Alexa DataLink Software: Empowering Better Health
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November Edition 2020

DataLink Software: Empowering Better Health

DataLink Software: Empowering Better Health

Better health today is synonymous with having real-time data on patient’s health. For this, it is important to have real-time data aggregation for a value-based performance management. Tampa-Florida-based DataLink Software enables providers and care providers exactly this with its enterprise platform – Evoke360.

Founded in 2001, DataLink Software is a healthcare technology company that has worked to empower better health. The company helps by enabling payers, providers and risk-bearing entities. It provides real-time data aggregation, EHR connectivity, and dynamic dashboards and reporting. The Tampa-based company’s intelligent and data-driven solutions are driving value to reduce costs involved in care, improving quality scores, ensuring risk adjustments accuracy and simplifying healthcare navigation.

As the pandemic rages on, hospitals and private physicians struggle to operate in today’s environment. Many of them are turning towards technology and associated solutions to shift to a value-based model that brings in the necessary revenue for the resources utilized in an optimized way. But the current approach to quality and safety measurement is too labor-intensive. This is causing substantial data delays and lack of sufficient standardization for rapid data sharing. To address this issue, DataLink Software came up with Evoke360 platform, which deduces quality benchmarks and risk adjustment rules and data in real-time to measure the quality of care hospitals and private physician practices are providing.

Value-Based Care with Evoke360

Quality, care and risk adjustments are three important metrics that can make or break a medical practice. DataLink manages all three of them comprehensively through its platform Evoke360. The platform aggregates data from disparate sources to a single source to produce a real-time and 360-degree view of the patient’s health status. It can source the information from its own Evoke EHR and any EHR available today. It obtains bi-directional data insights from payer systems and point-of-care intelligence for value-based care and shared risk arrangements. This helps hospitals and private physician practices to balance quality of care and care coordination against cost containment.

The solution is the quintessential cog in the wheel for the medical institutions that provides transparency to the provider and their team. The platform educates them regarding the financial impacts, care coordination and utilization management.

Evoke360 assists providers with:

  • Patient Prioritization & Proactive Gap Closure Alerts
  • Quality & Risk Adjustment Score Calculation & Reporting
  • Network Performance Management Dashboards
  • Provider & Practice-Level Dashboards and Reporting
  • Provider & Patient Engagement Dashboards
  • Financial Reporting to Reconcile Against Contracts
  • Utilization Management Insights

Solution for These Trying Times

In these times of COVID-19 pandemic, 40% of hospitals are reporting that public health agencies are unable to effectively receive patient data. This can impact the way COVID-19 is reported and treated. For COVID’s treatment and minimizing the spread of the virus, data exchange is critical. Hence, it is important to overcome reliance on data silos. Further, care gaps need to be quickly resolved with a single source of reliable information. The Evoke360 population health solution offers innovative capabilities as a one-source, payer-agnostic platform that helps providers to rapidly access, extract and electronically export patient data from a meaningful use-certified EHR to a continuity of care (CCD) document.

“During this critical time in the nation’s history, Evoke360 can facilitate the much-needed transition to value-based care by meeting the need for a comprehensive interoperable population health management solution that aligns the payer, provider and patient to proactively close care gaps and ensure full visibility of the patient’s complete health status to facilitate effective care coordination,” says Phillip Giarth, director of provider engagement, DataLink Software.

Evoke360 makes perfect sense for enhancing provider workflows and clinical decision-making and eliminating human transmission errors that may creep up from faxing and uploading documentation for supplemental data and closing care gaps in near real-time. Payers can utilize the platform for a dramatic reduction in data extraction time which closes the gaps in care. This positively impacts HEDIS® scores and CMS STAR ratings.

The electronic transmission of a patient’s vital medical information is critical, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. With Evoke360 by their side, payers and healthcare providers can recognize the value of seamless, automated patient health data exchange and its contribution to overcome the issues related to transparency and communication.

The Captain

Kevin Steele, CEO

Under his leadership, DataLink manages nearly 7 million Medicare Advantage members with its clinical, financial, and operational platform Evoke360. The company works with over 1,000 health systems, MSOs, and large medical groups to ease care navigation with their EHR, EvokeEHR, and the member-centric application myEvoke360.

“DataLink’s Evoke360 empowers better healthcare and team collaboration with real-time data that inform actionable insights for patients in any care setting, simplifying the care journey and improving quality of care.”

“DataLink’s intelligent, data-driven solutions drive value by reducing the cost of care, improving quality scores, ensuring risk adjustment accuracy and simplifying healthcare navigation.”

“Datalink serves Medicare Advantage, Commercial, and Medicaid health plans, MSOs, ACOs, IPAs, hospitalists, in-home assessment companies, in-office embedded staff, and patients.”

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