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Empowering businesses with the right tools to manage their recurring revenue business—Curlec

Empowering businesses with the right tools to manage their recurring revenue business—Curlec

What do Adobe, Ecolab, Netflix, and Chegg have in common? While they are very different companies, they generate over 80% of their revenue through recurring revenue. Although typically associated with software and eCommerce businesses, the recurring revenue model is making its way into other industry sectors—and for a good reason.

Companies are moving away from traditional business models to flexible, consumption-based ones that allow customers to consume and pay for products or services based on how much they use. It’s a significant transition that requires re-engineering the value chain and realigning teams to the new business model.

Subscription billing and revenue management in flexible consumption model (FCM) business model enable customers to pay for products or services based on what they consume (pay-as-you-go), scale their service usage up or down based on business needs, and automatically renew their subscriptions.

Meeting the growing demand for these flexible consumption models requires organizations to establish new subscription billing and recurringrevenue management capabilities. One of the world’s leading recurring revenue management services providers is Curlec.Curlec is a Fintech company that makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to collect recurring payments and take control of their cash flow. They do this by building technology on top of payment infrastructure.

Automate the entire workflow—why should you choose Curlec for your subscription business

Curlec has been designed to go beyond just payments. Curlec provides businesses of all sizes a complete recurring revenue management platform that automates their subscription business operations and unlocks value every step of the way. They empower businesses of all sizes with the right tools to manage their recurring revenue business and take control of their cash flow.

  • Multiple payments solution-

Curlec lets clients maximize their earning potential with multiple payment methods such as Direct Debit, Instant Pay (FPX), and Card Payments, allunder one platform that is built for speed and scale

  • Flexible business models-

Customers are offered a better way to subscribe to clients’ businesses by shifting towards a recurring revenue model. Curlec enables clients to stay one step ahead of their competitors when it comes to convenience and flexibility

  • Improve cash flow

Clients can eliminate any outstanding or late payments and take control of their cash flow. Curlec automatically pulls fees from the customer’s account whenever it’s due, ensuring clients get paid on time, every time

  • Reduced admin work

Curlec’s hands-off approach to subscription management and payment collection takes the burden off clients’ admin’s shoulders. Now clients can turn their focus on growing their business

Enabling subscription businesses to automate the recurring revenue management process

Curlec provides clients with everything they need to run a subscription business, from onboarding and subscription management, billing & invoicing and payments, and payouts and giving timely reports and analytics scores.

  • Subscription Management

Their subscription management system handles clients’ recurring customer lifecycle from start to finish so that they can create, personalize and manage all their recurring payment plans with ease.

Clients set the price, and Curlec handles the rest. The firm creates a better subscription experience by allowing customers to include addons in a few simple clicks, boosting theclient’s revenue. By automating the mundane bits of a subscription lifecycle management, such as collecting payment information, updating billing changes, and subscription renewals, Curlec offers clients hassle-free subscription management. Additionally, Curlec automatically generates invoices for customers. The software keeps complete records of all transactions in one single place so that clients can easily track and reconcile their payments.

  • Billing

Curlec streamlines processes to gain billing efficiencies across the client’s entire process with software built to work with their subscription workflows and business model.

Curlec’s software issues an invoice directly from the dashboard by adding a product and customer information to their invoice and bills them based on their billing cycle or sign-up date. It also implements specific rules for certain recurring packages.

Curlec simplifiesclients’ invoicing system and has their customers authorize their transactions in a few simple clicks via email or payment links. It also manages and tracks all client invoices and provides detailed reports directly from the dashboard.

On Curlec, it’s easy to add customized payment terms, smart retries, and credit notes to help manage day-to-day subscription workflow.

  • Payments

Curlec helps clients stay one step ahead of their competitors regarding convenience and flexibility. They provide customers the option of a more efficient way of subscribing to a client’s business and making a payment.

Curlec’s online Direct Debit and recurring card payments work great for businesses that charge depending on how much a customer uses or buys. It also offers customers the flexibility of splitting an individual invoice into installments. Seamless onboarding and installment payments ensure businesses are paid faster. Combining their recurring payment solution with Curlec’s one-off payment solution via FPX and card allows clients to maximize their business opportunities.

  • Payouts

Whether you plan to disburse money to your service providers, suppliers, or customers, Curlec simplifies and automatesthe client’s disbursement workflows with Curlec Payouts.

Clients can set up their disbursements within a few simple clicks and send instant payouts to their payees anytime. Then can also customizetheirallocation flows for better payout automation through scheduled payouts.

Curlec helps clients stay informed with real-time transaction updates at every step of the payout journey. They can access reporting insights and have the flexibility to manage their entire disbursement process all within a single platform.

Driving the innovation in the recurring revenue business sector

Zac Liew is the Co-Founder and CEO of Curlec.Zac previously worked at Barclays Bank in London and was a Product Manager for two enterprise-tech companies. He was named in Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2020.

“Redefine the way you transact with Curlec.”

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