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Cyclotron Inc.: Providing solutions around collaboration, cloud, BI and beyond

Cyclotron Inc.: Providing solutions around collaboration, cloud, BI and beyond

The business world is constantly expanding and exploring new possibilities. In this vast corporate structure of today, every business- regardless of its size- requires effective IT services and systems to increase their productivity. An expert and professional support team can not only recognize the business challenges, but can also bring the people, seasoned expertise and proven processes to intelligently answer them. Moreover, the immense power of technology plays a very big part to bring about massive changes in an organization.

Amber Bahl founded Cyclotron Inc., in 2015 to bring one such change. Amber felt that the way his previous employers addressed their clients had its inefficiencies. The company was built for agility with a strong determination that no hindrances should slow down any department in an organization. Cyclotron believes that improving the IT platform will improve society as a whole as it contributes to innovation.

“In our opinion, technology services act as the ever-important wiring within an organization – and much of that ‘wiring’ is grossly outdated,” says Amber. With its great pool of talent, the company kick-started with an aim to deliver pure services. Over the past couple of years, it has grown through customer references. In fact, with customer referrals, the popularity of the company has magnified and is driving the main source of the business.

The first product

A Data Loss Prevention engine was Cyclotron’s first product that was aimed towards helping financial organizations with its security and compliance. It was able to help secure some pivotal information at organizations that impacted the lives of millions of consumers. After this, the company launched multiple lines of business applications for various businesses involved in pharma, retail, manufacturing and life sciences.

Of work

Although the company works like a startup, the employees are abundant in industry knowledge. The company is upscaling rapidly. It plans to double and then triple the employee count with each passing year. Having opened offices in the Bay Area, Los Angeles and Dallas it has an employee strength that is sub hundred in numbers. The organizational structure is fairly basic so as to accommodate more agility. Cyclotron claims to get from project inquiry to kick-off in just 24 to 48 hours. The employees tend to utilize their downtime at the workplace by researching technology or methodology and socializing the findings.

Experience counts in any field. Everyone in the development staff has ten plus years of experience with application development on collaboration platforms. In total with 200 years of combined experience, the team gets an edge in product functionality, process flows, and development lifecycle.

Upcoming launches

Cyclotron’s upcoming launch is Helix Life Sciences Platform. With this launch, the company is making its entry into the Microsoft ISV field. Cyclotron will be moving into core product development territory with its Helix Life Sciences platform. The new Helix Life Sciences platform is built on top of Microsoft Azure and is integrated with Office 365 aimed at helping Life Sciences Organizations to speed up the drug discovery process.

Eyes on Expansion

Now with three plus years of experience in customer application and Office 365 development in life-sciences and financial services it has fine-tuned the stand-out requirements for drug development organizations. Cyclotron has launched its own platform for drug development companies built on Azure with integration with Office 365. Cyclotron’s knowledge and experience in the area will help the companies decrease their drug development time by 20% through industry collaboration platform that is specifically for life sciences.

Cyclotron is adding an average of four customers every month and a hire every week. With its customer base doubling and continuing to grow it is continuing to work hard to ensure that it has a lot of happy customers and employees.

The Genius who started it

He started out with computer programming aged only twelve years. He went on to obtain a bachelor’s degree from Rochester Institute of Technology. His professional career took him to Universal Studios, Bose and later to Microsoft where he held mission-critical positions.

Amber Bahl has had a long tenure with the Microsoft Community, largely in the Bay Area. He built a good Microsoft practice for a now acquired local SI. Amber has been a part of Microsoft SharePoint/Office development team.

Amber found inefficiencies in the ways in which the previous organizations he worked for attempted to address client problems. He felt there was a need for a consulting company that was known for its agility. Cyclotron was founded by him keeping this in mind.

“Cyclotron not only recognizes business challenges, but we bring the people, seasoned expertise, and proven processes to intelligently answer them. When it comes to providing solutions around collaboration, cloud, BI, SharePoint and beyond.”

“We’ve had the honor to work with some of the most innovative organizations in the Bay Area and beyond.”

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