Alexa Compsoft Creative is the UK's leading mobile app development company

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Compsoft Creative is the UK's leading mobile app development company

Compsoft Creative is the UK's leading mobile app development company

If you don’t have a mobile app for your organization, it implies that you are losing an opportunity for capitalizing the growing number of smartphone users. More precisely, you lack an advance organization necessity.

Yes, this is because it is crucial to reach out to your potential customers. Moreover, mobile apps improve the experience of the existing customer base. As a result, it can lead to your business profit. 

Compsoft Creative was the first development house in the UK to officially offer iPhone development (within days of Apple making the SDK available). The same goes for Android and Windows when they quickly followed Apple’s lead.

The company has developed apps to be preinstalled on new Android devices, in particular the first Galaxy Tab for MTV and Samsung (getting its hands on a top secret prototype).

Compsoft was one of the first to develop for Pebble, Apple Watch and Google Glass and it developed apps which utilized iBeacon technology the year of its release.

In fact, when the sun goes down its team doesn’t stop, holding regular mini DevCons and Game Jams which draw in developers from miles around. Through these, the team can increase their already broad knowledge and fuel their burning passion for all things technical and mobile.

Today you’ll find an enthusiastic team of Developers, Designers, UX specialists and Project Delivery staff working closely together to produce the very best of breed in mobile apps. Collectively its dev team has a broad skillset which covers technologies such as Swift, Objective C, Java, HTML5, .NET, SQL, C++ and so on…

Compsoft is a team focused on excellence, innovation and it enjoys being challenged. It wants to see your app becoming a huge success and will do everything it can to make it one.

Other interests include; office badminton, party popper moments, employee of the month lucky dip, pool, weekly pub lunch, Friday milkshakes and the long-distance tea toss…

How Compsoft Creative works

That’s not to say that everyone who needs an app are new businesses, or that all apps sit at the core of a business, however apps today play an integral part of a business.

As such the firm recognizes that creating an app is much more that creating a product –it’s a proposition, a service offering an extension of your business ethos onto a user’s personal device. “We could sit down with you and ask you what you want the app to do and build it (which many companies will do!) But that would ensure that we missed a whole host of opportunities to do something epic along the way,” says the company.

Compsoft adds, “Our process ensures that we sit down with you, the experts of what you do (or want to do) and listen… We often will then challenge, suggest and refine – all the while bringing our expertise and knowledge to bear on the solution. In essence our process consists of five steps; Discover, Shape, Build, Release, Evolve which while it can be considered linear are anything but!”


Community Beacon:  The team here is affected by COVID-19 in one way or another and Compsoft wanted to do its bit during this COVID-19 crisis.

Something which really impressed the firm about the response in the UK was how many people wanted to help those in need. 

The problem Compsoft saw however was despite the goodwill in the community; it was not always easy to know who in your community might need support. This was somewhat due to the fact that communities have evolved over the years and it is less common to know lots of people in your neighborhood.

Some great initiatives have popped up around the UK to try and solve this problem; the organization took a look at these and put together an app which took the best from them all.

Compsoft worked incredibly hard over the last few weeks, developing the Community Beacon app which connects carers and volunteers to those in their community who need help.

Unlike other apps that already exist, Community Beacon is designed to be simple and easy to use, especially for the more vulnerable members of its communities. It puts people in touch and then gets out of the way to let humanity happen.

Premium user interface design

The vastly experienced design team here at Compsoft Creative use an agile approach to the graphic and user interface design for the solutions it creates. It all starts with you and your idea and what excites you about it - Compsoft wants to understand that 'eureka' moment!

The organization then looks at who your users will be, what makes them tick, what they want from your app or service and then combine your business requirements for the product with the end user's needs.

The team use sketch style 'wireframes' to design the layout, interaction and screens for the user interface of the solution - keeping your business needs and the end users at the forefront of its minds. These wireframes will usually go through many iterations as its team and yours works closely together to shape the perfect solution.

The Compsoft Creative design team will then create the art direction for the app that is the look and feel, app brand, tone of voice and overall graphic style. 

With its team you can be confident your app will hold their own against the biggest brands and best solutions on the app stores.

Daniel Payne, Managing Director

“Compsoft has been developing bespoke software for many years and has specialized in mobile since 2009, combining cutting-edge development with fantastic design to create some of the world’s best apps.”

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