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December Monthly Edition 2022

Defigo – Setting a new global standard for digital access control and offering a robust service-based security solution

Defigo – Setting a new global standard for digital access control and offering a robust service-based security solution

Security is critical for businesses of all sizes. Whether you store confidential client information, has inventory, equipment or employees to protect, safeguarding your business’s assets should be a top priority. An access control system is a security solution that permits or prevents access to a particular building, space, or location. The management of an access control system is simple and can be done remotely, providing those in charge with complete and total control over who comes and goes where it counts. In addition, an access control system stops unauthorized persons entering your site, which could be especially important in environments such as schools and places of care. Access control systems help you manage your building more securely and easily. Building access control systems are essential in as far as, dealing with crime is concerned. Using access control systems is one of the best ways to keep better track of employees, visitors, and ultimately, the security of your work or place of business. With an access control system, maintain peace of mind while always maximizing the protection and security of your business.

Defigo is a modern and user friendly access control solution that makes life easier for both those who manage a building and those who live in it. With Defigo you can easily and much more effectively manage access to your building, in real-time. The Defigo system is designed for apartment and commercial buildings that provide convenience, security and efficiency. Its smart home solution includes access control and visitor management systems with a wide range of innovative, useful and fun to use features. By reducing physical keys and access cards, it helps building managers and owners have a better overview of who comes into and goes out of the building where their tenants live, and who has access to what.

Digital Access Control as a Service: A Flexible and Secure Solution

Keyless Entry and Remote Unlock: Your home is your safe place. It should be secure and faced with no threat or security risk, so you can go home and know that everything is just as you left it, and no one unauthorized can enter your property without your knowledge. The same goes for commercial properties. Tenants want to be able to leave expensive equipment in the office without the fear that it will be stolen by the next time they go to work. Keyless entry systems are more secure. As your access to the property is not reliant on physical keys, but rather controlled remotely through your cell phone, or through an access code, the tenant or property manager can oversee who has access to the front door or the property as a whole. So if, for instance, you are undertaking construction work in your home and need to grant access to the contractors, with keyless entry systems you can do this without making a copy of your key, ensuring your home remains secure, and no one but the people you grant access to have access to the property.  Traditional keys cannot guarantee a safe property. The best keyless entry systems can.

People with access to the building can enter the doors and let guests in at the touch of a button through the Defigo app. All the doors a user has access to can be opened from the app. When someone rings on the doorbell users can see, talk to and open for the guest right where they are. Users can change the profile picture, ringtone and call settings for the intercom directly from the app. If a user does not want to be available they can remove the call button temporarily. Doors can also be opened with RFID tags when you have Defigo installed. Tags can be registered and enabled by the users themselves in the app if allowed by the administrator. Modern, smart and user-friendly access control system, made with residential properties in mind. Designed to manage property access, increase security and create an easier everyday life for residents. Access can easily be granted and removed so no unauthorized people can access the property. Property managers always have an up-to-date overview of who has access to the property doors. Security and feature updates are included in the subscription.

Web Administration: The Defigo web portal gives administrators a good overview of access privileges across users and buildings. The portal can be managed remotely right from the browser. Access can be assigned and revoked in real-time which reduce security risks. It is possible to give plumbers, cleaners and delivery people temporary access to the building. Defigo extends the lifetime of your existing access control system by using the infrastructure in the property. It works alongside existing access control systems and integrates with selected access control systems. No wired internet required. The system only requires two cables and electricity to function. The company extends the lifetime of your access control system by integrating with the current access infrastructure in the building. Connect to other access control systems such as the elevator or parking garage. The system only takes a short time to install and requires minimal cabling.

Furthermore, Defigo has a subscription model which means you always get the latest software updates and hardware upgrades as part of the package. It’s also a quick and easy system to install, with minimal wiring so there is no need to spend a lot of money re-wiring the property. For property managers, the convenience comes with administration portals like Defigo’s WebAdmin, where they can easily add or remove tenants when they move in or move out, taking very little time and effort. Additionally, if the property manager has more than one property with the Defigo access control system installed, they can have an overview of all of the properties in WebAdmin to allow for easy administration.

Digital Intercom: It is simple to use and administrate. The design is elegant and makes any building stand out. The intercom has a high-resolution touchscreen, an inbuilt RFID reader, LTE antenna, camera for day and night, proximity sensor, microphone and sound system. Visitors can use the screen’s search function to easily find the person they are looking for and call them. The person being called can see and talk to the visitor. Names on the doorbell, images and the ringtone can be updated in real-time. It is possible to have one shared call button and individual ones. Through the app, doors can be opened for visitors regardless of location (provided there is internet access). New tenants can quickly and easily be added to the intercom display via WebAdmin.

For instance, you could receive a notification that you are getting a delivery to your home when you are on a beach vacation. Having a remote keyless entry system means that you can grant access to that delivery person from the beach, letting them into the property to deliver the package by your front door. This allows you to have more freedom to go out than a traditional lock system which would require you to wait at home for a delivery or visitor. Furthermore, with a system such as Defigo, the intercom at the property entrance consists of a one-way camera, which means that you are able to see and communicate with the person at the door prior to letting them in. This gives you further reassurance and security that you know exactly who you are granting access to.

Hildur Smaradottir | CEO

Hildur is a responsible for managing the team, business development and strategy. She has more than 15 years of experience from commercial leadership in the technology space. She holds an MBA from Copenhagen Business School, B.A. Psychology & Journalism.

"Defigo is the sustainable choice of access control system, reducing time spent on property management, elevating the tenant experience and making properties more secure with digital keys."

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