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Cloudwords software speeds time to market for global campaigns and localized content

Cloudwords software speeds time to market for global campaigns and localized content

Companies of all sizes are in the midst of digitally transforming everything they do; ranging from the products and services they create to the go-to-market models they employ. For marketing organizations, the landscape is no different.    

While automation is in full swing throughout marketing organizations today, time-consuming manual processes still exist and contribute to long lead times, errors, and inconsistencies when rolling out global campaigns and localized content.

Enter Cloudwords!

Cloudwords speeds time to market for campaigns and content on a global scale. By connecting marketing systems and automating project workflow, time-consuming tasks are eliminated and unprecedented visibility into the localization process is achieved.

Whether you are targeting 5 countries or 20, Cloudwords helps you deliver more personalized content, in more languages, to more customers at a speed, quality and scale impossible to achieve with manual processes.

Cloudwords was founded in 2010 and is focused on helping customers like Amazon Web Services, Marketo, Oracle and many others digitally transform their global marketing. Headquartered in San Francisco, Cloudwords is backed by Storm Ventures, UMC Capital and Marc Benioff, founder of

Meet your customer swiftly with no impediment

Cloudwords seamlessly integrates with your existing marketing technologies, links your marketers around the world and gives you unprecedented visibility into your localization process and costs. When you eliminate tedious copying, pasting and other manual tasks, you’re well on your way to deploying campaigns and content on a global scale more swiftly than you ever believed possible.

Integrate + Scale

Cloudwords delivers complete, purpose-built integrations with the existing marketing systems you know and love including Marketo, Eloqua, Oracle Marketing Cloud, HubSpot, and more. A fully-automated process allows you to launch consistent global marketing content in any country and in any language. Eliminate time-consuming, error-prone manual tasks and automate your localization process from end to end.  

Speed + Quality

It’s easier to manage your translation agencies around the world when tasks like quoting, invoicing and content sharing are centrally organized. And when all previously localized assets — terms, multilingual glossaries and style guides - are located in one, easily accessible translation memory, your future campaigns are more consistent, significantly less expensive and faster to market.

Collaborate + Automate

With Cloudwords, your teams work better together. Communication and collaboration is simplified so you can speed project timelines, breeze through the review phase, and meet go-to-market launch dates. With automated workflows, Cloudwords does the work, and you finally have visibility every step of the way. Address pesky bottlenecks before they cause delays.

Insights + Analytics

Get unprecedented insight into your localization process. Track key metrics like spend, process efficiencies, and translation quality across different languages, countries, time periods, and more. Real-time reports, dashboards and analytics make it easy to analyze where you are now, so you can plan where you need to be next.

Success story of Cloudwords

About Forcepoint

Forcepoint’s portfolio of products safeguards users, data and networks against the most determined adversaries, from accidental or malicious insider threats to outside attacks, across the entire threat lifecycle. Forcepoint protects data everywhere – in the Cloud, on the road, in the office – simplifying compliance and enabling better decision-making and more efficient security.


Inefficient process

Content was created in Forcepoint’s marketing automation platform (Marketo) and only accessible to a small group of users. The process to manually copy/paste content out of Marketo and into different file formats, which would then be delivered via email to translators, was a time-consuming process that caused errors and delays.

Inconsistent Messaging

No centralized Translation Memory (TM) resulted in higher costs, lower quality of translations and inconsistent messaging across departments. Translation vendors specific to creative, marketing and web services teams resulted in different writing styles.

“Our company had tripled in size and the manual process we had in place was unsustainable - there was a desperate need for a solution to make the process more efficient,” says Ben Webb Campaigns Manager, Field Marketing at Forcepoint.

The Solution

Forcepoint required a solution that would both streamline the localization process and work seamlessly with its marketing automation platform, Marketo. The company selected Cloudwords and immediately benefited from the solution’s deep integration with Marketo, automated workflows and in-context review capabilities.

The cybersecurity company benefits from Cloudwords‘ powerful project management capabilities and dashboards, which give Ben visibility into the entire process so he can identify where bottlenecks occur and keep projects moving forward on schedule.

Moreover, Cloudwords’ best-in-class In-Context Review capability simplifies the review process and shortens turnaround times. By allowing Forcepoint’s reviewers to see both the source content and translated copy side-by-side and in-context, the potential for errors is reduced and the quality of translations increases.

Meet the ace

Michael Meinhardt is the founder and chief executive officer. He is passionate about constantly improving the customer experience, building strong long-term mutually profitable relationships, and architecting a work environment in which team members feel motivated to contribute and innovate. 

During his tenure in the localization industry, he has held leadership sales positions, introduced new products and services, and designed innovative marketing strategies leading to multi-million dollar customer relationships. He has worked with organizations across various industries localizing their product, marketing, and training materials for the first time, as well as enterprise customers, including Cisco Systems, Hitachi Data Systems, Apple, and Symantec, who wish to improve and streamline their global translation strategy. Michael graduated from Santa Clara University with a degree in finance, and graduated from the Leavey School of Business at Santa Clara University with a master’s in business administration.

By connecting marketing systems and automating project workflow, Cloudwords eliminates time-consuming tasks and delivers unprecedented visibility into the localization process.

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