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September Edition 2020

Cooladata: A business intelligence & behavioral analytics platform for digital businesses

Cooladata: A business intelligence & behavioral analytics platform for digital businesses

In recent years, companies have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on web analytics software, support, and personnel. But surprisingly, only a small percentage of those investments have translated into positive returns.

It's not that companies aren't compiling web data. In fact, they're gathering and storing vast quantities of it at record speed. But somewhere between data extraction and actionable insights, something gets lost. Perhaps the company isn't collecting the right data, or they may lack analysts with the skills needed to turn the data into actionable insights, or they may not be sharing those insights with the right people. Even if the company is doing all those things, there is no guarantee they are tying their analytics efforts to business goals in a meaningful way.

“Behavioral analytics and personalized messaging empower brands to turn normal users to highly-engaged power users,” said Doug Roberge, Product Marketing for Kahuna.

Cooladata makes it easy to track, capture, and analyze each customer’s journey and turn them in actionable insights to improve engagement, retention, and monetization. Built to collect data from any source from social platforms, such as Facebook, to web and mobile platforms.

Cooladata is unique when it comes to its offerings:

Data unification

Cooladata identifies and tracks your users across all platforms and channels, and unifies that data into a single customer journey. Import any kind of data — structured, unstructured or semi-structured —and its self-learning architecture will enrich it in real-time and store it as highly structured data that is very easy to query.

Data analysis

CQL: CQL is Cooladata’s proprietary SQL extension, optimized for behavioral analysis. You get all the power of SQL with only 20% of the code. Write CQL queries in their platform, through their API, or their easy-to-use visual query builder.

Data sharing

Empower every team in your company with the data they need to make informed business decisions. Create custom dashboards for sales, marketing, product and executive teams to give them the insights they need to move your company forward.

Cooladata reports update automatically, in real-time, and can be embedded in any web page or email. Share dashboards with internal and external teams through the Partner Portal, and set permissions to control who sees what and when. You can even whitelabel dashboards with your branding and logo.

Get the data you need via email, text message or Slack. Receive alerts when something requires your attention so you can be proactive and take action immediately.

Machine learning

The data you collect on your customers has the power to transform your business. Using Cooladata’s out-of-the-box machine learning models, your analysts can easily build and train models to predict customer churn, forecast conversions and cluster your users by their behavior. Give your data analysts the ability to become data scientists.

Pre-built Models for your Business

Predicting Churn: Use Cooladata to identify customers at risk of churn. Its churn model picks up on behavioral patterns associated with churn to help you take preventative action before it’s too late.

Predicting Conversion: Customer buying behavior is complex, but not incomprehensible. Leveraging machine learning, Cooladata learns about behavioral patterns that make users likely to convert to paying customers.

Behavioral Clusters: Manually segmenting users using labels like “free” and “paid” is a great start, but it only tells you one thing about your users. Cooladata identifies clusters of users by how they interact with your product, helping you identify much more nuanced user stories.

eLearning Analytics

See and understand learner’s behavioral patterns over time to understand such actions as: What actions do your most successful eLearners take? What influences users to advance from a free audit to paid? What do people do before they drop out of a course, never to return? What were the steps they took before conversion? How do they consume content? What if this information was in your inbox, every day, before you even get to your desk?

Guy Greenberg, Co-Founder/CEO

Guy has more than twenty years of experience in Business Intelligence and Big Data. As Co-Founder and CEO of Gilon Business Insight, Israel’s largest provider of Business Intelligence, Guy turned Gilon into a multinational corporation with 300 employees, which was acquired by Ness Technologies in 2010. At Ness Technologies, Guy served as Senior Vice President for Global BI and Big Data, where he worked with some of the largest corporations in the world. Guy was also a Co-Founder of Actimize, a market leader in financial crime, risk and compliance products which was acquired by NICE Systems (NASDAQ:NICE) in 2007. Guy is an active angel investor and adviser of several Big Data startups. He is a graduate of Tel Aviv University’s Department of Industrial Engineering and Management.

“We make it easy to track, capture, and analyze each customer’s journey and turn them in actionable insights to improve engagement, retention, and monetization.”

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