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CTW Logistics Corporation: Provides Customs Brokerage, Customized IT Solutions, Transportation Services, Warehousing Solutions, Document Archival

CTW Logistics Corporation: Provides Customs Brokerage, Customized IT Solutions, Transportation Services, Warehousing Solutions, Document Archival

CTW started off as a container trucking business, with the economy development in Taiwan, CTW observed the warehousing service opportunity and broadened its business into 3PL service. The firm is consistently dedicated to the pursuit of modern logistics services. It was in 2001 that CTW became the first 3PL service provider that got ILC (International Logistics Center) license for its warehouse and since then it has been operating Regional Logistics Hub for many multi-nation clients.

To deliver semiconductor industry, CTW came up with temperature-control and air-suspension vehicles to provide accurate machines, and they also got into chemical and DG logistics service. Since many years, CTW has been committed to logistics, regional hub operation and sustainable supply chain services for semiconductor clusters, and builds exemplary service capability. Its service quality and capability are recognized by many world-renowned companies. CTW is now their long-term logistics partner.

Recently, innovation has led to the company devoting itself to the continuous digital transformation process. Now, CTW has implemented some automated/semi-automated logistics line from site to site, and it simplifies the process and alters the way staffs work. CTW has also coalesced systems of varied functions to gather all kinds of data from multi dimensions, so that there is a broad view of total operation. By this way, the firm creates more value to its clients.

We got in touch with Mr. John Huang, Founder, to get a better understanding of the company

What are your services? Explain in detail

CTW is a 3PL providing contracted services to clients from various industries. Our services cover from international freight arrangement to customs clearance and local logistic operation. We are well experienced in different kinds of value-added services, such as labeling, sorting and re-packing. In terms of geographical coverage, CTW has 10 sites across Taiwan island obtaining excellent flexibility in human resources and facility networking.

For the industry focus, we have dedicated in chemicals/DG, semiconductor parts and industrial materials/finished goods for a long time, but with our newly developed system for some e-commerce/O2O retail customers, we have successfully converted some distribution centers to O2O order fulfillment centers. Another business focus is that CTW plays the role of Asian distribution hub for some multi-national enterprises. While CTW owns the International Logistics Center certificate, it can manage both bonded/non-bonded inventory with more flexibility than free trade zone (FTZ). Moreover, the facts of Taiwan’s geographical location in the center of Asia, the stability of political environment, and the efficiency/transparency of customs administration, etc. are also crucial factors explaining why CTW was chosen to act as the RDC.

In 2020, following our customer’s business expansion to the South-East Asia, CTW will launch its Singapore branch to extend our current service model to the Asian region.

Talk about Fast Moving Consumer Goods

For FMCG, CTW mainly handles fast fashion, luxury goods, supplements, and skin care products. In order to meet client’s O2O logistics requirement, a well-built application system plays a crucial role in daily operation. With our self-developed OMS system, clients can easily place orders required by the physical shops while on-line orders will be converted to WMS automatically by EDI. For both kinds of orders, OMS is the place to track and trace every single order until the delivery is perfectly completed. OMS is also the platform to efficiently handle non conformance issue since all the concerned parties can obtain real-time status and directly communicate over the platform. Apart from OMS, we categorize the orders into several patterns to apply different picking methods for higher efficiency, and all the order processing can be monitored by the performance dashboard. CTW also customize order tracking webpage where client’s logo is embedded on the page for their end customers to track the delivery status. By powerful OMS and real-time tracking, our clients can get first hand data to immediately respond to their customers and get better satisfaction from them.

Consumer electronics has been in boom for many years. How does CTW provide integrated logistics solutions according to the consumer needs?

The ongoing China-US trade war and unrest COVID-19 pandemic have made the world trading environment ever fast changing and unpredictable. Our customers face the challenge to reconstruct their world production allocation, therefore they are keen to build up a sustainable supply chain that can strongly support their global strategy.

Some of our customers from consumer electronics industry had just moved out parts of their production lines from Mainland China to Taiwan, where was ranked as the third-best destination for investment among the 50 countries assessed by Business Environment Risk Intelligence (BERI) in the first report of 2020. They came to CTW seeking VMI logistics solution that can simultaneously operate non-bonded and bonded cargo. CTW, with well experienced EDI development capability and order fulfillment strength, can speedily adjust to such urgent needs and efficiently support customer’s VMI supply chain. Now we are designated VMI logistics partner of two renowned consumer electronics manufacturers. All of the vendors once have their products inbound to CTW and keep safety stock. Later on, by EDI scheme with manufacturer, outbound orders can be received by CTW WMS automatically to commence the picking operation. And finally, by the vendor-shared delivery, CTW can conduct just-in-time order fulfillment to their production lines every day cost-effectively and smoothly.

Detail us about your cultural foundation.

John Huang, the founder of CTW, is always passionate about the public welfare. CTW Culture and Education Foundation, founded in 1998, keeps its mission to devote in public welfare for the local neighboring communities, environment, educations and Taiwanese society. Recently hold events includes: Regularly publish books concerning world peace, human rights and local Hakka culture and donate the books to libraries and individuals who would like to read; Donate instruments to neighboring schools for children playing in their leisure time; Hold chorus concerts inviting teams from Taiwan and Japan to enhance international friendship in nongovernmental respect; Hold Logistics Paper Contest since 2014 to encourage academic research on any aspect of logistics or supply chain; Regularly donate to NGO/NPO that devote to Taiwan local affairs, etc.

Echoing CTW’s business philosophy: Repay the society; Repay the earth. Care for humanity; Care for peace, CTW Culture and Education Foundation acts to express the utmost appreciation for our home land.

Here are the awards CTW is honored with:

Supply Chain Partner Award-Taiwan, Covestro (2016, 2017, 2018)

Supply Chain Partner Award-Hong Kong, Covestro (2017)

APAC Logistics Service Excellence Award, Warehouse, Covestro (2017)

APAC Safety Champion, Covestro (2016 &2017)

Service Provider of The Year, Expeditors (2018)

Supply Chain Innovation of The Year, Supply Chain Asia Awards (2019)

CTW milestone:

1974: It was the day when CTW Logistics Corporation was set up

1975: Yangmei Container Yard was set up

1980: Keelung Container Yard started

2003: Dedicated Logistics Services Provider Of Department Of Health, Taiwan, During “SARS” Period (Mask / PPE)

2005: Certification Of Fire Safety Building. The First Certificated Fire Safety Warehouse In Taiwan

2009: Provide Dedicated Logistics Service Of National Classic Editions And Publication To National Central Library  And Council For Cultural Affairs

2010: Received Evergreen Enterprise Excellence Award from Taoyuan County Government

2019: Launched OMS & Logi-Intelligence platforms

Greet Mr. John Huang

John Huang along with being the Founder of CTW Logistics Corporation is also the President of the CTW Culture and Education Foundation. He did Bachelor of Laws, National Taiwan University Department of Law and Master of Laws, Kobe University Department of Law.

He has previously worked as President of Taiwan Association of Logistics Management in the year 2003-2008, President of Rotary Club of Taipei TOKAI, in year 2006-2007.

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