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Cynthia Farren Consulting: Dedicated to Delivering Tangible Results

Cynthia Farren Consulting: Dedicated to Delivering Tangible Results

In today’s diverse economic landscape, consulting firms are abundant. When it comes to the world of technology and IT, having the consultancy firm that meets your needs is crucial for every organization. Here is Cynthia Farren Consulting- a firm dedicated to representing the client’s best interests in all software licensing matters. With strong roots in IT management, Cynthia Farren Consulting has the expertise and toolset to meet your business needs.

Meet the firm’s founder, Cynthia Farren who is the one who ensures that her clients save money and manage risk to increase competitive advantage. Her firm is known as a Microsoft® partner with a specialization in Software Asset Management and Software Licensing expertise.

Let’s hear more about her firm in this interview.

Cynthia Farren Consulting is synonymous with Software Asset Management. Tell us about it.

Software Asset Management (SAM) is the framework for software-spend optimization. Incorporating people, processes, and tools to effectively manage corporations software licensing investment across the enterprise. Within the SAM space we have a specialized focus on Microsoft licensing – audit response, negotiating agreements, and providing licensing guidance. Our Microsoft Partner relationship helps us stay informed of changes and provides for a communication channel back to Microsoft on how customers are being impacted by licensing decisions.

Let’s talk about your services in brief.

While we offer highly customized services to our clients, most of those services fall into one of the following categories:

My SAM ManagerSM –fixed price outsourced service providing clients with an expert SAM Manager to augment internal processes. Some outsource the entire SAM role to us while others just use it as an advisory service.

My Licensing ExpertSM –packaged service for on-demand access to a licensing and Software Asset Management expert. A pool of hours that clients access when they need occasional or project specific expertise.

Ad hoc Services –

Software Audit Response – provid ing clients with guidance and licensing expertise during vendor audits.

Microsoft License Agreement Negotiation Support – providing unbiased detailed licensing expertise which leverages audit experience and best practices to advise on savings and risk management through licensing agreement.

Training – specialized training on SAM practices or Microsoft licensing.

Today’s market space is highly volatile. How do you manage to serve your solutions here?

It is easier for our small closely held firm to have the flexibility to meet the demands of an ever-changing marketplace. We carefully control our direction and ensure that any changes meet our core business vision. But when change is needed, we can rapidly implement it or adjust it to ensure we are providing the right services to our clients at the right time.

You have more than two decades of experience in this field. Tell us about the responses you have received from your clients over the years. Have these responses molded your company?

In the 20 years I’ve owned the business, I’ve been blessed to have clients who truly team with us. They let us know what we are doing right, challenge us to continue growing, and let us know when we are missing the mark. This relationship has really been possible due to the boutique nature of our business. Our clients know we are fully vested in their success and they reciprocate.

Artificial Intelligence. What is your opinion about AI? Do you think IT enterprises should embrace AI to drive business processes for SAM?

Absolutely! In SAM we have always used the catchphrase that you “can’t manage what you don’t know”. The better able we are to leverage data provided through the Internet of Things to drive SAM processes, the more effective SAM programs become.

You are a boutique firm in a niche industry – what size organizations do you support?

Most of our clients are on the Fortune 500. We have some smaller customers who have 1,500-2,000 employees but most are complex multinational organizations with well over 10,000 employees. With the tools available today we are easily able to take care of our large clients without having to have a large employee base of our own.

Tell us a factor/point that differentiates you in the marketplace.

While the SAM space is still niche and not overcrowded, there have been a number of businesses that have sprung up within the past 10 years. While many offer similar services, our longevity and the fact that we have purposely remained a boutique firm allows us to differentiate ourselves through our level of familiarity with clients, flexibility in meeting our clients needs, and ability to offer superior services at a better price point.

Meet the Charisma

Cynthia Farren, Founder

Cynthia Farren is the founder of Cynthia Farren Consulting. She has had the benefit of leading the firm through multiple cycles in the Software Asset Management industry. She stays close to her clients and listens to their challenges, not just in SAM, but in all areas of their business. Through this her firm has been able to stay abreast of changes and can support those changes through the SAM offerings or through connections to trusted partners.

“Our consultants started as business professionals…  we understand your challenges and needs.”

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