Alexa Datavail – “Delivering database services is our only business”
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Datavail – “Delivering database services is our only business”

Datavail – “Delivering database services is our only business”

Data isn’t a pesky byproduct of business. It’s a competitive differentiator that needs to be managed, curated and leveraged. Datavail can help you do it. Founded in 2008, Datavail is the largest provider of remote database administration services in North America and is based in Broomfield, Colorado.

Many infrastructure outsourcing strategies include the DBA function. But, do they really worry about your databases, particularly? The database team is one of the smallest groups inside every major outsourcer. It gets the least amount of attention and the smallest amount of investment. It’s usually delivered via staffing rather than with real “managed services”. Datavail understands this, because, they were part of a large outsource before they emerged as a separate company. At Datavail, “delivering database services isn’t a piece of our business; it’s our only business,” they say. Datavail has the largest number of DBAs, most mature operating model, and the fastest growth.

In January 2014, Datavail commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the viability of a managed service approach to database administration. With the explosion in the variety, velocity and volume of data and databases, coupled with the scarcity of DBA talent, the time is right to consider an alternative approach to managing databases. The survey favored the DBA Managed Service, as it found out that many mid to large enterprises who used it were granted a consistent 24*7 coverage, the backing of high-level architects and professional services team, improved SLAs, flexibility, low cost, and plenty other benefits.

Datavail help clients collect, manage and derive value from organizational data, as well as streamline processes through software integration and custom development. They house more than a thousand seasoned professionals with “years of technical expertise, business acumen and a genuine desire to serve.” Their product offerings include BI/analytics, intelligent enterprise solutions, data management, project management, and remote DBA support.

Why Datavail?

For Businesses –

Hundreds of enterprises partner with Datavail to plan, design, build and deploy intelligent enterprise solutions, leverage data for insight, and manage their data and systems. Here is a roundup of Datavail’s best picks from their offerings –

Analytics and Business Intelligence - The full-application support Datavail provides for all stages of the business intelligence lifecycle ensures businesses are served with the accurate, current, and rapidly accessible data. From initial roadmaps to custom reporting and visualization functions, the Datavail team brings all the skills needed to capture the opportunities data uncovers.  Minds at Datavail helps businesses gain the highest level of value from the data they own.

Cloud Migration and Management - A successful cloud solution requires careful planning, consistent application design approaches, and consistent standards for cloud operations. Datavail’s Cloud Solution services include a comprehensive assessment to determine whether the organization’s infrastructure, servers and requirements are ready for cloud migration; application development that addresses solution design and architecture, front-end design, and upgrading existing applications to the newest version for improved reliability, security, and access; a 24/7 support  that includes monitoring and database administration support, including strategy, high availability, disaster recovery, and governance, and much more.

Database Administration - Data Management – Datavail says – “is at the core of our business and is the foundation that determines what you can achieve next.” Datavail has flexible consulting for short-term and ongoing database projects. Datavail offers expert database management services for Oracle, Oracle E-Business Suite, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, SharePoint, PostgreSQL and MongoDB database environments with an unmatched level of service, support, and affordability. Datavail’s expertise and DBA service offerings deliver the combination of flexibility, reliability, security, performance, and other unique needs every organization demands.

For Employees –

“We want to go home proud, not rested.” Employees at Datavail are flexible and hardworking. They’re committed to both their clients and colleagues. At Datavail, they embrace problem-solving as a passion and welcome every day as a new opportunity to learn. “We earnestly care about our clients, our colleagues and everyone touched by the systems and databases we support,” the employees say. The growth-oriented company encourages its people to have a healthy work-life balance while also focusing on the clients at the same time. The talented at Datavail strive to keep their clients ahead of their competitors and their organizational challenges.

Datavail Headman, Mark Perlstein

President and Chief Executive Officer of Datavail, Mark Perlstein, has been a leader in the IT services market for more than two decades. He brings with him a wealth of growth-oriented and operating experience in the services business to Datavail. Prior to Datavail, Mr. Perlstein served as President of CIBER’s IT Outsourcing division. He led the firm’s entry into the IT infrastructure outsourcing market and helped it become a major force in the ITO sector. Under his leadership, the division was also able to triple its revenue.

He held various positions in the IT Services sector. He was the President of Aztec Technology Partners’ England-based business unit. He also served as Chief Operating Officer of AlphaNet Solutions, a regional IT Services provider traded on NASDAQ. The Alumnus of the State University of New York and Hofstra University, Mr. Perlstein is an active leader in the IT community and is committed to excellence in service delivery, customer satisfaction and team building inside Datavail.

“Datavail runs on a culture of commitment ... to our clients, to our proficiency, to exceptional delivery and to our colleagues inside and outside of our own firm.”

“We help ‘our people’ grow so they can help our clients grow. That makes us grow so we can help even more customers leverage organizational data for business value.”

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