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Cloudera: The Enterprise Data Cloud Company

Cloudera: The Enterprise Data Cloud Company

Data is the quintessential fuel that is powering the enterprise digital transformation in this digital age. Controlling and managing something like data, especially when the data is dispersed and spread out across the multi-cloud and hybrid environments, is difficult. This issue gives rise to various other problems such as controlling customers’ and operations data, inflexibility of simple cloud analytics, spiraling cloud costs, new data privacy regulations and new types of data.

Cloudera, an enterprise data cloud company has been helping companies overcome these challenges and harness their data. The company is empowering the world to transform complex data into simple and great actionable insights. To make this happen, the company’s enterprise data cloud hosts and analyzes data from anywhere from the Edge to AI. The platform is powered by the continuous innovation of the open source community.

The company was founded in 2008 when the brightest minds from leading enterprises like Google, Facebook, Oracle, and Yahoo! decided to tap into the open source, open standards, and open markets in the best way possible. Based out of Silicon Valley, California, Cloudera has offices all over the world.

Working with HelloFresh

HelloFresh has quickly become a leading global provider of fresh Ingredients and recipes which gives customers the option to not plan or shop in advance. The company is responsible for packaging over 100 million meals a month for more than 1 and half million customers all over the world.

The company has been a disrupter in the food industry. But in a subscription model business customer retention is very important for profitability as customer turnover and high customer acquisition costs may erode it. Hence, the data is very important to understand customer likes and dislikes and to predict the preferences.

But HelloFresh’s customer base grew very rapidly and their legacy SQL database could not scale which made it hard for the company to bring in new data and users. The performance also dipped as it would take hours for the company to count the number of boxes that were shipped. HelloFresh had to hire more analysts and data scientists to maintain an even level of performance.

HelloFresh turned towards Cloudera for a modern data warehouse. The company now uses Cloudera’s technology which runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS) to analyze more than 15 terabytes (TB) of data. This gives the company a 360 degree view of each customer and they could now make personalized recommendations and more accurate forecasting.

The company was analyzing about 5TB of data before implementing Cloudera. In under a year, HelloFresh could analyze three times the amount of data. They were also adding around 1TB a month to the system. This meant the company had better flexibility and provided them with the capability to scale and accommodate the growing number of analysts and data scientists. “Cloudera is at the heart of our data-driven decision making and all internal stakeholders use it to analyze campaign and operations performance at a granular level, and steer the business,” says Kai von Grambusch, Director, Data & Analytics, HelloFresh.

The Leader Upfront

Martin Cole, Chairman and CEO

Prior to joining Cloudera, Mr. Cole had a long tenure at Accenture. At Accenture, he was the chief executive of Accenture’s Technology group and he was responsible for the whole range of the company’s technology consulting and outsourcing solutions and delivery capabilities including its Global Delivery Network. He also led Accenture Technology Labs, the Accenture software business, and development of emerging technology solutions including Cloud solutions. He joined Accenture in 1980.

He has served as the chairman of the board at Avanade, a joint venture of Accenture and Microsoft. He co-authored “Unlocking Public Value: A New Model for Achieving High Performance in Public Service Organizations.” The book is a guide to understand how public service organizations can measure, analyze, and improve public value over time.

He earned his undergraduate degree from Dartmouth College and a graduate degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

Awards and Recognition in 2019

-Cloudera was named the Artificial Intelligence Team of the Year for the 2019 Golden Bridge Awards

-The Dresener Advisory Services 2019 Industry Excellence Awards recognized Cloudera as an overall leader in Analytical Data Infrastructure (ADI)

-Cloudera won the Achievement in Management Award in Information Technology Cloud/SaaS category at the 2019 Network Products Guide IT World Awards. Here, the company also won the Company of the Year Award in Information Technology Cloud/SaaS category, Milestone of the Year in Partners and Distribution Growth category and Hot IT Company of the Year in Information Technology Cloud/SaaS category

-Cloudera was named in 2019SD Times 100: ‘Best in Show’ in Software Development

-The company made it to the 2019 DBTA 100 list where it was named as a Company that Matters Most in Data

“We deliver an enterprise data cloud for any data, anywhere, from the Edge to AI.”

“At Cloudera, we believe that data can make what is impossible today, possible tomorrow. We empower people to transform complex data into clear and actionable insights.”

“Powered by the relentless innovation of the open source community, Cloudera accelerates digital transformation for the world’s largest enterprises.”

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