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Conga – Providing end-to-end Digital Document Transformation

Conga – Providing end-to-end Digital Document Transformation

The internet landscape is rapidly changing, and your business needs to adapt fast. Digital transformation has become the need for business today rather than being an option. Conga, which is an end-to-end Digital Document Transformation solution, provides flexible solutions to simplify documents, automate contracts, and execute eSignatures.

It is the leader in end-to-end Digital Document Transformation. Through contract management and negotiation, collaboration, and creation to agreement and e-signature, the Conga Suite has set the standard for automating business productivity and CRM investment through end-to-end Digital Document Transformation. The Conga Suite, which includes Conga Composer, Conga Collaborate, Conga Contracts, Conga Grid, Conga Sign, Conga Orchestrate, and Conga AI, drives segment-leading ROI by simplifying and automating intelligent data, documents, contracts, signing, and reporting outcomes. As a top global Salesforce Platinum ISV Partner, Conga produces the highest volume of downloaded paid app on the entire AppExchange. Nearly 800,000 users in 85 countries across virtually all industries rely on Conga applications to drive digital document transformation, including Hilton Worldwide, Schumacher Group, and CBRE. The company is privately-held and based in Colorado with global operations in the UK and Australia.

Benefits of using Conga

With Conga, you can create, share, store, and track faster from anywhere. It lets you speed up communications and make virtual delivery a snap. It increases productivity by saving time and freeing up resources. You also get easy access to every document anywhere, anytime. Conga lets you automate routine paperwork and effectively manage the accuracy of all documents. With Conga, you can build, analyze, negotiate, approve, and store smarter. You can maintain compliance and mitigate risk in your contracts, store, and access every contract in one place.

Digital document management

Every document has a significant potential to help accelerate your business. With Conga, you can unleash that potential with their engaging documents capabilities and quickly build, manage, and work on documents online or anywhere your business takes you.

The future is digital. By digitizing your documents and automating the manual, outdated processes that slow you down, you can cut down administrative labor that costs you valuable time, leads to mistakes, and keeps you from moving forward when you need it most. When you automate your documents, it's a beautiful thing. Automation takes the work out of the process and removes user steps that can lead to mistakes.

With Conga Composer, building fully customized, personalized documents is a breeze, no matter your role, industry, or use case. You can automate your Salesforce document processes and cut down on or maybe even eliminate errors. You are not tied to your desk. And your documents shouldn't be either. With Collaborate, you can forget paper documents and create, share, and store documents online for instant access and on-the-go collaboration.

Intelligent Contracts

Contracts are a crucial component of every business. That is something everyone can agree upon. But they can also slow you down because they are often complicated, time-consuming, hard to finalize, and even harder to track. With Conga's intelligent contracts solution, it is easier than ever to draft, negotiate, approve, store, and analyze every agreement. Conga lets you store and search all of your contracts in a secure, centralized repository. You can analyze contracts with AI-powered insights and step-by-step wizards that anyone in your organization can use. With minimized risks, you can stay compliant and mitigate contractual risks associated with contracts—while discovering ways to improve your process and reduce costs.

Effortless e-Signature

The last hurdle to be cleared in every workflow before reaching the finish line is getting a signature on the dotted line. With Conga, you can put an end to those delays and issues with effortless eSignature. You can quickly capture the secure, compliant, and legally binding electronic signatures you need to keep business moving. When you transform your operations, it accelerates your business in leaps and bounds. Conga can help you empower your business to modernize revenue generation, simplify and streamline commercial processes, and create better, more efficient customer experiences.

Document Insights

We live in a data-driven world. Everything is connected to the internet. From our smart devices to our thermostats to our refrigerators, everything is becoming IoT. But what about your business documents? They are full of data too. Data that can tell you things to help drive business—if only you could find it. Conga's AI-powered insights let you view, analyze, and organize actionable data from documents and contracts, helping you streamline workflows and make informed decisions. You can do more with data and do more with your documents.

You can effortlessly discover and create custom workflows, complete with reports that deliver insight into performance, and identify any potential bottlenecks. It requires no custom coding. You can easily monitor and improve sales performance with access to the latest and greatest data. With Conga's Automated report delivery, you can extend report delivery options in your CRM and automate delivery to enjoy greater control and increased efficiency.

About the CEO

Noel Goggin is the CEO and Culture Leader of Conga. He is responsible for directing the company's growth at scale and furthering its leading position in the digital transformation of business processes. He is a highly accomplished tech executive with nearly 30 years of leadership and management experience within the software industry, including CEO, EVP, and SVP positions. 

Prior to joining Conga, Noel served as the CEO and Culture Leader at Aptos, where he successfully transformed the business's culture and performance and directed its spin-off as a fully independent company. Previously, he was the General Manager of retail strategy at RedPrairie. He has a proven record of operational experience in product strategy and innovation, organization and business transformation, and building enduring teams and cultures. Noel holds a BS in Engineering from Dublin City University in Dublin, Ireland. 

"Our end-to-end suite simplifies and maximizes critical everyday documents while freeing up your workforce to do so much more."

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