Alexa Dalsin Industries — Market leader in high-value precision metal products and weldments for world-class OEMs
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January Edition 2022

Dalsin Industries — Market leader in high-value precision metal products and weldments for world-class OEMs

Dalsin Industries — Market leader in high-value precision metal products and weldments for world-class OEMs

Top manufacturers are well aware that a hundredth of an inch is enough to compromise the quality of high-precision metal products. For any high-precision metal products manufacturing project, it is essential to choose a company that has a diverse set of skills and expertise. Dalsin Industries is a market leader in high-value contract manufacturing of precision metal weldments, assemblies, and products for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). Its market position, in the top 5% of all U.S. metal contract manufacturers, testifies its commitment and ability to satisfy customers requiring varied capabilities, from fabrication to stamping services, for medium to high volume products, across multiple industries. We interviewed Tom Schmeling, the CEO of Dalsin Industries, to understand more about the company. Here are a few excerpts of the interview:

Q. What makes you a Market Leader?

Over the past three years, Dalsin has won numerous industry and local awards. In fact, in 2020,

it won the prestigious "2020 Manufacturer of the Year" award from the Manufacturers and Fabricators Association—the most visible award they grant each year! Only one U.S. company wins this annual award, and Dalsin was selected for a rich combination of consistent growth and operational excellence. Not only that, the top two Minneapolis-St. Paul business magazines—the Twin Cities Business Journal and the Minneapolis-St. Paul Business Journal—each awarded Dalsin manufacturer of the year awards.

This kind of success happens because Dalsin operates its business according to strong core values and understands how important people are to its success. We like our technology and state-of-the-art production equipment, but we consider people as the core of our success. Our ability to integrate people and processes in unique ways makes us a better business and one that is consistently recognized for its performance against other fabricators, but also against other types of manufacturers too.

Q. What can you expect at Dalsin?

Almost every company has core values, but fewer actually live them day after day. Dalsin understands that core values knit its staff together and create a positive working environment. Our core values have been a constant in the business for many years, and it's why people come to work at Dalsin and why they stay at Dalsin. Our Mission Statement was developed by our employees: "We integrate tools, technology, and talent to provide world-class precision metal products."

We value strong internal and external communications. We work together in face-to-face meetings and through visual dashboards to meet customer needs and produce innovative options to challenge customer requests. Our advisory council, composed of representatives from all levels in the company, provides guidance and ensures focus, and is a conduit of ideas from all employees to the executive team.

We are open to change and innovation, especially in business and manufacturing processes. We love continuous improvement! We believe in all of our employees, and we like to promote from within whenever we can. We constantly train our people to help produce well-rounded candidates from within the company who might otherwise be overlooked as future leaders. This way, we have a feeder program for the future and part of how we try to get the skill sets we need for the organization.

Q. What is Dalsin Industries Value Proposition?

"Excellence in Fabrication and Design." Dalsin leads the market in high-value contract manufacturing of precision sheet metal products—delivering operational excellence through our unique integration of people, processes, and production technology. Our manufacturing services combine collaborative design assistance, design-for-manufacture optimization, high-velocity manufacturing, precise planning and production control, and supply chain management. We deliver high-value solutions to multiple industries.

Because value propositions are built from a company's unique competencies—those capabilities that are the foundation of the value it offers its customers and employees—Dalsin Industries has built an offering that sets us apart from the pack. Our progressive competencies, deep experience, and unyielding passion translate into a distinctive advantage for your company.

Unique competencies take many forms at Dalsin Industries:            

  • Technology advantage
  • People and expertise
  • Industry position, size, and scale
  • Market relationships
  • Business and manufacturing processes.

Q. Who are Dalsin Industries customers?

Our OEM customers represent a variety of industries that include:

  • Energy
  • Transportation (especially large vehicles)
  • Architecture and Construction
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Technology and Electronics
  • Materials Handling

Meet the CEO

Tom Schmeling assumed the role of CEO at Dalsin Industries in late 2020. He has been a Dalsin executive for three years, joining the business in 2017 as VP Sales. During his time at Dalsin, Tom has strategically grown revenue as well as demonstrated a firm grasp of all aspects of the business. Before coming to Dalsin, Tom has worked in a number of sales and business development roles at precision and recreational manufacturers. Those experiences – working with business partners and customers and helping to manage global supply chains – have been good preparation for his new role.

"75 years ago, Dalsin was founded on the pillars of respect, hard work, family values, and a good sense of humor. We're proud that these pillars remain intact today.”

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