vision and artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) technologies, their system can be customized to the customers’ needs and deployed quickly and securely across the enterprise. Cloudastructure’s state-of-the-art solution lets authorized users access and monitor surveillance data in real-time and is delivered at a competitive price that not only beats industry standards, but also comes with zero maintenance or replacement costs (due to a lifetime warranty). The service and support are provided for a small monthly subscription that requires no upfront licensing, capital budgets, or pricey retrofits with proprietary cameras.

Gregory Rayzman (CTO) exclusively spoke to CIO Bulletin. Below is an excerpt.

Q. Why did you start out to be a video surveillance platform?

Effective surveillance is an integral part of any successful business. When we first launched in 2003, we observed several critical shortcomings in traditional video surveillance systems: they lacked open and scalable technology. Not only were they powered by bulky physical servers located on-premises, but they were also dangerously exposed to the physical and online risks of their data being compromised. Thus, there was a clear gap in the market that we sought to fill. Cloud-based systems presented themselves as an exquisite solution to these challenges. After meticulous design and ideation, we knew we had a product on our hands that had the potential to change the industry forever.

Q. What are the perks of opting for Cloudastructure? How is it hassle-free?

Cloudastructure offers a straightforward and user-friendly solution that lets businesses rapidly conduct complex surveillance operations. Some of the perks of opting for our state-of-the-art technology are:

Unified View: Constantly switching between recorded footage from different locations is tedious. It turns active monitoring into a dull and inefficient task and makes comprehensive surveillance almost impossible. Cloudastructure’s unified view feature allows users to view every single surveyed location on their screen simultaneously. This makes seeing what’s happening across all areas much quicker and easier.

Active Indexing: Stringent regulations surrounding high-risk sectors, such as the cannabis industry, require businesses to keep track of every object and person present on their premises. Just like Google indexed the web to quickly and easily search the web, we index the video to quickly and easily search the video. Person, vehicle, animal, or backpack with a couple of quick search terms, you can find all the footage in which these objects have been detected. It is then possible to use the system to closely monitor and recognize even minute details such as license plate numbers.

Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): Cloudastructure’s pioneering technology helps businesses adopt comprehensive surveillance systems for a fraction of what they would otherwise cost. This lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is thanks to our cloud storage features that significantly cut down on both up-front and long-term costs. We charge an affordable price per camera per year. There are also no software licensing fees, seat or user fees, GB or TB storage fees, or support fees.

Cloud-based Cyber Secure Storage in Google Cloud Platform: Cloud-based secure storage in Google’s Cloud Platform eliminates the need for physical servers. This helps businesses cut down on costs related to physical server upkeep, network security such as routers, switches, firewalls, and physical security measures like security personnel, maintenance engineers, etc. Cloud-based servers are a cost-effective solution to outsource all data storage and maintenance tasks.

Camera Agnostic: Cloudastructre’s solution works with all camera types, giving you the utmost flexibility to choose the right camera for your surveillance needs. It also allows you to preserve your existing investment in surveillance infrastructure.

Q. What other capabilities does Cloudastructure have apart from being the best video surveillance platform?

Cloudastructure simplifies everything from the collection of surveillance data to its management and accessibility. Our cloud storage technology allows authorized security personnel to access the surveillance data, both live view and recorded history, from anywhere, anytime. Furthermore, this data is efficiently categorized and stored according to several custom parameters like date, time, people in the video, vehicles, etc.

Q. How has Covid-19 changed the way you do business?

Both customers and businesses have found it extremely difficult to adapt to the continuously changing demands of the health authorities during the pandemic. Cloud-based surveillance systems have helped countless companies transition into this new normal smoothly. This increased demand has helped Cloudastructure reach remote corners of the country, where businesses of every size have chosen to adopt our innovative artificial intelligence and machine learning-based solution. In addition, our active indexing and monitoring capabilities have helped businesses automate monotonous administrative tasks, such as ensuring each customer that enters the premises is wearing a mask, maintaining adequate social distancing, and so on.

Elucidate AI Analytics features.

Our AI analytics features set us apart from every other surveillance platform on the market. These features help your business use machine learning to automate advanced administration and maintenance tasks that would otherwise require a considerable amount of human input. Our AI analytics features include critical factors such as time of motion, person, license plate, etc. Powerful new search capabilities such as search by color are also included, quickly allowing companies to pull up all relevant footage that contains the keywords ‘red car,’ for example.

Q. Do you have any plans for expansion in the future, and where do you envision the company in the forthcoming years?

With Cloudastructure, we believe we have successfully captured a significant market niche in the surveillance and security industry.

Cloudastructure will continue to add AI/ML analytic features to its already robust enterprise platform. Additionally, we will have an open API platform to integrate other systems and give customers more power to meet their security needs. Our impressive performance and enthusiastic investor support provide us with ample reason to believe that Cloudastructure is on its way to becoming a formidable presence in the American and, eventually, the global surveillance and cloud-based security market.

Meet Gregory Rayzman, CTO, Cloudastructure

Chief Technology Officer, Gregory Rayzman, is one of the most ingenious minds to come out of Silicon Valley. His ground-breaking ideas and commitment to meaningful innovation have launched and supported several companies that have gone on to become integral parts of some of the world’s most successful tech conglomerates. He has served as the CTO for TheFind, an online discovery shopping engine that Facebook acquired in 2015. He was also a founding engineer and Director of Software Engineering for Annuncio Inc., a leading marketing research company that PeopleSoft acquired (now Oracle) in 2002. His technical expertise and vast industry experience have helped Cloudastructure become the face of change in the security market.

“Cloud video surveillance systems are easy to manage, use, and install. The user-friendly interface makes set-up a breeze. No special technical skills required.”

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