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CrowdHut: Your platform for full-service pre and post crowdfunding platform

CrowdHut: Your platform for full-service pre and post crowdfunding platform

The modern marketplace is constantly evolving and changing. In this era, there are many new alternatives that provide a modern approach to the traditional ones. For instance, take finance. The way monetary transactions take place has undergone massive changes over the years. Today, we have cryptocurrency, business incubators, crowdfunding, etc. Speaking more about crowdfunding, it is funding of small amounts of money from a large number of people that are used for new initiatives, projects or ventures.

We bring to you CrowdHut, a service company that provides guidance to crowdfunding campaigns. CrowdHut is more popularly recognized as the first, full-service pre and post crowdfunding solutions provider. Founded in May 2012, CrowdHut offers turnkey solutions through a one-time and tiered, monthly subscription model. The model includes all the aspects of a campaign- product preparation and management of pre and post crowdfunding.

Let’s go into detail about what are the services circling pre and post crowdfunding.

Pre Crowdfunding

Pre crowdfunding services refer to all the services required before the crowdfunding begins. With CrowdHut, these services extend to all the necessary tools entrepreneurs require for creating and launching a successful crowdfunding campaign. The crowdfunding platform doesn’t matter as CrowdHut provides you the required services and tools for your campaign launch.

Take for instance Crowdfunding Campaigns. The year the company launched, CrowdHut began its post crowdfunding services. At the same time, the company’s client-entrepreneurs began requesting advice on how to run their own crowdfunding campaign. However, these entrepreneurs were worried that they lacked the required expertise and didn’t have the time to work on this. 

In response to the growing demand for pre crowdfunding service, CrowdHut began catering to the needs of the clients. The company developed a suite of pre crowdfunding services that would cater to the needs of any entrepreneur out there. With these tools, an entrepreneur can create, market, and engage a crowdfunding campaign successfully. As mentioned earlier, the crowdfunding platform doesn’t matter, the pre crowdfunding tools aid you to campaign anywhere in the world.

“CrowdHut’s Pre Crowdfunding services offer all the necessary tools entrepreneurs need to create and launch a successful crowdfunding campaign on any crowdfunding platform,” says Philip Reicherz, Co-Founder and CEO of CrowdHut.

The Expert Group!                                 

A group of experts is what gets a company on top of the list, even more so if it’s a crowdfunding one. At CrowdHut, you’ll find experts in a large diverse field which includes experts from supply chain and manufacturing, product design and patents, hardware engineering, B2C ecommerce, franchise and restaurant, intellectual property, legal, engineering, finance, angel investing, marketing and strategy, logistics, import/export, valuations, market analysis, crowdfunding platform, etc.

When we speak of crowdfunding, there are many challenges in the industry. And here is CrowdHut addressing these problems by offering its tools and services. The expert team forms the crux and core of the company who have one goal- to help entrepreneurs.

Post Crowdfunding

Next, we come to the post crowdfunding services by CrowdHut. With the post crowdfunding services, you’ll have access to all the tools required by entrepreneurs after launching their successful crowdfunding campaign.“CrowdHut’s Post-Crowdfunding services offer all the necessary tools entrepreneurs need after they have completed a successful crowdfunding campaign,” explains Philip. If we take look at the present market landscape, there is a lack of support from the industry once the funding is given. This is where CrowdHut stepped into the picture and decided to help the entrepreneurs. “We said why not help them,” he says.

CrowdHut got to work. Information and feedback were collected from entrepreneurs to understand the biggest distress they face after completing their campaigns. Recalling the work, Philip says that they “collected feedback from entrepreneurs and determined the most common concerns for entrepreneurs.” With this information in hand, CrowdHut got to work and put together a few turnkey solutions to help them with those concerns.

Future plans

Today, CrowdHut is recognized as the most complete post-crowdfunding marketplace yet. As part of the post crowdfunding services, CrowdHut offers a store, publicity, and order processing tools and services. The company further plans on offering group discounts for shipping, distribution, and fulfillment. CrowdHut takes a 30% cut from successful campaigns. Phil also says that the company is “focusing on building its team of experts who can advise successful projects on filing patents, getting into Wal-Mart (WMT - Get Report) and creating infomercials, for an added fee.”

The Captain of the ship

Philip Reicherz, Co-Founder & CEO

In 2012, Philip Reicherz cofounded CrowdHut along with David Borish. Philip is also the founder and managing partner of Magnolia Ventures, a seed stage venture capital fund. Prior to Magnolia, he was a partner and first employee at SecondMarket, Inc., the leading marketplace for alternative investments. Philip helped build out a network of more than 100,000+ accredited individuals and institutions and facilitated billions of dollars in privately negotiated transactions. He is often a leading speaker and moderator at the country's largest crowdfunding events.

“CrowdHut may be the most complete post crowdfunding marketplace yet.”

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