Alexa Compcare Services: Redefining Intermodal Transportation Management
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Compcare Services: Redefining Intermodal Transportation Management

Compcare Services: Redefining Intermodal Transportation Management

Compcare Services has emerged as one of the most innovative companies in the supply chain industry with their future-oriented aspects. They specialize in Port/Rail Intermodal Drayage, providing a complete a turnkey transportation management system to trucking companies that move container freight.

In chat with Mr. Hickman, President and Owner

How did it all start?

Compcare began its services almost 40 years ago as a TMS provider and today has over 225 operational installations in North America. From the very beginning, the business was focused on developing software particularly suited for intermodal trucking.

Intermodal freight transport involves pulling containers out of the shipping ports and delivering them via various transportation methods like rails and truck. The company’s niche was built on transportation and tracking of that containerized freight as it moves. Essentially, Compcare acts as a back-office software and logistics provider for the trucking industry.

Can you briefly explain your services?

VIntermodal, the flagship product of the company, automates Paperless Dispatch, Auto Rating, Per Diem Tracking and Driver Settlements, with just one single entry. Compcare offers 3PL programs and brokerage software as well, all integrated to ensure a cradle-to-grave system. The system offers billing, invoicing and driver settlements, and interfaces with about 18 different accounting packages.

Compcare also stands apart from competitors by offering entire suite packages with over 80 different types of services and over 90 EDI trading partners which newer startups can’t offer.

Together, Compcare’s fully integrated suite of products enhance carrier efficiency and drive down operating costs.

How do you differentiate yourself from other trucking management companies?

What distinguishes Compcare from others in the industry is the constant engagement they maintain with the customer. They work collaboratively with each client to build partnerships and actively seek out new concepts to integrate into the product offerings.

Compcare hosts an annual management conference with customers to receive their feedback, exchange best practices, and obtain consensus on what new features or enhancements to explore in the coming year.

“I feel that it is necessary to connect with customers every day to better understand and meet their needs.  Also, as a CEO, I am personally involved with several trade organizations and memberships that help keep the company aware of current trends and directions. There is so much change in the intermodal industry today – all this open dialogue helps us collaborate with clients and partners to evolve this business together.”

It’s no wonder that many current product features have been born out of this unique relationship.  Hickman also believes that it is this unique approach that allows 98% of Compcare’s business to come from referrals rather than a traditional advertising and sales approach. “We focus relentlessly on Customer Support long after the sale, which is why we can attain such a high referral rate.”

Clients agree.

“For more than 10 years, we have had the best possible working relationship with the entire Compcare team. We looked at many other options at that time but none of them understood the Intermodal market like Jim Hickman did. One of the most unique things is their desire and ability to develop the latest cutting-edge options and their willingness to help customize their program to meet each of their customers’ unique needs.”  Shaun Leone, President, Sunburst Truck Lines

“Compcare is always open minded about adding on to their software - without them being so open to improvements, we wouldn’t have dispatch intelligence. We wouldn’t have document imaging to go paperless with drivers. We wouldn’t have auto tracing capabilities that alert our CSRs when a container is ready to go, saving a tremendous amount of time for our CSRs to handle more orders per person. We’ve been able to handle almost a 50% growth without having to add more employees.”  Randall Morris, Vice President of Operations, Canal Cartage Company

What is the next big thing in this industry?

The future is synonymous with automation. Hickman believes it’ll be the ability for a driver to request the next dispatch and have the system locate it automatically with the help of artificial intelligence. AI software development will eventually alter the course of the current structure and reduce the workload off a dispatcher.  Compcare is developing new algorithms to optimize order balancing, date balancing, and to survey all orders in the system to offer the most viable option(s). In the case of a driver’s location, the software will predict the optimum move for both the company and the driver, thereby providing more moves for the driver and maximizing efficiency.

Many companies are also insisting on use of API instead of traditional EDI. Compcare is on the verge of a drastic change in the industry by developing various API kits to facilitate full integration across shipper, port terminal, trucking customer, and drivers.

About CEO

Jim Hickman started with Compare Services in the early ‘90s and in 1997 he purchased the company together with business partner Luana Connor. Transportation and trucking software has been the forte of Compcare since its inception; Jim has more than 30 years of experience in providing transportation solutions specifically within the Intermodal industry.

“Compcare Services is an Intermodal Transportation software company based out of 340 Golden Shore Ave, Suite 210, Long Beach, California 90802, United States.”

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