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Stay ahead of an increasingly complex threat landscape with deepwatch’s leading network protection

Stay ahead of an increasingly complex threat landscape with deepwatch’s leading network protection

With growing businesses, the need for managed cloud and cybersecurity has become an absolute necessity. Every company wants to deploy the best cloud technologies and security solutions. But most Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) commonly follow a “one size fits all approach,” supporting a broad range of technologies. It is impossible to become and remain an expert in the vast, ever-changing security technologies.

deepwatch continuously evaluates the best of breed technologies in its labs and only supports a narrow set of technologies. This results in deepwatch supporting industry best, high-quality solutions for its customers. We had a session with deepwatch’s CEO, Charlie Thomas, about the innovation they bringto the table.

What services does deepwatch offer?

deepwatch offers enterprises a cloud-based platform and suite of information security services to protect the networks, digital assets, and ultimately, your brand. Our team of security analysts and engineers monitor our customers’ environments 24/7/365.

Our services include three core offerings. Managed Detection and Response Service (MDR) provides 24/7/365 SIEM and threat monitoring, alerting, validation, and proactive threat hunting. Managed Endpoint Detection & Response Service (MEDR) provides management of endpoint detection solutions. Finally, our Vulnerability Management offering monitors networks and technology platforms to ensure all assets have current software versions and are configured for optimal protection.

Why are deepwatch services innovative?

deepwatch Labs continuously vets best in class technology. We select and integrate technologies that provide the best protection for our customers. We engineered our Security Operations (SecOps) platform to provide comprehensive coverage for every aspect of our customers’ security operations.

deepwatch has also developed its own Content Management and Distribution Platform (CMDP). This unique data platform enables us to manage, manipulate, and measure hundreds of SIEM instances at scale from a single solution in a highly automated fashion. Finally, we’re proud to announce deepwatch Lens Score, a free, easy to use web application for those responsible for measuring, monitoring, and improving their company’s security program.

Tell us more about deepwatch Lens Score and how security leaders can use it to enhance their security programs.

deepwatch Lens Score makes it quick and easy to choose among multiple competing technologies and prioritize your investments based on actual security value. Historically, CISOs have trouble measuring and reporting on the value of what they and their team do daily. Budget requests are even more challenging. In a few minutes, deepwatch Lens Score provides recommendations based on data science and deepwatch’s proprietary maturity model to give CISOs an immediate score or index on a ten-point scale of their current security score. And it enables scenario planning to understand the impact of new investments and helps determine the next best area to invest in from an overall security improvement perspective.

deepwatch customers utilize the Maturity Score to calculate and improve their score to maximize their detection and response capabilities over time. The Maturity Model scores security operations posture based on the visibility, impact, and value of the security data in a selected data sources - and produces a potential maturity score.

How do your Squad and service influence your customers to enhance their security practices and stay ahead of cyber threats?

Technology is a catalyst to help solve the problem. We hire the best and brightest engineers, threat hunters, and security analysts and embed them in our customers’ business and security processes.

We truly become an extension of their team. Our entire business is always designed around thinking in terms of “How can our services improve our customers’ daily work experience?” As extended team members, we have outstanding relationships with our customers, which ultimately lead to efficiency and knowledge exchange that can typically only be found in tight-knit teams.

Our Squad delivery model’s named resources give our customers continuity, transparency, and confidence in their assigned deepwatch resources.

How is deepwatch influencing its customers and driving their security capabilities forward?

deepwatch’s strong collaboration and our customer-focused approach enable us to earn a great amount of trust from our customers. Gaining that trust and building upon it allows us to become trusted partners with our customers. Our customers appreciate our ability to influence their operations and guide them through cybersecurity challenges positively. We are accountable to our customers and our industry, to be there when you need us every day 24/7/365.

How does Managed Endpoint Detection & Response help in detecting and responding to security issues?

With deepwatch, you gain the benefit of the network effect across all of our customers. Lessons learned and data insights are immediately leveraged and automatically deployed across all customers. deepwatch gives you expanded coverage and unparalleled measurement and metrics. deepwatch combines best in class technologies (like Crowdstrike and Cybereason) with proprietary analytics, threat intelligence, algorithms, and threat hunting techniques to continuously refine, improve, and expand your protection.

Our MEDR service provides managed endpoint detection and response (EDR). deepwatch partners with world-class EDR providers and utilizes a tested, proven methodology to help organizations deploy the tools, technology, and processes to mature their overall security program every quarter to attain maximum protection for their enterprise.

deepwatch’s Managed Endpoint Detection & Response (MEDR) Service allows customers to take advantage of our strong team of security experts who enable our world-class endpoint detection solutions.

Explicate about Vulnerability Management.

deepwatch’s Vulnerability Management Services serve as a baseline to collaborate with our customers to discover the critical assets, threats, and vulnerabilities relevant to their organization. deepwatch initiates every engagement by collaborating with the customer and their team to build consensus on how vulnerabilities will be identified, prioritized, remediated, and measured. We also provide patch management advice and prioritization to reduce the customer’s attack surfaces and cyber risk.

How capable is your Threat Hunting in identifying sophisticated adversaries?

We leverage a powerful combination of threat intelligence platforms, data sources, and ML-driven algorithms to continuously analyze data across our customer base, informing our threat intelligence and threat hunting programs. We leverage these analytically driven insights to inform monthly threat hunts for each customer. Each deepwatch threat hunter proactively hunts for gaps in our customers’ security framework and continuously watches to determine if a threat actor has breached their network.

The comprehensive, high volume analytics-driven approach and constant collaboration result in a deepwatch recommending threat hunts based on specific customer security weaknesses.

deepwatch’s threat hunts result in communications of relevant security improvements to our customers to stay ahead of threat actors.

Our powerful threat hunting capabilities can identify even the most sophisticated adversaries, enabling deepwatch to take immediate action when it matters most to our customers.

About the CEO

Charlie Thomas, the CEO of deepwatch is an entrepreneurial executive that has led and grown four different startups to market values from $25 million to over $1 Billion with four exits and an IPO. He has led in all facets of growth including capitalization, branding, product, sales, channels, marketing, team recruitment, and corporate strategy. He has the ability to think creatively, differentiate, motivate, and execute fast to gain market advantages. Also, he is an expert in predictive analytics and machine learning.

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