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Data Meaning: Merging data and business intelligence with user experience, design, & operational expertise

Data Meaning: Merging data and business intelligence with user experience, design, & operational expertise

Data Meaning’s mission is to drive world economic growth by enabling businesses to extract quantum value from one of the world’s most valuable commodities: Data.

The company sees data and business intelligence as a means to a business end. Their philosophy is predicated on the idea that their services exist because of the business. They begin with business drivers and end with business outcomes. They leverage data, business intelligence technology, and industry knowledge to achieve that goal.

Industries Data Meaning Serves

Hospitality: Data Meaning shows you how business intelligence and analytics can transform what hotel reporting can do.

Auto: Data Meaning work with you to define strategy, reduce costs and improve customer service.

Gaming & Entertainment: The company helps you access, aggregate and analyze information to optimize patron value.

Healthcare: Data Meaning helps you develop innovative services that improve outcomes and deliver a great patient experience.

Financial: Data Meaning has unique insight into working with clients who cover both regulators and regulated firms.

Education: The company helps educational institutions improve their services and build better relationships with constituents.

Optimize Your Current BI Platform or Implement an Effective Business Intelligence System

Data Meaning has extensive expertise and certifications in some of the top BI systems available. The company’s experts can help you maximize the value of your current platform or help to implement a new solution.

Create Better Business Outcomes

Data Meaning knows that the right analytics can help organizations improve the way they manage their business. That’s why Data Meaning Consultants are certified in the top business intelligence platforms and follow a delivery methodology that is designed to help you maximize the value of your investment, leading to better business outcomes.

Performance Tuning for Scalability

Data Meaning helps you when there is a performance issue with your Business Intelligence environment, or prior to adding more users. MicroStrategy and Tableau Certified Consultants will be there to assess and tune your application. The application review will identify areas that are impacting usability, performance, scalability or maintainability of your Business Intelligence environment.

Delivery Management

Since the 1970s, businesses and projects followed a very formulaic plan, utilizing a simple Gantt chart that started from point A to Point B with highly static milestones and deliverables along the way. However, due rapidly evolving nature of business requirements and proliferation of new data sources, delivery managers realized how unrealistic following a restrictive flowchart, otherwise better known as “Waterfall” methodology was. Hence, a more flexible and alternative methodology was born.

The Agile methodology was delivery managements’ response to the rapid evolution of business requirements and highly unpredictable variables along the way to project execution. The new methodology, which is used to anticipate and deal with obstacles that may appear at any stage of a project made it possible to make directional changes in the project without hindering the process of development.

Data Meaning saw the value in both approaches and adopted a hybrid approach to delivery, which they dubbed, “Waterfall with a twist of Agile!”

Change Management Consulting for Business Intelligence & Data Management

In a constantly evolving business world, enterprises and their employees continuously struggle to remain both competitive and profitable. Ongoing technological innovations in reporting and business intelligence tools have made it increasingly difficult for companies to develop and maintain coordinated reporting strategies. As data becomes increasingly democratized, organizations need change management processes for their business intelligence efforts that allow them to make changes quickly and keep employee skills razor sharp and aligned with company goals to stay on top of trends and remain competitive.

At Data Meaning, their change management consultants can help with the process. They provide you with a customized framework to help your company successfully adopt your business intelligence & data management efforts for more effective business results.

Data Meaning Turns Customers into Business Intelligence Experts

Data Meaning’s expert business intelligence instructors empower your people with skills and knowledge to get the most out of your business intelligence platforms, like Alteryx, Tableau, MicroStrategy, and more. By working with certified instructors, your company can maximize its business intelligence platform and master insights to drive your business forward. In fact, customers who invest in business intelligence training consistently report a greater ROI on their investment.

Marvin Mayorga, Managing Partner

As a Partner at Data Meaning, Marvin Mayorga, brings nearly 19 years of experience in building solutions and guiding Fortune 500 companies and other organizations in their pursuit of analytics, and cloud technologies. In this role, Marvin focuses on building teams of technical and functional experts that could design and deliver solutions to transform companies’ interactions with their customers. Prior to co-founding Data Meaning, Marvin was the Managing Partner at Washington Metro Consulting Group.

“At Data Meaning, our leadership team and consultants provide services and solutions that support measurable business results.”

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