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DefinedLogic – A digital innovation machine

DefinedLogic – A digital innovation machine

With the advancement of the internet and technology, there has been a huge shift in the digital marketing world. The traditional advertising methods have paved the way for new and innovative advertising methods. You need to be technically aware of every aspect of the digital world to stay ahead in the completion. Choosing the right agency for your digital needs is very important in the long run. We did good research for the top digital agencies in the world to bring you a well-established firm called “DefinedLogic”.

DefinedLogic is a Digital Product Agency, from strategy, design, development, and launch. Since its inception in 2002, it has prided on helping brands embrace new technology to give them a competitive advantage by combining strategy, design, and technology creating useful, enjoyable, and valuable digital products. They specialize in helping clients overcome barriers to innovation. They understand their client's vision and needs and identify opportunities to move a business forward. They can more aptly be called a total digital machine!

We managed to have a word with the CEO of DefinedLogic, Mike Simon, who is a well-rounded expert in the marketing business, working with some of the top companies. Here are a few excerpts of the same:

Q. Tell us about yourself, as the CEO of DefinedLogic.

I have owned and operated multiple software and consulting businesses over my 35-year career. I purchased DefinedLogic in 2020 to help our talented team pivot the company solidly in the direction of a Digital Product Agency.

Q. Tell us about the servicesoffered by DefinedLogic

We are a Digital Product Agency that provide services that cover the gamut of client needs, including digital strategy, branding and identity definition, creative and experience design, website and application development, and analytics and marketing performance management

Q. Do you think the responsibility of innovation should be only for specific teams, like R&D or product development?

No, we challenge every competency and practice in our company to innovate. For us that means being students of our trades, being vocal members of competency organizations. Every group at DefinedLogic is developing frameworks that sales can explain and demonstrate and that delivery organizations can scale from. This orientation spreads the culture of innovation across the entire organization and ensures that innovative ideas are truly implementable.

Q. For a company to bring innovation to its culture, its employees must think like innovators, employees need to feel they have a decent outlet for sharing their observations and ideas. Does DefinedLogic reflect this view?

I agree wholeheartedly with the idea of employees as innovators. Putting this into practice is what makes the culture real. We think about culture as “predictable behavioral responses”, meaning, does every aspect of our company naturally live the culture of innovation without “management” having to force and reinforce it?  Our approach is working well.

Q. Many organizations risk complacency once their current product offerings have reached success. They deny investing further. Do you think such a move can hinder the pace of innovation?

Absolutely! If you’re not continually innovating, you’re falling behind others who are. We do “retros” on every project. We study best practices and tools by competency. We improve and innovate with each and every project we do.

Q. How do you enable companies to patch their internal inefficiencies for flawless and streamlined operations?

We do. We have a Product Innovation Framework that is informed by Scaled Agile but with pragmatic tools to ease implementation. We help customers implement processes, forums, and tools for ideation, intake management, elaboration, story development, stage-gate management, deliverable templates, and organization through roles and responsibilities. The goal is to recognize that digital ecosystems are represented by many parts of an organization, and good processes, tools, and forums can help them work seamlessly.

Q. How do you help your clients with the ever-changing needs of digital transformation?

We focus first and foremost on “purpose”. We determine what are customers looking to achieve and how can we help them mold their digital strategies to achieve those purposes. That sounds obvious, but it is surprising how many customers don’t have strategies that trace back to an underlying purpose. As such, they end up spending lots of money on campaigns and digital assets, but without the confidence that there is a positive ROI around those investments. As such, “transformation” is not an event; it’s an ongoing effort of alignment to a strategic purpose.

Q. How do you pave the way for organizations to show them the right opportunities? How do you ensure the success rate of your clients?

By being laser-focused on “purpose” and measurable objectives, we help customers drive discipline around continual alignment. This includes measuring everything and being able to pivot as needed to respond to marketing opportunities and challenges.

Q. What plans do you have for the future of the company?

We are a 50 person company today, and have plans to double our size over the next 12 months. That growth will provide the density we need to diversify our competency leadership and to provide growth opportunities for the next “generation” of “DLers”.  We will facilitate our growth through platform partnerships, including Salesforce, SiteCore, and Adobe. 

Meet the Leadership

Mike Simon has been the CEO of a Digital Agency, apart from being a Digital Strategy and Enterprise Agile Consultant. He is also the Principal Consultant of Gerent LLC. Certified from Boston University in Digital Product Management, he holds a graduate degree in BS/CS Applications Engineering. He has been the CIO of Global Logistics Firm Business and IT Consultant and President of an IT Firm and IT executive at IBM. He is an IT strategist with specialties in Enterprise, IT strategy, Business and IT Transformation, Process Reengineering, IT Organization Design, Large Program Management, Freight Logistics Business Development, and IT Management, Supply Chain.

Cory Kazar is Director of Marketing & Business Development at DefinedLogic and also DefinedTalent. He is a MBA from Syracuse University and a seasoned Business Development and Marketing professional with 10+ years' experience managing sales and marketing ventures as well as creating and deploying strategy in the Digital Agency Industry. He is passionate about creating customer-focused digital experiences for clients, and has spent the last 8 years helping grow DefinedLogic’s client diversification by 50% through dedicated efforts of account-based marketing, strategy, and thought leadership.

“We make innovative digital products that change the way our clients and their customers do business.”

“We coach enterprises to be more productive using lean agile processes and organizational design to accelerate speed to market.”

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