Alexa A SaaS and fintech innovator purpose-built for elevating construction productivity to new heights: Constrafor
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A SaaS and fintech innovator purpose-built for elevating construction productivity to new heights: Constrafor

A SaaS and fintech innovator purpose-built for elevating construction productivity to new heights: Constrafor

As a SaaS and fintech innovator purpose-built for construction, Constrafor is setting new standards of productivity and cost-efficiency for the way GCs and subcontractors manage essential back-office tasks and financial transactions. For GENERAL CONTRACTORS, Constrafor’s robust cloud platform streamlines and standardizes subcontractor procurement & administration, including contracts, COIs, invoices & payments and diversity procurement – all in one place. Constrafor’s B2B procurement platform for the construction industry has become a hot spot for industry leaders, thinkers and innovators. From business development to operations, service and sales, Constrafor’s leadership team is a growing group of thought leaders looking to make a difference in the built environment. At the head of this organization is Anwar Ghauche. With a master’s degree in Civil Engineering and Operations Research and an MBA from Stanford University, Ghauche has been focused on the alignment of finance and construction for many years. He was formerly the general manager for a financial services company and before that an equities investor.

When asked about founding Constrafor, he responded: “I needed a change and a way to make a difference. Constrafor is an opportunity to provide valuable financial services in a seamless manner to contractors that were in dire need. On a personal level, it is a chance to utilize my portfolio analysis and risk management skills to drive business growth.”

Ghauche’s energy and desire to drive change has attracted others with similar thoughts. A key early hire, Constrafor’s Vice President and Head of Credit, Julia Yu was a global venture portfolio manager and trader with expertise in data analysis, economic research and risk management. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from MIT—and she’s a 2018 Forbes 30 Under 30 recipient. She joined Constrafor in 2021, as she noted, to build out an “elegant solution to an underserved need in a large market.” She added, “We have a compelling financial technology product concept with an existing proof of market fit that can get even stronger with my experience.”

The Talent Behind the Constrafor Continuum

Tasked with overseeing the company’s technology roadmap and development, Constrafor’s Chief Technology Officer Douglas Reed sees the company as an exciting new challenge. He was previously lead developer at a global construction project management platform where he led a cross functional team of product managers, designers and engineers to deliver innovative solutions. “Prior to joining the company, I was well aware of the inefficiencies that plague the construction industry,” he said. “The problem of subcontractor financing and construction project automation that Constrafor is trying to solve is a very interesting one and a huge opportunity for the construction industry. I believe the Constrafor team with their background in construction, finance, and technology has the right mix of skills to solve these tough problems.”

Reed and Yu both point to the company’s high energy team that is striving to make a difference. Reed added, “I’ve worked at many startups before coming to Constrafor and one common theme amongst the successful startups has been this spark of energy, which is difficult to miss at Constrafor. We are very uniquely positioned to disrupt the ‘business as usual’ way of how projects are managed and financed in the construction industry. Such opportunities are quite rare and I am excited to be a part of this journey!

All in one place

Constrafor’s invoice management module helps General Contractors track subcontractor invoice and payment statuses, generate project or contractor level reports, and review outstanding invoice approvals and payments. Easy-to-use invoice management module allows you to manage, track and review subcontractor invoice statuses all in one place. Stay organized and save time with Constrafor’s invoice management software that tracks, approves and reports on invoice statuses - all in one place. Constrafor’s innovative cloud-based module allows you to gain visibility into the status of every invoice and securely access your dashboard anytime, anywhere.

The construction industry has suffered from lagging productivity because of the lack of tools that provide visibility and streamline workflows between General Contractors (GCs) and Subcontractors (Subs) at the different steps of construction procurement. This problem is compounded by the inherent delayed cash flows to Subs that leave them to finance the projects despite their precarious balance sheets and their high cost of capital. Constrafor’s platform helps these groups collaborate through streamlined documentation and information exchange, while its embedded EPP provides financing to the thousands of contractors active on the platform that are looking to accelerate their cash flows. Through EPP, Subs can get paid for their approved invoices within 24 to 48 hours, improving cash flows by up to 80 days without having to use traditional and costly lending sources.

Send Payments Securely

Streamline your payment processes by sending money from anywhere at any time. Save time with Constrafor’s secure payment module and eliminate the time consuming task of printing and sending checks. General contractors can easily and securely send and receive payments digitally with Constrafor’s integrated streamlined payment system. Keep cash flowing and automate payment holds to address compliance issues. Constrafor’s dashboard makes it easy to speed up your billing process by tracking and reviewing invoices. As well as getting visibility into payment status and approvals and sending payments with one click. Constrafor’s Early Pay Program (EPP) allows general contractors to offer an alternative financing option to their entire subcontractor network, at no cost to the GC, allowing them to benefit from accelerated payments and reduce overall project risk.

Anwar Ghauche, Founder and CEO

“Increase productivity and improve cost-efficiency through automating your essential back-office tasks and financial transactions.”

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